Emma Watson: Fair Trade Fashion Chat

Emma Watson: Fair Trade Fashion Chat

Emma Watson shares a soft smile as she answers fan questions as part of the Fair Trade Fashion chat.

The 20-year-old actress’ new summer collection, “People Tree, Love From Emma,” go on sale today at PeopleTree.co.uk.

Emma shared in the video, “It’s so important to know where our clothes are made. It’s rare to find clothes that are made in the states or England, for me. What fair trade is, is the workers [in other countries] who make our clothes are supported and given rights. Getting paid a fair price for what they do can mean a roof over their heads or sending their children to school.”

Check out Emma‘s full Q&A session below!

Emma Watson – Fair Trade Chat – Part 1

Emma Watson – Fair Trade Chat – Part 2
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  • Renata

    she’s so pretty. a good role model for girls.

  • Lalaine

    @Renata, not just girls silly, but everyone! Emma Watson is the definition of beauty and brains, charm and kind, just a lot of what is attractive is in her!

  • Daisy

    i thought she was smart but she keeps giving really vague, slightly irrelevant answers…
    also how can she push burberry and free trade at the same?
    hate hypocrites :(

  • swiftfan

    She is amazing, Smart, Beautiful and talented! =D

  • Anne

    Daisy- why don’t you watch the video before commenting. The point is rto educate the public to buy fairtrade so companies like Burberry can then afford to make fairtrade clothing. Right now companied won’t do it because they lose money.

  • Celia


    Burberry’s clothes are expensive, which means the people who make them are getting paid a substantial amount compared to a company like Old Navy who’s clothes are cheap.
    Emma knows exactly what she’s talking about and her answers were eloquent and well thought out. She could’ve easily brushed off the questions, but she took her time with each one and gave them very thorough answers.
    I loved this interview. Fair Trade is a great cause that Emma clearly knows a lot about and I love that she’s realistic and knows it won’t ever take over fast fashion. She is amazing.

  • Ashley

    I both love/hate Emma. She seems sensible and school seems to be a priority and we’ve yet to see her drunk or indecently dressed, but she comes across as always saying one thing and doing another… ‘I would never wear short skirts’ – and then we see her in them… ‘Free trade is important’ – and then she backs Burberry… She says she doesn’t want to be a fashion designer and back a clothes line – but someone the title ‘creative director’ (or whatever she is for PT) seems to be another word for the same thing, which makes me worry that maybe the school thing is a bit of a facade to help her image?!? But nonetheless, I guess she’s still much better than many of the other young celebs out there…

  • !!!!!!!!!!!HEY!!!!!

    LOVE HER!!

  • Celia


    You clearly don’t know what you’re talking about. Emma said she shouldn’t wear a short skirt just to be sexy, because that’s not her idea of sexy. If she has worn one (I sure can’t think of one), then I’m sure she made it look very classy and sophisticated.
    It’s “FAIR Trade” not “free” trade. Fair Trade and Burberry are two completely different things. Burberry is HIGH fashion, which means most of it’s clothes are made in-house by the designer himself. Burberry’s clothes are also very expensive, which means if their workers probably get paid A LOT. The same goes for Fair Trade. Fair Trade fashion is NOT cheap, because the workers are paid fairly.
    And if you think her going to school is just a “facade” then you clearly know nothing about her. Emma has been talking about the importance of getting an education since she was 9 years old. She loves school and she also cares a lot about the environment. I think that’s very admirable.
    You should probably watch the interview, because Emma addressed a lot of the things you mentioned.

  • Daisy

    anyone who thinks that Burberry is fair* trade or interested in being fair trade, is dense. and no one has even begun to address her fluffy responses…it’s like she didn’t understand some of the questions at all. anyway this wasn’t to get into an argument… just pointing things out.

  • nohaterz

    im really surprised that some people are dumb enough to think that shes going to school, choosing an education, dressing like shes supposed to, just to make a better image!? really now!?

  • Anne

    What fluffy responses? Watch the video please. Burberry does pay their workers well. Better than they would get anywhere else. Emma’s doing a great thing and hopefully it will grow into something larger. The video was very informative.

  • Suruchi

    Em rocks and all she does is amazing. Atleast she’s a decent role model compared to a lot others out there who have no clue how to handle fame and remain grounded!

  • kwan

    she’s look beautiful i love her fashion!!!

  • vanessa

    pretty (:

  • http://fairtradefashionchat waqas

    she is really beautiful and looking very smart in her fashion

  • Kathi

    Emma is the best!^^

  • jennifer e.


    so so so true…she really contradicts herself a lot..

  • http://blogs.abcnews.com hfghhg
  • a


    I think she’s a huge hypocrite too. Where did she say she would never wear short skirts?

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