Miley Cyrus & Liam Hemsworth: Smoothie Sweeties

Miley Cyrus & Liam Hemsworth: Smoothie Sweeties

Miley Cyrus steals a kiss from Liam Hemsworth as they wait for their smoothies to finish at Robek’s Juice in Studio City, Calif., on Friday afternoon (April 16).

The darling couple were spotted out the day before in Beverly Hills loving their lollipops they got after Miley‘s doctor appointment.

Check out the similiar hug with Ashley Tisdale and Scott Speer!

Liam, 20, is reportedly up for Taylor Lautner‘s old role in Northern Lights.

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  • leesha


  • jen

    wow she always wears those same shorts and boots. Also shes been wearing that plaid shirt for like 3 days in a row.

  • paulc

    @jen: nah, they’ve just been pacing the articles… the shots were all on the same day with that plaid shirt…

  • freezy

    She is always eating or drinking on paparazzi photos no wonder why she’s so fat….

  • bobo

    ooh poor miley! What?? you’re no more friends with the papz? or u tryna make people believe you’re a grown up now and you hate papz. they’ll make a hell of your life! you get what u deserve!

  • LUCY

    They are too cute. love them, shame looks like Miley is growing tired of the paps!

  • Kathi


  • Ella


  • LB


    Right… you expect her to be friendly every minute of the day? Djeez I mean they already ad pictures from them earlier why again now?

  • Lawrence

    Ewww, Liam you could have chosen better*lol*.

  • candy

    cute. all haterz..whats ur purpose? anyway..attention demi! This is what it looks like when a guy really wants to kiss u. Get a clue.

    @bobo- u must be a pap or a imbecile. shes always nice to papz. she use to straight have conversations with them, let them take pictures with her and everything. now she finally getting tired of them. shes better than me. I would never talk them much less be nice. papz r not ur friend. i would sheild my face everytime. they would hate me.

  • LUCY

    @ candy I totally agree with you 100 %. Paps are not your friends at all!

  • ems

    its weird that hes taking on that role coz taylor was supposed to be in the last song instead of him…

    ps. people who say shes 5’4, shes completely not.

  • MileyRayDaily

    @bobo: Miley has tons of friends, looks like you’re the one without any.

    Anyways, They Are the cutest couple EVER

  • billythekid


    Haha, I think I just saw your snotty and, as Candy pointed out – imbecile – remark on a Hollywood tv video basically saying the same tripe you just spewed out here. It would be almost pointless to mention to you that it’s very possible for Miley to take a position, stand by that position, and still be able to live a life! I mean, I hate politics in general, but I still pick up and read a newspaper every once in awhile for reasons other than reading about politics!

  • billythekid


    LOL, actually it would be the other way around, at least in terms of finding someone more famous and talented etc etc. Liam could have never have done that. As far as either of them being able to find someone better than each other on a personal level? Stupid to say, and very subjective and totally impossible to know since we don’t live with these people. Appreciate the comment Lawrence because it proves beyond a doubt that it’s not only the girls on JJJ that post stoopid comments :).

  • http://j chelsea

    @bobo: exactly, nobody believes her

  • pauli

    ewww miley is such a disgusting person, she always wear those shorts and that shirt, actually that the same outfit she wear the day before all this photos, so gross!!! miley plz get a shower smeller soooo nasty, seriously!!!

  • Taya

    cute <3

  • Taya

    sweet <33

  • LB


    Shut up! These pictures are all from the same day the one at the ‘doctors’ and these… so buh bye

  • jessica

    @pauli: wtf??? learn some english please. and stop hating on her on every post.

  • Pinky

    Sooooooooooooooooooooooo Fake, and I don’t care what anyone says . Spending all her hard earned cash on him. She needs to stop helping guys who looks good in the public eye, and focus on her career. she just needs to be herself. I like Miley but enough with the whole dating thing for while. We all know it isn’t a real relationship, and my point will proven as soon as she goes to start working on her next film with Demi Moore. THEY WILL BREAK-UP!!!! she should have just stead with stayed with Justin.

  • Pinky

    and Miley will moved on to the next hot guy in Hollywood, or even this next movie co-star who will play her love inserts. I telling yous, the truth. They might look cute and all now, but watch when she starts working on her next Film. Poor Liam. He didn’t had to go down that path though, he should have just stayed with his normal girlfriend back in Australia. We all know he left her for Miley

  • Precious

    PR??? We’ll see once her next movie comes out

  • bobo

    @billythekid: LOL u r definitely a fan of miley. you’re comment is senseless!@candy: are all miley fans stupid or what? well yes they definitely are which explain why they love miley so much. All i was saying was she used to befriend the papz so as to be sure they are always around when she’s out because she wanted to be famous, like really famous. now that she is famous (unfortunately) she is trying to make as if she is being harassed. she is a smart girl who think she can manipulate paparazi and people. well now u can say i have no friends and whatever you want i couldn’t care less!

