Zac Efron Attached To Snabba Cash

Zac Efron Attached To Snabba Cash

Zac Efron keeps adding to his to-do list.

Warner Brothers has bought the remake rights to Snabba Cash, which was a blockbuster film in Sweden. Snabba Cash is based on a novel by Jens Lapidus and is a thriller which follows three interconnected storylines involving drugs and organized crime.

Zac, 22, would play a young financial wizard who hopes to strike it rich quickly by becoming a runner for a coke dealer. He’ll also serve as a producer.

Zac is also still attached to Jonny Quest, a Back to the Future-influenced project and Fire.

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Zac’s newest project?

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  • jonaslover988979

    1st?! and omg zac looks so hot…. i cant wait for more of his movies to come out!!! eeeeeep!!!

  • Elle

    oh god, i’m from sweden.
    I really hope he takes the roll! (aa’

    love zac.<3

  • athena

    I think this will be a great change of characters for Zac. I can’t wait to see it of course. After seeing the trailer in Swedish…wow, I’m impressed and think Zac has made a great deal….and am glad that Warner Bros. is backing him on this project.

  • yaya

    AAAAHHHH ! I LOVE THAT MOVIE!!! joel kinnaman, HOT! i cant wait to see this version :) love zac:)<3

  • abby

    THIS guy is going places.

  • sarvenaz

    i’m so damn proud of him :) he is truly a great actor

  • Cecilia

    Yay! I’m from Sweden!
    I hope he takes the role!=)

  • mykamicks

    Zac is so admirable. He is taking care of his career one at a time with a sure ball projects.

  • amy

    Hes making amazing career choices, good for him!

  • Wow

    This is such great news but i hope that they get good people to play the supporting actors. This is a different type of film for zac, and although i have no doubts he will be able to carry the film, the older audience, which this film is targeted at, might not feel the same. Some big names will be added incentive. Personally, i would love it if leo got a role, but hes too expensive..

  • rocks

    I’m so glad that he got a role like this one
    I’m sure he will do great in this movie,and this is soo great for his career
    can’t wait for his movies

  • Luis F. Gomez

    He is an admirable actor… he is very young and has already a heavy schedule ahead…. I have to tell you that Zac is a great actor, I hope the best for him… he is amazing!

  • Boji

    I say, Yay to Zac, more power to him.

  • annasaurus

    god, no more remakes, especially good quality ones originating from sweden. good luck trying to break from the squeaky clean image you’ve cultivated for yourself. he’s about as believable as chace crawford in the role of a drug dealer/runner. I commend him for trying.

  • riana

    id so wanna see that

  • zanessa/scashley/ashnessa

    Oh, producer ? Hm, I’m not sure about this movie.. but it will be interesting to see his acting in it.. wow, Zachary has many projects coming this way. Can’t wait to see them.

  • starlight

    The idea of remakes seems so bad, but I believe he has the ambition and right attitude for his future roles. I honestly think Zac is going to do a great job on every project he does. He seems to be very focused and hard-working. The movies may not be hits, they may flop, but I reckon he’ll do a job thats worthy for every role.
    I really hope though, that no one will ever do a re-make of ‘Back to the Future’, its a classic movie, one that really brought the best in Michael J. Fox.
    I havent seen his ‘Orson Wells’ movie, but Ive heard great things. Im glad that he’s had the chance to branch out and is given more chances to see how versitile he is as an actor.
    I believe that he has nothing to prove to anyone but himself. If he believes he’s done a good job, then he’ll do one. I cant wait to see him on other roles that shows how talented he is.
    He and Vanessa are going places and I cant wait to see them trully out do themselves. I love them. And I love how captivating they are to their audience.
    Good luck and congrads to Zac and Vanessa (Especialliy for her role in ‘Rent’). You’re going to shine on the whole world.

  • Twisted

    That picture shows him with a very pointed nose.
    But its a sexy pointed nose. ;)
    Hahaha. Love you Zac.

  • ellyne

    Wow, Im VERY excited to see him in this, its so grown up, and different then anything he;s ever done, he’ll do great in it, he’s a great actor, I can’t waity to see his new movies, he’s definitely going far with his career, and becoming a serious actor

  • ellyne

    and no, Chace Crawford, just sucks badly, Zac’s nothing compared to him, all chace has done is Gossip Girl, and he;s barely in it, Zac’s way further then Chace, and WAY better, Zac will be great. He’ll get out of his clean image, just takes a few adult, mature movies.

  • athena

    @ellyne: in defense of Chace Crawford, he’s done many movies, they’ve just never peaked on the top ten movie lists. He’s done teen horrors, and he has a movie coming out in which he plays a drug dealer of some kind…the movie title is named Twelve. I forget who’s the director. Although they’re both credible in their own right, I wouldn’t put Zac and Chace in the same hat for their acting.

  • Susse

    Oh no, no more remakes! Swedish films like Let the right one in, Girl with the dragon tattoo and now this! The originals are so cool, edgy and brilliant, I don’t want Hollywood to mess them up! Enough allready!!!

  • Katty

    I heard about this last night. I think she is a good role for him to expand his audience and his acting ability. People judging him before knowing more about it is wrong because Zac IS going places. He DOES have the talent, and YES he does have a good image, but since when is that a bad thing? Leo has a good image and he’s started in movies such as this, for example, the Departed. I know Leo was older when he took the part, and he was technically a cop in the movie, but he was good in the movie. (It was a few hours too long if you as me, haha.)

