Emma Roberts: Target Isn't Cheesy

Emma Roberts: Target Isn't Cheesy

Emma Roberts checks her messages on her phone as she heads into a building in Los Angeles on Friday afternoon (April 16).

The 19-year-old actress, who recently told WWD that she would never do a fashion line like Emma Roberts for Target, has caused quite an uproar.

Emma clarified on her Twitter account, “I did not mean for it to sound like I said Target is cheesy. I love Target and have been going there my whole life. I meant to say if I ever design a line I would not put my name on it but do it more anonymously like the Olsens and The Row line.”

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  • http://www.twitter.com/littlest_gomez Fernanda

    she’s sooooo perfect!!! I LOVE HER!

  • bethatway

    i hate how they take words and twist them around just to make headlines
    shes pretty!

  • disneygirl

    shes rlly pretty ….but i think that shes a bit full of herself!

  • erica

    you didn’t show the pictures of her smoking cigarettes in her car from this day, i saw them on fabulous-emma.com. i’ve lost respect for her since i found out she smokes.

  • Ivy

    I love her style.

  • winona

    Why say anything at all?

  • Sarah

    ummm she ‘s a smoker. she can go die

  • ashley.rose

    Way to harsh Sarah, and why/how would you assume that she smokes.

  • Allie
  • ILY22

    Some of the things that she has said before makes me not like her. Granted she is a talented actress and she knows that. But it’s like she tries so hard to not be summed together with Disney actresses her age. I get she isn’t Disney but there is nothing wrong going that route either. And honestly that statement about Target I think she did mean it in that way. It’s fine if she doesn’t want her name behind it but she can still sell her line at an affordable price rather than have it an expensive clothing dept. like the Olsons did. She said that is what she wants to do.

  • riana

    cant believe she smokes, i mean im not judging her or anything but it seems weird for someone like her to smoke, she used to be a goody
    good kinda
    she probably wasnt even

  • amy

    NO ONES JUDGING!!! emma roberts DOES smoke. its a fact. and i have lost respect for her, as well as taylor momsen for smoking when they have a TON of little girls looking up to them. i thought america was past this smoking craze but guess not.

  • elle


    here’s the picture: http://oceanup.com/photogallery?nid=11209&fid=60795

    she does smoke. -__-

  • brenda

    ok she smokes but who cares

    love her style and herrrrrrr

    she’s so pretty even with that cigarrette

  • lisa

    print the photos of emma smoking, please emma stop smoking. to brend how stupid you are, i care bad for your health.

  • jj22

    If she wants to get Cancer and die then I guess that is her thing!

  • http://@brokenbottles_ Eduardo peixoto

    OMG people are so annoying nowadays with the smoking thing. leave smokers alone, what’s the problem? people choose to do stuff, and is so bad to choose smoking as a pleasurable habit?

    what’s wrong with you guys? freaking ignorant moralists.

>>>>>>> staging1