Bridgit Mendler & Victoria Justice: The Next Big Things

Bridgit Mendler & Victoria Justice: The Next Big Things

You may already know who Bridgit Mendler and Victoria Justice are…but get ready for them to be the next big things.

In an article posted by AP, the two teen actresses are highlighted along with their new shows and their rise to stardom.

Bridgit, who auditioned for the role of Sonny on SWAC (back when it was still Welcome to Mollywood), now has her own show, Good Luck Charlie, after guesting on Wizards of Waverly Place.

Gary Marsh, president of entertainment for Disney Channels Worldwide says, “Bridgit is a great example of … us finding somebody, knowing that we wanted to do business with her and then waiting to find the perfect role.”

Victoria, also 17, now headlines Victorious on Nickelodeon. Creator Dan Schneider shared, “You could tell from the first five seconds of the tape … she was just meant to be in front of a camera.”

WHO DO YOU THINK will be the bigger teen queen — Bridgit or Victoria?

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Credit: Lisa Rose, Adam Taylor; Photos: Nickelodeon, Disney Channel
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  • hazel

    don’t really like victoria. but i like bridgit. still think they can’t outstand miley, demi or sel.

  • alec


  • naomi

    I hate to admit it but yeah they might be.but I love miley, demi, selena, mirranda and keke. I love them all. I’m not ready to see them be overthrown by them.

  • Daniella Juliet

    Victoria! I met her at a concert, and she is SO nice. Such a sweetheart! XO!

  • LALA

    I’d have to say Bridgit because she is from Disney and Disney apparently has more of a hand for finding Teen Queens then Nickelodeon even though I like Victoria more

  • Heatherluvsjoejonas!!

    i like bridget shes cool i love her new show good luck charlie i liked her on wizards and jonas 2 i think shes gonna be big!! and shes a great singer too!!!

  • Charlovestaylor

    VICTORIA! i loved her ever since Zoey 101 :)

  • Charles


  • ananya

    bridgit………………………………………………….coz selena is wayyyyyy more popular than miranda

  • Anne

    I love Bridgit! She’s incredible! :)

  • lisa

    victoria is awesome

  • cam

    I believe the top 2 Disney teens & shows will be Selena & Bridgit. WOWP is awesome & Good Luck Charlie is really great too. Bridgit seems really comfortable in acting & like she has been acting forever Love her & love Selena. My fav Disney shows now are Wizards, Good Luck Charlie & Jonas.

  • Claire

    well victoria justice is already pretty big but bridgit mendler has some serious potential

  • sly

    victoria will be bigger she has that IT factor and she very talented.

  • lola

    victoria, victorious all the way.

  • brenna

    victoria was already popular to begin with, plus her show is actually funny and it comes from a network that isnt bad but bridgits ok

  • Gossip Girl

    well obviously Bridgit is bigger. She works for a bigger company and her show scored more hits than “VICTORIOUS” did on its opening night

  • MIKA

    UH!!! DIFFICULT DECISION…..NOT!!!! Victoria all the way. Victorious is actually funny, real and current. Luv ya, Victoria

  • Krista

    victoria! i lovee her. I dont like brigit for some reason.

  • Muhkuh

    Germany is Victoria-Land
    Never heard of Bridgit

  • shaamanda

    i really dislike bridgit, shes annoying and her show sucks

  • jessica

    i think they both will be big. i mean im a huge fan of both so its kinda hard to tell. tbh they both have the same amount of fame right now. victoria i think is more popular because shes been around longer and has been around longer. so i say both are equal.

  • victoria

    haha victoria because she has my name!
    but miley and demi will always be the biggest to me :)

  • Hannah

    Definitely Bridgit!

  • alice

    With Disney on her back, I think Bridgit. But Victoria is a star on her own, too. They are both wonderful.

  • Lily

    @Gossip Girl:

    No, Victorious beat Good Luck Charlie by a long shot on their opening nights. Victorious’ premiere got 5.7 million viewers, and Good Luck Charlie got 4.69.

  • Valeria

    are yoou kidding mee?!?!?!
    Victoria Justice all the waaaay!!!
    She is more than gorgeous and has a great voice!!
    Plus people already know her and she is latin!!!

  • Camila

    Victoria all the way. Even though I like Bridgit, Victoria has the potential to be teen queen, not as Miley, but better than Brigit.

  • Kevin

    Well, I think Bridget will rise to stardom like Selena and Victoria will be a couple of steps behind Demi. I rated some some stars that are hot right now. Hope you like them.

    Selena: 6 1/2
    Miley: 8-9 1/2
    Victoria:4 1/2-5 ?
    Bridgit: 4- 5 1/2 ?

  • athena

    shes a bit better than Victoria ;D


  • fhlklhd

    and the show is way way waaaaaaaaay better ;)

  • allie

    Bridget is just a natural she was born to be on Disney .She has a great personality in all of her shows .Bridget I love her style. She is not a drama queen. If I could pick celeb sister i would pick Bridget. My answer is Bridget.

  • bryana

    i don’t know – i liked VICTORIA sence Zoey101 , like i can’t stop watching it but i like Good Luck Charlie AND BRIDGIT’S apperences and music (i also like VICTORIA’S MUSIC TOO) so i don’t think they’ll make it better than miley but they make it pretty darn close to sel, demz, and miranda so HA

  • Francine

    i prefer Good Luck Charlie, i just flip the channels whenever Teddy (Bridgit) and Amy (Leigh) show up, i find them both annoying, but I love the rest of the cast (Jason Dolley, Bradley Perry, Eric Kramer and Mia)

  • alaina servical

    I love victoria! shes ssoo pretty and she seems mature
    bridgit just gonna be bridgit, but i think victoria gonna be bigger, like she gonna be in movies and stuff, bridgit is really sweet and she seems that shes gonna stick to disney.
    but to me i think victoria got more spunk, <33 you victoria :))

  • http://samihahyasmin2 SAMIHAH YASMIN

    obviously Victoria she is soooooooooooooooo! talented why wouldnt you chose her

  • http://samihahyasmin2 SAMIHAH YASMIN

    obviously victoria she is soooooooooooooooo talented why wouldn’t you chose her

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