  • http://justjaredjr. chloecat

    There always used to be photos of her and Justin at Millions of Milkshakes. Now she’s having her photo taken at Robek’s Juice. Is she eating healthier or does Millions of Milkshakes bring back memories so she avoids it?

  • lily

    um. taylor was never in consideration for the role of will. where did u get that from

  • billythekid


    You come on a Miley post spewing unnecessary crap out of your mouth and you have the nerve to call my comment to you as senseless? I think you need to take a very long look in the mirror before you call me out on such drivel as that! I personally didn’t care what you were trying to say because I felt it was sheer nonsense, but since you felt the need to enlighten us again, perhaps I’ll make another comment on your drivel.

    Miley only used to engage 1 pap on any sort of regular basis, and most Miley fans know that was Alison. She was basically civil or polite to the rest of them, though oftentimes she would mostly ignore them. Now she basically ignores the lot of them like practically every other celebrity out there. Good for her! She absolutely NEVER needed to the Paps to become famous as Bobo so wrongly points out. Even a moron, such as Bobo, should surely know that the whole reason why any of these paps were following her in the first place was because she was ALREADY famous!! Like I’ve said before the stoopidy of some people never ceases to amaze me, and Bobo truly amazes the crap out of me. Keep it up Bobo, your nonsense is truly entertaining :)

  • milerr

    love her. but shes always wearing the same clothes. and she is 5’4.

  • billythekid

    On a side note to Miley fans. Miley fans are happy to see Miley in any video on any day having fun, or just simply living her life. They are usually annoyed when days and days go by without any pics/vids of Miley surfacing. So from a fans point of view, they could care less how pained or upset any of the haters are when Miley happens to be shown in videos! To the haters, there are always videos/pics of your favorite celebrity famewho*ring themselves all over Hollywood, just like you accuse Miley of :)

  • fl

    i completely agree with @ bobo. miley fans are sooooo obsessed they attack anyone that shows some disagreement. ugh. she use to smile for every pap photo, now she tries to act like she’s soo over it.
    i hate how she’s completely changed since she’s been trying to show us how ‘grown up’ she is. she’s not. she’s putting on a show. the last song was a complete fail. and this new movie with demi moore? um…when was demi moore last relevant? not for a loong time. and now with her new music video she’s gonna be in a birdcage? obviously, she’s not 12 anymore. but there’s a much smoother way to ‘transition’ to adulthood and sex appeal. the way she does it is so ‘contrived’ (her new favorite word these days), and so forceful. like she’s trying to force her new sex appeal and adulthood into our faces. that’s why people have trouble taking her seriously.

    another thing people have against her, is that she came out with the whole purity ring, Jesus is my homeboy spew. pleaseeee. she did all that specifically when she was with Justin, for a PR standpoint, so that people would think oh she and he are sooo religious. then all of a sudden she’s close to turning 17 and bam, she’s wearing short shorts, working poles. now she’s close to 18 she has a new boytoy and she’s moving out. ok yes, 18 year olds move out for college. but this girl has her own seperate wing of the house. she already has her privacy, what else does she need? its so in your face, its ridiculous.

  • bobo

    @billythekid: what you say is as relevant as Miley being a virgin @fl: you’re totally right! miley fans are brainwashed they just can’t see who she really is!

  • Ronnie

    @fl It’s always amazes me how people analyze the lives of celebrities and have not even a rudimentary knowledge about their lives. That is the easiest was to make you look like an idiot in seconds.
    Miley wore the exact same kind of shorts when she was dating Gaston and went on bike rides. Google it. At that time she was still 16. Or she went ‘jogging’ to the gas station with her boobs almost out and her boytoy shirtless next to her? Was it really anything different then? No.
    Some people just don’t agree that wearing shorts makes them bad christians. Is the bible a book about how you should dress? I don’t think so. AFAIK, god created men naked.
    Then Miley’s picture scandal, way before she dated Gaston or Liam and what some call her ‘grown up transition’. But facts are obviously not your strong point.
    Also picking on Demi Moore? Really. That makes you only look more like a douche. And her movie a flop? Don’t think so, as it passed already the total grossing of ‘A walk to remember’ and ‘A night in Rodanthe’ in merely 2 weeks. And that with a first time cast, a first time director and Sparks first try at writing a screenplay.

  • Prettigurls

    See Miley looks so pretti as always her && Liam are so cute..

  • Prettigurls

    Aha I’m srry guys dnt take this the wrong way but is it really necessary to write long paragraphs about a few pictures lol.

