Kristen Stewart is Coachella Cool

Kristen Stewart is Coachella Cool

Sporting a LA Dodgers cap and a small smile, Kristen Stewart hangs out at the LACOSTE Pool Party during the 2010 Coachella Music Festival in Indio, Calif. on Sunday afternoon (April 18).

In addition to covering the newest issue of Flaunt magazine, the 20-year-old actress is set to cover one of the upcoming issues of Elle UK.

Check out who else is at the Coachella Music Festival on JustJared!

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Credit: Barry Brecheisen; Photos: WireImage
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  • Gabbys

    Kristen is soooooo beautiful
    she make me smile, i love so much!

  • Hugo

    Kristen is gorgeous, don’t take me wrong…. but she looks like a man, in these pictures.

  • maxxien

    Is that a guy?

  • Chechu


  • annasaurus

    Gorgeous as always.

    She deserves a post on JustJared as well, if you’re going to post about Camilla Belle and Vanessa Hudgens…

  • Jasmine

    Not gonna lie, she looks adorable

  • Kelsey

    Kristen looks like a guy she or HE should know how to dress really!!! Well she was ugly to begin with! :D

  • kirreii


    Can you learn to be nice to everyone for a change and stop bringing random topics into other posts, or is that too hard for you to achieve?

  • h a v e n < 3

    so funny , maxxien.
    & i agree annasaurus.

    she looks cute ,
    ganster stew ;D lmafo
    im sure she had funn ! :P
    *like i always say my opinion.*

  • kstew is the SHIZ.

    kristen is totally awesome.

  • sussy

    she look so cute!

  • azalea

    shes awesome :D
    cute outfit

    am agree with @annasaurus
    she deserves a post on JustJared

  • Irene

    @maxxien: Ha. Ha. Ha. Very funny.

  • brenda

    omg I thought she was a guy

    hahah, she looks a little bit like justin bieber lol

    but still she’s pretty

  • Super

    OMG!! SO CUTE!!

  • marie

    are yall smokein on something she looks a hot damn mess and she looks like a male lol hahahah

  • lia

    she looks cute!
    i don’t know how she do it! xD
    she always dresses like tryin’ to look unrecognizable, like camuflaged, but she always ended up being cute!

  • Dany

    Looks great, I love her style!

  • cherry Jess

    Today BABASONICOS yaaaaaaaayyyy!!!! Kristen the best!

  • jay

    Completely unattractive. Fug!

  • Malorie

    Kristen would not have been reconized, she looked different under the hat and glasses… wish I was there…… nice to know kristen was there to take in the music fest…. =) go Kristen

  • liza

    she looks cutet!!!

  • Katty

    She looks like a dude….

  • Hayley

    I like Kristen. She is helping raise money for women in Uganda at this event. She can be fine and she can be casual. If you don’t like her well I doubt that she cares. Who are you anyway?

  • diana

    smart way to disguise yourself from fans.

  • lola


  • ashley.rose

    Now I adore her, and I think she’s refreshing and different. But I do wish she would put the slightest effort into her appearance, it may not affect her career at this moment, but sooner or later it will, it’s already effecting public opinion. I would hate to see someone with so much talent (and beauty) be cast aside simply because she can not/will not avoid dressing like a slob.


    I love Kristen, she doesn’t worry about getting photo’d, she stays comfortable.

  • portia

    Love her utter lack of vanity. She’s so cute.

  • Hayley

    @Chechu: I like your comment. I’m trying to learn Spanish in my spare time. I think HERMOSA is the right word to desciribe Kristen Stewart. She is beautiful inside and outside.

  • LikeThat

    BWAHAHA She looks like complete shite. Thank Yous Kstew. For the endless free enterteinment of looking like my little 8 year old brother. Thank You!

  • caroline

    she always look soo manly. she look like a guy. Ok I understand it’s the way she’s comfortable but she’s a beautiful woman and she can be really sexy if she knows how to dress and stand properly.

  • Celia

    She looks like a boy.

  • mags

    love love love her. Kstew trumps all.

  • Darius

    Justin Bieber is that you?

  • Chris

    Isn’t this chick supposed to be 19. She don’t look that. What happened to her. Used to be a big fan back during her adventureland dayz. Not Anymorezz . Funny stuff right here.

  • Rosie

    I was watching the stream on Coachella’s site and someone twittered they saw her there smokin’ up… By her appearance I believe it.

  • Celia


    LMFAO! I thought it was Justin Bieber too.

  • YOW.

    HAHAHAHAHA. love kstew, but she looks like a total lesbian here.

  • elisilla


    I was going to write the same!!! LOL!
    She looks like a teenage boy… She used to be pretty, now, mmm no comments

  • Elaine

    No way she’s 20! She’s psycho. Dressing like that. But it’s good for laughs.

  • Brennie

    She is so adorable! I love her!!

  • mellahh

    she looks gangsta!! ha ha jpjp

  • Truth

    It’s always awesome when people barely even try to conceal their homophobia by insinuating that someone they don’t like is gay/lesbian, especially when they use terms like ‘butch’ in an obvious attempt to imply that if a woman doesn’t conform to their ideas of femininity, they must be ugly and unattractive. You brand any woman you deem ‘unfeminine’ as someone who must be a lesbian; you turn it into an accusation, as though it’s something to be seen as making them less of a woman, less of a person, and worthy of being insulted and ridiculed.

    And I don’t want to hear any bullshit about how you’re not homophobic because you’re not ~afraid of gay people. That’s a bullshit cop-out made by people who either intentionally avoid acknowledging, or who are ignorant of what it means to perpetrate homophobic rhetoric. When you treat being gay/lesbian as something to make fun of someone for, as a reason to speak in a demeaning way about someone you don’t like, you’re perpetrating homophobic rhetoric, because you’re pushing the idea that being homosexual is a negative thing.

    I don’t care if you don’t like Kristen for whatever ‘reasons’ you think you have. There is no reason, if you’re actually a decent human being, to turn it into something where you toss around demeaning, homophobic rhetoric because you apparently can’t deal with it when someone wears clothing you don’t personally care for. Grow the hell up. If Kristen were lebsian, it’s not a reason to talk shit about her. Not only do you make yourself look shallow as hell, you make it obvious that you don’t actually accept GLBT people as being worthy of equal respect. *Pass this on any website that bashes anyone with hate*

  • bebe

    kristen stewart always look tomboyish she is tiny and she is pretty with flawless skin. i am just wondering why so many people think negative about her. i mean, did you just love to hang out and wearing comfortable t-shirt with hat to protect your face without got hatred. there is nothing wrong to be herself and she is enjoying it. she is not product, she is sophomore college age.

  • Dee

    @Darius: Hahahaha that’s funny. Bet you guys anything he/she’s high as a kite!

  • cassy

    how very attractive..

  • Anoni

    THIS IS HILARIOUS. HAHAHAHHAA. HELLO HOT MESS! ! She’s truly her own worst enemy.

  • Aylin

    Did she try to look like a guy? If so she succeeded.
    She’s not ugly but she never seems able to keep her back straight & sometimes she dresses horrible.

  • Minty

    Are you sure this wasn’t taken at a truck stop?? WTH!

>>>>>>> staging1