    Don’t judge Zac because he came from Disney, good things are still gonna come from him. Give him a chance.

  • pop86

    The trailer looks interesting. This is a good choice for him.

  • peggy


    You actually can’t compare them at all – both a hollywood pretty boys trying to break out into the adult world. Neither has done anything that really set the critics on fire as a whole.

    We will have to wait and see through the roles they get but more importantly through their performances how they really succeed.

    Also just because you are given a good role doesn’t guarantee you can pull it off no matter who you are.

  • Carol

    Can’t wait to hear more about it.

  • Ak

    @ Peggy
    So why is it OK for everyone to gush about how good Vanessa will be in Rent but not OK for people to say that Zac will do well in this role. Vanessa has done nothing to prove that she can pull off a role in such an iconic musical. Yes, Zac still has to prove himself to audiences outside of the High School Musical demographic. But he’s well on his way with the smart career choices he’s making.


    This movie is never going to be as good as the original. Snabba cash med Joel Kinnaman slår allt! =D

  • http://google BARBARA

    I’m so proud, of Zac, I

  • http://google BARBARA

    I’m so proud of Zac, i think Zac will do just find, Zac’s dreams are coming true and he works very hard in very thing he does, I beleive in him.

  • http://google BARBARA

    By the way Orson wells DVD is coming out april 19.

  • abcmissme

    All the power to you Zac good luck. I love the drive that he and Vanessa both have!

  • Johanna

    wooosh, swedish girl here ;)
    that would be pretty awesome

  • ?!mwaaa

    I LOVE HIM, i can’t wait to watch all his new stuff.
    Does anyone else think that since he got his new hair cut he looks a little bit chubbier in the face…I’M NOT BEING MEAN seriously you have no idea how much i love him.

  • annasaurus

    @athena: That director would be Joel Schumacher, the person who gave us such garbage as Batman and Robin. If you pay money to see Twelve, you’ll regret it. Just read the reviews that came out of Sundance from both the critics and viewers. It’s a low budget version of Gossip Girl but even stupider.

  • Karen

    I think this shows how interested Zac is in making some interesting movies. Yes, he could easily take on any kind of fluff movie but this shows he has a mature idea about his career. I can’t wait to hear more about this movie and about Fire. I certainly hope he is not going to do any Jonny Quest though.

    Barbara: the Me and Orson Welles DVD is only coming out in the UK on April 19, not the US. We here in the states are yet to hear when we might get this DVD. I hope we don’t have to wait as long to get the DVD as we did to get to see the movie—and then only a select few were fortunate enought to get to see the movie!

  • http://jjj Susanna

    I’m so excited for Zac and I can’t wait to see him in whatever vehicle he picks. Go for it, dear Zac!

  • jessica

    Snabba cash it’s an awesome movie!!! And it would be awesome if zac could play JW!!!!

  • samantha

    good for zac..he deserverd..but i don’t know i think he would do movies more popular like spider that be awesomeee

  • mimi

    awesome zac!

  • athena

    @zanessa/scashley/ashnessa: most likely Zac’s producing chops will be in the form of monetary means. He may have some control over what takes place, but I think for the producing part, it means $$$ involved. It’s his baby, and Warners bros, Jason and others are helping it grow to a major project.

  • athena

    @annasaurus: Wow, thanks annasaurus…thankfully, I wasn’t planning to see twelve unless it was on video and a friend rented it. Not that I’m not a Chace Crawford fan, I just like looking at him… : }. Do you really think it will be Joel Shumacher that will direct the movie? I thought I read that the original author Jenis Lapidus will be in charge of that…or maybe he’s just overseeing his baby….hmmm….can’t wait to hear the details. To bad Guy Ritchie already done a few films like this, he’d be perfect to script and direct the movie.

  • athena

    @annasaurus: Wow, thanks annasaurus…thankfully, I wasn’t planning to see twelve unless it was on video and a friend rented it. Not that I’m not a Chace Crawford fan, @Karen: I just like looking at him… : }. Do you really think it will be Joel Shumacher that will direct the movie? I thought I read that the original author Jenis Lapidus will be in charge of that…or maybe he’s just overseeing his baby….hmmm….can’t wait to hear the details. To bad Guy Ritchie already done a few films like this, he’d be perfect to script and direct the movie.

  • athena

    @Karen: I heard that Johnny Quest was still on his list of films….hmmm…I wish they would remake Time Tunnel and Zac would be the professors assistant Tony.

  • athena

    @Karen: As far as I know, Johnny Quest is still on his list of films. Although I’m not a fan of remakes either, It would be great to see Zac be in a remake of the Time Tunnel movie.

  • pop86

    WB is determined to make Johnny Quest. Whether with Zac or anyone else. For some reason the studio is committed to make this movie.

  • Lydia

    I can’t wait!

  • Karen

    I don’t care if WB does a remake of Jonny Quest or not, just as long as Zac is not a part of it.

  • Justinbieberbaby1234 (nikki)

    he is cute, but he isn’t hot he’s cute

    ps if anyone gives me crap about this I REALLY DON”T CARE I DON”T LIKE HIM THAT MUCH!!!!! that’s my opinion if u don’t except it thats fine i don’t care at all none of my friends like him any way. I used to like him but after high school musical came out I really didn’t like him after I watched it like hundreds of times( and I will continue to watch) well Ig2g bye

    justinbieberbaby1234I’m his#1 fan eva

  • n

    can he start filming another movie already… geeze!!!!