Denise Jonas: Only The Mom can be The Mom

Denise Jonas: Only The Mom can be The Mom

Denise Jonas puts on a happy smile as she surrounds herself with her three eldest sons, Kevin, Joe and Nick on the May 2010 cover of Guideposts magazine.

Check out some of Denise‘s tips for moms everywhere:

On listening to the music: “Nick was the most precocious musically. At age three, he wandered around the house, asking, ‘Do you hear that? Do you hear the music?’ Then he’d burst out with some song.”

On staying connected with her four boys: “Don’t stop sending messages. Kids need to know you love them. I even buy cards for the boys when they’re on the road. Two weeks ago I came home to a bouquet of flowers and a card from Joe. All he wanted to say was: ‘I love you, Mom.’ It made my day. In our house you can never say ‘I love you’ too much.”

On her favorite song: “One of my favorites of the boys’ songs is called ‘Pushing Me Away.’ Every time they do it in concert, I get choked up because it speaks to one of my weaknesses as a mom. I’m passionate and strong-willed”my Italian blood again. I want to be front and center in my kids’ lives. I have opinions about everything.”

On being the mom: “You’re not the best friend. You’re the mom. Set limits and an example. Anyone can be a friend. Only the mom can be the mom. Sometimes that’s difficult.”

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Credit: Robert Trachtenberg; Photos: GuidePost
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  • sara

    i love denise! she is such a good mom to the boys and so pretty

  • Cameila


  • jessica

    she kinda looks photoshopped in that pic but whatever shes a wonderful mom.

  • florencia

    thats really cute — i L♥VE denise

  • gigi

    i wish she had a young daughter around frankie’s age. would be cute to have a little girl with the big bros

  • Luis F. Gomez

    I know that by far Mrs. Jonas has raised truly great boys! You can see when somebody has a good heart and I can tell you that the four brothers have! Congratulations to Mrs. Jonas!!

  • whatgoesaround

    This is a re-hash of the “Good Housekeeping” piece they did last year…right down to the picture. Must be an easy gig being the Jonas Brother’s PR person these days!

  • kATEE


    Could not agree more. Can someone say facades? Seems to be a recurring theme in this family.


    just wanna say congrats to mrs jonas, she raised the most amazing boys on the planet. x

  • maddie

    “You’re not the best friend. You’re the mom. Set limits and an example. Anyone can be a friend. Only the mom can be the mom. Sometimes that’s difficult.”

    Best thing I have read coming from a mom of a celebrity. If more moms of some of these young spoiled celebs were really moms like Denise Jonas, maybe their kids would not be making headlines for being drunk underage or arrrested or other inappropriate behavoir. Denise is a good mom, and yes the Jonas boys have been raised with good values and nothing the naysayers can say changes that.

  • Ella

    Thanks Mrs. Jonas for raising your boys soo well.. ^^

  • mary

    She’s so pretty, and is doing a great job raising her kids.

  • amy

    my advice to mothers: explote your kids from an early age….brain wash really works…..”studying, why you want to study……sing crappy songs….be a celebrity…make tons of money…give the money to mum…M-O-N-E-Y”
    “doctor…anyone can be a doctor….be a celebrity, C-E-L-E-B-R-I-T-Y”

  • Sofie

    I toally agree with her about a mom being a mom and not a friend, because so many hollywood moms make the mistake of tryin to be their childs best friend

  • Liz_b

    I think Nick looks the most like her. Kevin looks like his dad and Joe looks like the “milkman’s baby”! Ha! Seriously, she is beautiful and she raised amazing young men and should be so proud!

  • wonderer

    What?? Nick is the EXACT duplicate of his father, as is Kevin and his mom. And yeah Joe is from…somewhere lol@Liz_b:

  • michelle


  • Emily

    So many not hollywood moms try to be the kids bff too. It never works. there are somethings that you’ll tell your mom that you won’t tell your friends and vice versa. If that line is crossed on either side it doesn’t work
    denise is so great. The boys look just like her, esspecaily Nick!!

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