Kevin Jonas: The Best Thing About Being Married...

Kevin Jonas: The Best Thing About Being Married...

Kevin Jonas leads wife Danielle through the Newark airport en route back to LA after a quick visit to her parents home on Monday afternoon (April 19).

JJJ caught up with the 22-year-old new husband and we had to ask what the best thing about being married was to him.

Kevin shared with us, “I love it. It’s being with your best friend every day and coming home from work and feeling that you just have someone to hang out with and talk and to be there with you — it’s phenomenal. It’s amazing.”

Awww, how sweet!

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  • Zara

    Awww so cute :)

  • lucia

    such a cute couple
    love them

  • kATEE

    LOL dani always has one picture where she looks annoyed or unhappy. but it’s all good. i think they’re such a cute couple. i’m so happy for Kevin

  • amy

    aww i love them!! :)

  • cara

    love them together but i hope she’s not using him for fame because kevin’s such a good guy

  • London Lemming

    Can you blame her? Shes not a celebrity she just married one and now has to put up with her privacy been invaded 24/7. I really feel fo her!

  • rawan shaltot


  • jenny

    this sounds stupid but when will we hear of a Baby Jonas???????????????? that would be such adorable news

  • Mary Canary

    @jenny: Danielle is holding her belly so that could be a sign!!!!

  • http://@jennierawnsley Jennie

    Adorableee :) <3 xo

  • anonymous

    Awww :D

  • alexandra

    I dont know why..but they have some type of glow when they’re together. It seems like married life suites them. They look adorable together…and I really like Danielle’s hair.

  • marty_delight

    totally sweet! He definately his a prince charming! Dani is so lucky to have him by her side! They both are lucky to have each other! They re such a great couple, keep going strong!
    Dani is always beautiful! and married life suit Kevin very well ;))))

  • Bethany

    Aw, they are so sweet. They still have the newleywed glow. They are they best young Hollywood couple. :)

  • Luis F. Gomez

    Thats the beauty about being married! That it doesnt matter what might happen at work, at the end of the day you have somebody to talk to, to laugh with… God bless their marriage!

  • maria

    @Luis F. Gomez: I could not agree more. When you find someone special to share your life with, then marriage is a beautiful thing. It’s not because someone is hot and you are physically attracted to someone; it’s about that, PLUS being best friends who just want to share and be together.

  • michelle

    @Mary Canary: yeah kenillve babies

  • pandora

    Great couple but still worry that they married a bit too young – people change so much in their late teens and early twenties. Think both Joe and Nick should date non famous girls who put their interests first not just think about themselves.

  • http://- sarah

    She is so pretty!


    so happy for them! although they married young i deffo think its true love x

  • molly

    Um, yea…. you also get that from a dog.

  • evorita

    i really hope that they last, they are sooo cute together