Nicholas Braun & Lindsey Shaw: Josie May Mates

Nicholas Braun & Lindsey Shaw: Josie May Mates

Nicholas Braun takes the wheel from Lindsey Shaw in this new still from 10 Things I Hate About You.

In the upcoming episode “Too Much Information,” Patrick (Ethan Peck) is more mysterious than usual, which leads Kat (Shaw) to believe he’s up to no good. Meanwhile, Bianca’s (Meaghan Martin) boyfriend, Joey (Chris Zylka), wants to be a reality star.

“Too Much Information” premieres Monday, May 3 @ 8PM ET/PT on ABC Family.

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Credit: Randy Holmes; Photos: ABC Family
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  • me

    sorry but this show will never compare to the original movie. no one can play a better patrick than heath no one can play a better kat than julia stiles and etc etc.

    i wish this show would just be cancelled already :(

  • alex

    @ me:

    Trust me, I am TOTALLY with you. Why did ABC Family insist on ruining a classic? And so soon after Heath died… where’s the respect for both Heath and the original fans?
    Before I get flamed, let me say this: I like several ABC Family shows very much, but this one just doesn’t do it for me. If they changed the name of the show I guess I would be okay with it though. I do like the fact that they kept Larry Miller— that guy is hilarious!

  • SOL

    can’t wait! I love the show!

  • sarah

    it’s not supposed to be like the original movie, dumbass

  • sarah

    both of you are idiots. how is having a show based off the movie DISRESPECT to heath ledger? Really? Shut up.

  • hufflebinder

    shut your traps, this is one of the best shows on televison. get off your obscure high horses, your opinions are not valid nor welcome here.

  • annie


    i think the same, i love Heath and you cant even compare him with this “new” Pat. Even if i like the guy who plays him.

    i think they changed a lot of things and they didnt stick with the movie, i like the way Alex thinks, they should keep the show but with other name like is not related to the movie.

  • Mashoo

    why do everyone keeps on hating the show?

    me, i’m a teenager, and i haven’t seen the movie so i don’t make judgments. it’s just a remake, what’s ugly about it? psh.

  • springleigh

    Geeze you negative nelly’s. Don’t watch the show if you think it’s disrespectful to the “Classic”. They aren’t trying to copy the movie, but you wouldn’t know that because you probably haven’t watched very much, if at all. The IDEA for the show came from the movie. It is in no way trying to copy the movie. I LOVE this show and hope it doesn’t get cancelled.

    Back on topic of the article. I hope Patrick’s mysteriousness is because he’s planning a REAL date for Kat. He has her keys in his hand so who knows. :) I know Patrick get’s jealous so if he really wants Kat he’ll have to up his game a little bit.

  • jenn

    COME ON.
    haha it may not be like the movie but its good anyway.

    and its about to get cancelled- so help us save it!!

    get on twitter and save it!
    tweet #save10things and follow @save10things


  • Helen20

    I’m pretty sure people who critizice this show haven’t even watched a single episode. I’m a huge fan of the movie and LOVE this show!
    Do you think you are a bigger fan of the movie or Heath because you write those type of comments? No, all the contrary, if he would be alive he would feel ashamed that someone would use his name to write disrespectful comemnts like those.
    It’s based in the same idea than the movie, so? Even the characters are different. Your comments just show you have very closed minds. The movie is the movie, how could a show based in the same idea ruin a movie who was filmed 10 years ago in any way? Then, from your senseless point of view, the movie shouldn’t have been even made, because it’s based on a Shakespeare’s book and it ruins it, right? Senseless…
    I feel pity for you, you are missing one of the most hilarious, well acted shows on tv right now.
    So glad to see pics of Kat and Cameron together, their scenes are always hilarious.

  • panda

    I loved the movie and I love the show. I like that fact that they took ‘the character’ and put them in an AU situation. Honestly people? What would you call it with the SAME characters in the same setting? It’s a new take on the movie. You’d get bored so fast if they followed the film because you’d know what was coming. I rather like the two new Kat and Patrick.

    Seriously though, its one of the few decent shows on ABC family so why would you wish upon its cancellation? That’s not cool.

    I suggest you go online somewhere and watch the first 14 episodes and then pass judgment. But try really hard to watch with new eyes.