  • Prettigurls

    @bobo: Ha u mite as well not even comment bout mileys pictures if u have nothin nice to say!!

  • Ronnie

    Just a thing to the paps. First, you don’t hire a pap. You can call a pap. You hire a photog. Paps sell their pictures to magazines, if anything they are hired by magazines. Miley hires Alison as a photog for special occasions. She pays him, he makes pictures for her. People hire photog for their weddings. Never heard anybody say ‘Let’s hire some paps for our wedding’.
    Second, Miley is a 17 year old girl. Like everybody she has good days and bad days. I too have days where I don’t want to see anybody or talk to anybody. Yesterday she joked with the paps. Today she hides her face. No big deal.
    And second, we don’t know what goes on in their lives. Maybe she is sad because they are shooting the last episodes of HM. Or maybe, just maybe, there are some paps that didn’t treat her with respect in the past and she just doesn’t want them to make more money of her. You know, like making rude remarks and taking close-ups of her ass. I find it funny that whenever she is mad at the paps there is a full picture set the next day on X17 including some close-ups of her ass. ;)

  • joecool

    @bobo: @fl:You two can
    see who she really is LOL give everybody a break and comment somewhere else!!!

  • candy

    bobo where u from? i aint understand a word u just wrote. U MUST BE ONE OF THEM brazilian PAPS! go get a real job. miley fans aren’t stupid but u must be one overgrown ignoramous to write that crap u wrote. please.


    she NEVER EVER needed the paps to make her famous. SHE was on almost every magazine when she was 14/15! IF anything paps need her to keep they useless a** job. Miley don’t need press dummy. And im not a huge crazed fan, but all u have to do is turn on the t.v. to see that she is one of the famous ppl in the world. Paps or no paps.

  • fl

    @ Ronnie. whatever you’re soooo far up in miley you can’t even see out. y do you call urself ronnie…o0o that’s rite cause u must be some tweeniebopper obsessed fan who thinks this chick is just as nice and pure as the character’s she plays. and you don’t have to call someone a douche or an idiot for having an opinion…it doesn’t make ur argument any stronger.
    miley’s not articulate or intelligent at all. she’s always latched on to some guy like there’s no tomorrow. o0o he’s ‘my best friend’ we’re ‘buds’ whatever. she’s FAKE. FAKE FAKE FAKE. i respect vanessa hudgens , ashley tisdale, and even jamie lynn spears more than her, because they never pretended to be something they were not. yes they worked for disney and nick, but they never did the whole purity ring thing. some people call vanessa a ho, but she’s been with the same guy for years. this girl is sooooo keen on turning 18, its been apparent since her photos were leaked when she was what, 14? first, lets wait until her next video comes out. i cannot be tamed. what kind of name is that? she’s just asking for it. she generates controversy because that’s the only thing she’s good at. she’s not an entertainer like britney spears in the way she danced, or a singer like christina aguilera. she’s alright in performance value, but she’s great at keeping her name out there, making people talk about her. that’s how her fame has generated…because there’s nothing remarkable about her. and just because her movie did okay (but no smash hit) at the box office, does not mean it was good. it was a flop because she’s a horrible actress, and most of the reviews say that. soon before or after she turns 18 expect some other controversy…she’ll be frolicking on the beach on top of her bf, or doing something else to be interpreted risque. and also soon, she’ll be trying to amp up the sex appeal singing risque lyrics not unlike hit me baby one more time. i don’t act like i know her, i don’t, but you know what? i know people in high school do worse, but you’d think, with all the PR and handlers she has, she would have been more discrete. but her family is pretty unusual. her mom dresses and acts like she’s miley’s age(and she was a groupie, with 2 children before she met billy ray, and then miley and her brother were conceived out of wedlock. billy ray even has another kid from another woman, but he’s ignored), and their trying to do the same to her poor baby sister. some christian values her family has right? it’s no wonder they could never parent her the right way.

    people make assumptions about everyone, even people we see in passing on the street. that’s part of human nature. NO ONE is above that. even more so we make comments about celebrities, because there’s more to them than their public figure to be interpreted. that’s called freedom of speech.

  • joecool


    The next step the billion dollar girl go Miley!!! I wish you all the power in the world just for people this!!

  • Ronnie

    @fl But Miley isn’t the one with pictures out there like Nessa, doesn’t cover her face from the paps half as often as Ashley and doesn’t have a baby like Jamie Lynn. And big whoop, somebody made her wear a purity ring when she was a child. Lot’s of parents do that. Now she is old enough and can decide for herself. Maybe she will turn her back to her religion and convert to Buddhism. Seeing how closed minded christians in the US are today and what a hard time they give celebs like Miley I wouldn’t be surprised if she would.

