Jessica Bendinger Pictured Taylor Swift for Seven Rays

Jessica Bendinger Pictured Taylor Swift for Seven Rays

We’ve heard about Selena Gomez possibly portraying lead character Beth Michaels in the movie version of “The Seven Rays”, but just who did author Jessica Bendinger picture as Beth?

In a new interview with IESB, Jessica spilled — Taylor Swift!

Jessica shared, “I pictured Taylor Swift, intermittedly, just ’cause she’s got such alien, exotic looks and that long blonde hair. I thought about Dakota Fanning, at one time, Saoirse Ronan and Selena Gomez. I love the idea of someone doing a successful hair or eye color change that really works. I find that fascinating. May the best woman win the part.”

Jessica also talks about ABC Family’s Make It or Break It, check out her whole interview at

HAVE YOU READ “The Seven Rays” — who do you think would make a perfect Beth?

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  • jasmine Lim

    honestly… i feel Selena really has the feel of the character… she just has to…. dye… her hair dirty blond to fit the character…. sadly..
    Taylor? yeah… her hair fits really well… acting can suit… but… kinda… sadly.. too tall?? or something… well, try picturing..

    I can’t help but say Taylor Lautner is the 100% PERFECT match if it was him and Selena for the two main leads..
    not because im a Taylena fan… you cant help but say they look cute together… ehh? XD

  • hazel

    selena’s much better. not to be rude but tay tay’s acting in valentines day sucks. but who knows/

  • lily

    Selena is much better taylor can’t even act.

  • Sarah

    They all have the fanbase to make this a huge succes but I think Selena fits the part perfectly and she amazing acting skills!

  • Amy

    Taylor’s already a Grammy-winning musician, she doesn’t need to do do C-grade movies. She can leave those for the Disney trash.

  • Bob

    Voodoo crap. If I were Taylor I would run from this post religious “welcome to the man-made God machine” voodoo garbage.

    This is “Sex and the City” for teens. Exactly what our culture has degraded to and isn’t it convenient that Bendinger is part of the “Sex in the City” crowd.

    Maybe the movie works and you and I enjoy it. Yahoo. But it is wrong for Taylor. She shouldn’t even date actors. Actors are taught to lie. It isn’t their fault. It’s their profession. Singers, Poets and writers are those who tell their soul and thus the truth. It’s their profession.

    Taylor wants to build a big cage in her new condo. hmmmm. Sounds like she knows she is a product. Well Taylor? Are you a product? Or are you an artist?

  • magick_girl786

    I’d like to see someone more unknown in the role, maybe Miriam McDonald from Degrassi because we already know she can act and she has the look down.

    About the rest of that womans interview. I don’t know what the hell she is talking about, MIOBI is NOTHING like Bring It On.

  • dude

    the book doesn’t sound too promising nor is it a bestseller (which you usually have when you elect to adapt to movie)… so i hope that none of those actresses decide to signup for a role in the movie. all can do and get better roles

  • Luminite

    Damn! I knew this was bound to happen sooner or later.
    IMO I think Selena is perfect for the role.
    But judging the books massive popularity and the number of actressess whom Jessica wants to cast for the role.
    It’s gonna be some serious tough competition.
    I admit Taylor Swift really is a great choice.
    But Selena was the best and still is the best choice to pick for Beth.

    Tough competition, but I’m still rooting for Selena.
    She’s just gotta win it.

  • Luminite

    Jessica, choose Selena. She’s the perfect choice.
    She can dye her hair if need be, but she is still the perfect, ideal choice!

  • pauli

    @Amy shut up and get out of here, jelous, much???? how pathetic you can be????

  • lily

    First off, the book should not be made into a movie. It is one of the worst books I have read. It was basically a big bunch of junk piled into one story. It was pretty irritating to read. I put it down several times and basically gave up on reading it. Selena and Taylor should run for the hills before accepting this role unless the movie will be better than the book.

  • helen

    @dude: whoa, prejudice much?

  • dude

    @helen: haha. did you like the book? i tried but i can give it another go -just let me know. probably a litte distracted by the linked interviewing w/ mentions of herself to cameron crowe. eeks. well all in hoping for success like ‘bring it on’ vs. ‘first daughter’ (???).

  • Emily

    I haven’t read the book, so I’m not really sure who would be the best. All I can say is I love both of their acting. I’d love to see Taylor do another acting role. I think those who compare her acting to the Valentine’s Day scenes she did, are missing out. She was paid to play a ditzy, annoying blonde, which she did, basically.

    If you’ve seen her episode of CSI, her acting shines. I honestly don’t think she should do the role if it won’t contribute to her career. She makes good decisions, though, so hopefully she makes the right one if in fact she is being considered.

  • mikiimol

    Delena is just perfect for the role

  • mikiimol

    Selena i mean

  • alexis.

    Taylor Swift should definitely do it! (:

  • Luminite

    I’ll still choose Selena.
    Jessica keep your hear set on Selena.
    I can think of Seven reasons why she’s just awesome for the role.
    But I’ll write it down later. I wanna see if more of you are strongly against the idea of Taylor Swift or rooting for her for the role.

  • Cat

    Look no further than Saoirse Ronan…The best young actress in the world!!!

  • Sarah02

    Saoirse Ronan. If you had to choose someone from those based on their acting talent and abilities, Saoirse Ronan trumps them all. Hello, Oscar nominee! 2 time BAFTA nominee!! You may recognize her from Atonement and The Lovely Bones, along with City of Ember. If they wanted to make this film for a teen based audience, I guess Taylor or Selena would work. The second best actress from the group is Dakota Fanning.

  • Lisa

    i gotta say selena, i like taylor personally. but omg
    selena i can picture her, playing beth. it’d be awesome,
    amazing, she is beautiful, even if she has to dye her hair
    she can pull it off. absolutely <3

>>>>>>> staging1