Miley Cyrus Pens Apologizes to London Fans

Miley Cyrus Pens Apologizes to London Fans

When word got out that Miley Cyrus wouldn’t be able to attend the London premiere of her new flick, The Last Song, fans were devastated.

The 17-year-old actress popped on her official website and wrote, “Hi to all of my fans in the UK, I am so sorry that I was unable to fly to London to be with you all in person at the European premiere of THE LAST SONG, especially as the event is in aid of such a great cause, Great Ormond Street Hospital Children’s Charity.

“Thank you to everyone who bought tickets to support the appeal to raise money to redevelop the hospital, your contribution means a lot.

THE LAST SONG is a really important movie to me. It’s a story about family, about first loves, second chances and the moments that lead you back home. I know that Liam and our director Julie Ann Robinson are also really disappointed not to be in London with you, especially since Julie Anne has such close ties with the UK and has lots of her friends and family there.

“And to all of my fans in Rome and Munich, I am so sorry I cannot be there with you. I really hope you enjoy the film and I hope to see you soon!”

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  • jessica

    why couldnt she be there?

  • leesha

    @jessica: because of the volcano thing going on there!!!

  • billythekid

    Haha, Miley vs the Volcano :) Miley is plenty cute, sometimes funny and always talented, but she’s no match – nor is anyone else for that matter – for the power of this volcano. For Europe’s sake I hope this volcano doesn’t erupt for as long this time around as it did the last time. Seems the last time it erupted it lasted somewhere around an entire year!

  • rae

    I hated the Last Song
    well I didn’t hate it
    I just hated her acting

  • jessica

    @leesha: oh yea i forgot, lol.

  • leslie

    Really doubt she lost any sleep over this. She wasted no time cancelling Rome and Munich which could be accessible to her. See she flew from London to Australia to LA. She could have done that here, landed in Rome and taken the train or flown into Munich. But I’ll bet her people told her that the money/publicity wasn’t going to save this dog of a movie and the trip wasn’t going to be worth it considering how badly it did in the states. Way to go Miley and Liam, your fans really mean a lot to you. Oh, wait, if she went west instead of east she’d have to fly over all those “asians” she doesn’t like. Yep. Got it!

  • natalie

    poor fans i feel sorry miley couldnt b there with u she might come and c u at london another day miley roxs

  • qqnile

    but she really beautiful,yet???


    I hate that stupid vulcanooo thingy! Pity that Miley can not come :( She is not that often in Germany and now that! Well, maybe she got a few days of holidays now, also good :P

    @Jessica: The Vulcano in Iceland erupts and there is now a huuuuuuuuge cloud of ashes over europe and planes can not take off :( too dangerous…

    @billthekid: I know its horrible. They say it can take days, weeks or even months…great huh? :/

  • bobo

    she got very negative critics for her acting! lol. most critics gave negative reviews. I’m not hating just saying!

  • leticia

    The LAst SOng was amazing just about everyone liked it. And no only the negative reviews were posted on Gossip sites but she actually got so much positive reviews. She got a great review from the most famous movie reviewer Roger Ebert and entertainment tonight said that Miley proved why shes the best on Disney with her performance. Also other reviewers said Miley played her part perfectly and did great with the role. SO stop focusing on negative ones when there were more positives.

  • leticia

    By the way Miley is the only Disney star who can actually pull of these roles and make the movie so big. The movie did great at the box office for a Sparks film. LEts say you put another Disney star in the role then the movie would have failed miserably. But don’t worry I doubt Sparks would want anyother Disney star besides Miley anyway.

  • Gaby

    I agree, not a lot of disney stars could pull off a movie like that. I love the jonas brothers to death, their music and performing but they probably could never act in a serious movie like the last song. Maybe the acting wasn’t excellent but it was good.

  • rachel

    miley is very sweet :) love love love her !

  • rachel

    The LAst SOng was amazing ! miley is amazing to me and im sure the next movie will be even better !