  • billythekid


    Re: Your last comment? You’re are a bigger Ass-H0Le than I originally took for you if that is the best comeback you can possibly return! You might as well go lay down and cry yourself a river over all the things that pee you off about Miley. Or go to your fridge and start sipping on some more CrAzy juice if you think you might actually have something relevant, and intelligent to say :) Somehow I don’t hold out too much hope for you though!


    Oh please save me the “I respect “Vanessa Hudgens” crap because you think she’s real and Miley’s fake. Just because Miley has happened to have 3 boyfriends who she’s fallen over and shown affection for, doesn’t make her fake. I have no idea how your mind operates, but I wouldn’t call that fake. I would say she probably jumps a little too quick from one love to another, but that’s just the way some people are. She’s an emotional girl who falls hard and fast, but there’s nothing fake in any of that. A phony relationship was that Nick JOnas/Selena Gomez crap we saw sometime ago. And going on about how she behaved at a private beach with her boyfriend is really kind of tacky and puritanical in this day of age. The girl is 17, and biologically an adult so why should people expect her to keep acting like she’s 13?

    And your critique over Miley’s talent is wayy off base! She’s an incredible singer for her limited range, and a very good performer. That’s why she’s considered an A-List Celebrity. It’s not being done with mirrors; there’s some actual talent involved with all of this!!!!

  • billythekid


    Your post was somewhat turgid and rambling from 1 topic to the next about how much you feel Miley sucks, that I didn’t realize until afterward that you actually slammed her mother for her previous relationship? So, are you saying that because Miley’s mother was in a failed relationship prior to meeting Billy Ray, that makes her a bad parent/influence? I really think you’re a misguided soul if you feel people in general don’t make mistakes. Whatever life Tish may have had prior to meeting Billy Ray, I honestly can’t speak of, but I will say that she’s been married to him now for 18 years? That sounds like a pretty darn steady/stable relationship if you ask me! And bless Billy Ray’s soul for being a great person to take in 2 other kids and raise them as his own.

    And to even speak of children being born out of wedlock in your negative tone just seriously gives me the creeps. We ain’t talking about crack-addicts here! That family is being very well raised considering where they are being raised. You don’t hear anything about anyone in that family having any sort of alcohol or drugs abuse problems like so many others in Hollywood!!!!

  • lol


    Well said, & I agree!

  • Maddie

    You seriously need a hobby. How old are you? You don’t strike me as a teen based on some of your comments, but someone at least in their 20′s or more. You sound like you are obsessed with Miley, are you a stalker?

    I agree with @fl on some comments – not everything, but the fact that Miley is just not real. She constantly contradicts everything she herself says & she is far from the virginal girl that the obsessed fans want to paint her as & yes her parents are not good parents in the sense that they have been her “friends” – that’s cool when your kids are adults, but her parents have indulged her every whim since she was much younger & it looks like it is all over the money & the fame & that is not as important as setting limits for your kids and modeling the morals and behaviors you should want your kids to have. All I’m saying is that people who are not blind obsessed fans of Miley’s can see her heading for some heartache because she is trying to be an adult & is moving way to fast. I think she may actually marry this guy by the time she is 18 & she seems to young for that and most likely that may not have a happy ending. I think it would be a shame for Miley to rush her life and get really hurt in the process and perhaps stall her otherwise promising career. The Last Song was good & hardly a flop, but Miley does need acting lessons if she is to make it really big in drama – many actors train in their acting and it is a smart thing to do. I hope Miley and her family will use wisdom in their decisions for her future, I really would hate to see her get really hurt or mess up her career and future because I think MIley has great potential for a good acting career.

  • bobo

    @billythekid: oh please! with your username ‘billythekid’ I don’t think you have much to do in life than to defend miley on the internet which is not the intelligent thing to do because we all know she’s a slut! Now get a life!

  • aa

    @Pinky: how is she spending cash on him? he obviously has his own.. hes an actor.

  • Joochi

    @fl: Bravo, Bravo & Bravo!!! My hat’s off too you woman! you tell it like it is and I admire you for that. For the life of me I don’t get that Miley fans keep defending her and all she ever does is slap them in the face with her stupid tactics of “growing up” because she has the money and is a spoiled kid, her parents are afraid to do anything for fear of losing all that money and life style that they have now, she is their meal ticket and you can’t upset her, gotta let her do as she pleases! She can’t sing nor act and the only reason why she’s getting those lame movies is because her mother is a “producer” how convienent! So the sad thing is she’ll be around for awhile so we just have to stomach her and her fake behavior. She doesn’t need to like anyone, she’s rich, she doesn’t need anyone, only her boyfriends!!!!!

>>>>>>> staging1