Taylor Swift: 'Change' with The Tritones!

Taylor Swift: 'Change' with The Tritones!

Taylor Swift trades in her Marchesa gown for a Carmen Marc Valvo dress as she steps onto the stage from the ceiling during the 2010 ACM Awards show in Las Vegas on Sunday night (April 18).

The 20-year-old songstress teamed up with UCSD’s a cappella group The Tritones for a performance of her hit song, “Change.”

During her performance, Taylor wore a Charley 5.0 bustier with Hudson leggings, Everybody boots and Neil Lane jewels.

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Credit: Kevin Winter, Judy Eddy; Photos: Getty, WENN
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  • Ashley

    She sounded great I wish she would have won.

  • yvette

    I loved her performance. And wow her marchesa dress..gorgeousss. Taylor, perfect and beautiful? Of course!

  • Hannah swan in nz :)

    Taylor your performance sure showed the critics you truly are a star and deserved to win some awards but ah well still got the CMAs at home and all the grammys XD
    Keep shining you are amazing!!

  • Elaine

    I loved it when she had her hair brown or was it black. She looked really sweet.

  • berrylove

    awesome performance..<3 taylor

  • Leah


  • http://christianlouboutinstore.blog.com/ nace

    I love her and her bustier look very good.

  • Watson2342

    I wanted Taylor to win Entertainer of the year simply because she is the Entertainer of the year. Honestly, she was the #1 artist last year on all of music, she swept the grammy’s in the country genre and won the top prize. However, awards that are fan voted can go to someone underdeserving as Reba said it will come down to who ever has the most internet fans. Underwood clearly has a more active internet fanbase but album sales and concert tickets and album reviews don’t lie (carrie’s current album has horrible reviews just check out metacritic which is why she didn’t win the industry voted album of the year). In 2009 and still in 2010 Taylor Swift is the top act in all of music, not just country music. CMA’s and Grammy awards (acm’s are credible if they aren’t fan voted) are far more credible because they don’t let fans spam and vote. They give the awards to who truly is deserving. On a happier note, at least Underwood was shut-out everywhere else that wasn’t fan voted and Taylor has won ACM’s for her current album at last year’s show. Carrie can’t say the same she hasn’t won an ACM award for playon but she wins a fan spam Entertainer award? Doesn’t make sense and I’m betting they will change the way that award is voted on in the future. At least Carrie has lost top vocalist three shows in a row now. CMA’s, Grammy’s and ACM’s so all is not bad. LOL

    BTW, Taylor’s performance was great, she should have performed like that at the grammy awards. Keep that up Taylor and come out with your new album and Kick butt. Sweep those CMA’s again in November.

  • sweetness

    …@ #5 sooo…what makes you think Taylor hasn’t sent Kanye a huge Thank You bouquet of flowers. Just because you haven’t read about it on JJ doesn’t mean pleasantries have not been expressed from her side.

  • Judy

    She looks great. Luv the boots.

  • frucht

    nice comment!

    btw i thought this time taylor swift was great, she was almost awesome! actually she was…

  • cam


    You are a jackass!

  • Ali


    Your ignorance is actually pretty amusing. People do not think she deserves the awards just because “the big, scary, Black man” ruined her fun at an award show”. If you haven’t noticed she was there accepting an AWARD in the first place

    Single Ladies may have a left a mark on the internet but so did You Belong With Me and unlike Single Ladies, You Belong With Me actually had a meaning behind it.

    Also if you haven’t heard any of her songs before this, it’s clearly a fault on your part cause she was already the best-selling artist in the US when she was getting the award. Beyoncé was somewhere down on that list.

    So next time you feel like bashing a complete stranger because you need attention, just get your facts straight

  • val

    @sooo: totally agree

  • http://www.twitter.com/webermeireles weber from Brazil

    I’ve read last night on twitter that Taylor has lip-synched her song “Change”… Is it true?? I didn’t watch her performance yet….

  • Amber

    I dont think that was lip synched. It sounded very live to me.

  • swiftfan

    she was great. btw it was live.

  • http://dressliketaylor.net emily

    It was such an amazing performance. I think she proved with it that she totally deserved Entertainer of the Year. She can’t win everything, but she did deserve the award. I know a lot of people who don’t like Taylor, voted against her, so that could be part of the reason why she lost. Carrie’s good. But it’s not about who’s the best singer. It’s about who’s the best entertainer.

  • jessica

    i cant believe she didnt win anything. im so sad right now. she deserved at least one award. i mean weather you want to admit it or not she has had the most successful career in the last few months. so im surprised she didn’t win anything. oh well. maybe next time.

  • thatgirl

    She didn’t win anything because after the Grammys they finally realized girl has no talent. Her little act is getting old.

  • butterfly

    I absolutely loved Taylor’s performance. She was amazing. She really proved that she is a good singer.

    No matter what she does, there will more than likely be a hateful grumpy person sitting behind their computer bashing her from here to eternity. All of the haters posting are the same one’s bashing Taylor on other websites.

    For those of you that thing that Kanye made Taylor, um you need to do some research. Before the VMA’s Taylor was already the most selling artist of the year of 2008 and 2009. She was also doing a sold out tour in which tickets were sold in minutes. So please as ALI said earlier, don’t think the “big black man” made Taylor. Taylor won her awards fairly. She was accepting a fan voted award the night of the VMA’s when Kanye interrupted her.