Allison Iraheta Covers Latina Magazine

Allison Iraheta Covers Latina Magazine

Allison Iraheta goes old school glamorous in this new shot from the May 2010 issue of Latina magazine.

The 18-year-old singer-songwriter opened up about life after American Idol to the mag. She shared, “I don’t have to step onto a stage and get judge every week. Now I get to do my own songs and talk to my fans. There are all these girls writing my on Twitter, a lot of them in Spanish, saying that the love songs like ‘Scars’ because they can totally relate to what I’m singing about. Things are really good right now.”

Good pal Adam Lambert says of his friend, “She’s so freaking talented, I know it’s going to happen. The first time I heard her album, I was in a car with the windows down and I was just dancing and rocking out to it. It’s going to take some time but she’ll get there.”

Alison added on how she wants to be remembered, saying, “I don’t want people to see me and immediately think, ‘Oh, that’s the girl with the red hair who was on American Idol. I want them to say, ‘That’s Allison Iraheta. She’s a great artist who makes real music and has something to say — and she rocks.”

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Photos: Latina Magazine
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  • stefanie

    cool :) i love allison shes really talented. i met her at the idol tour shes really chill.

    & im seeing her & Adam Lambert in NJ in June <3 :) <33333

  • JANE

    She kinda looks like Vanessa Hudgens in that picture.

  • sarah

    allison’s amazing! i love her voice and she’s super cool in person, met her in cleveland =]

  • rachel

    i love her!! i met her on august 15th :] shes so chill

  • oopsie

    AWESOME talent! I hope she never stops working otherwise the world will miss out on some great music. Adam is right. love her.. and I met her on july 23rd in dallas. :) so sweet.

  • Joan

    She is very talented and I am so happy the she will be one of the opening acts (with Orianthy) for the Adam Lambert Glam Nation Tour this summer. Great exposure for her.

  • !!!!!!!!!!!HEY!!!!!

    awesome! i love her song friday i’ll be over u!

  • Angie

    I love this girl. She has so much to offer, so much talent, and a beautiful voice. I met her in San Diego, In the September tour

  • mary

    Allison is so talented and she has a brilliant voice. If only her managers at 19th Entertainment and Jive introduce her properly, give her the right promotion she needs, she should be well known by now. They need to show her on TV, play her music on the radios. I bought the album JUST LIKE YOU and almost all the song are great!!

  • mary

    I love Allison. Happy belated Birthday

  • rICO

    Allison voice is awesome. Please play her songs on the radios

  • Angieallis

    What a beautiful thing she is, amazing pictures, amazing talent, and ofcourse, amazing voice.

  • lAURA

    I had different impression of Allison. I though she was decent girl. She is only 17 years old and she is so happy to help Adam on his tour. Does she knows what Adam was doing last time on TV. He was doing porno stuff on the stage, he was dragging some woman by her feet like a dog. I promised my self that I was not going to watch any of his dirty shows again. This is porno stuff and should be shown on TV after midnight. But Allison is so happy to go with him on his tours! I think this is SICK.
    ALLISON HAS BEEN MISS MANAGED. What are her managers doing to her?
    She is already talking about moving out. Is this how she pay her parents?
    I don�t want to know anything about her or Adam again.

  • Susana

    She looks beutiful. What a nice picture!
    Allison manager, please ask the radios to play her songs.

  • pAULA

    Laura, Allison is 18 years old. Surely she is big enough to make her own decisions. Hopefully the right ones. Don’t listen to Satan advise. I just pray that God will help her. She is a good person. Because some people take advantage of the good people.. For example they can try to exploit her etc

  • Kim

    Laura, I know Allison she is decent and humble person. That’s what I like about her. I know her since she was in la quinceañera show. Hopefully, she is learning good things from Adam. One good thing could be: to be humble and cheerful on the stage. She looks so adorable and she is so talented. I just wonder why she has not claim to the top yet. By the way her hair looks awesome!

  • Darleene

    I would hate if my daughter does it to me.
    This is not how you pay to your parents
    She is self-important!!
    I used to like, but after the concert, I did not like her. She perform as is she is drunk.

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