Kevin & Danielle Jonas: Cute Kitson Couple

Kevin & Danielle Jonas: Cute Kitson Couple

Kevin Jonas shows off his leading lady Danielle as they finish up a shopping trip in Beverly Hills on Wednesday afternoon (April 21).

The newlyweds stopped off at Kitson before heading to Intermix for a little retail therapy. How much cuter could they get?!

Kevin and Danielle made one last stop at All Saints Boutique before leaving in Kevin‘s new Camaro.

15+ pics inside of Kevin and Danielle

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Credit: EM43, MOE; Photos: SplashNewsOnline, Fame Pictures
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  • http://@belleamanda Amanda

    I literally bought that shirt danielle is wearing yesterday! its from H&M

  • Me

    They are so adorable,what a great couple,that looks like real true and 2 people who truly adore each other and love each other’s company. I wish Niley was with them doing the same.

  • marty_delight

    I wanna to be the FIRST to say how ADORABLE they look together! They re such a cute couple! I love how they smile, there’s so much chemistry between them!!!! Keep going strong :) You re so lucky to have each other! I <3 Kenielle!

  • Nazeefa

    They’re my favourite couple because they prove that true love does exist.
    And even though Kevin’s a superstar, he found love in a normal girl. Who beautiful herself.
    I hope to find love like them someday.

  • MileyCyrusbiggestfan


  • kATEE

    Aw!! THIS IS THE ONLY couple from the Jonas Brothers that I take seriously. I think Jemi is cute and all, but I’m just not seeing them together in the next year or so. But maybe, hopefully, they’ll stay together? Who am I to say, right?

    Nick is just really needy and will get with just about any girl. Then his bad side starts to affect the relationship. Then they break up. Two weeks later, a new relationship starts and history repeats itself hahah

  • Bethany

    Kevin and Danielle are 100% legit! They are so happy together and I love that Kevin doesn’t need a celeb woman to be content with who he is, not to mention Danielle is so beautiful. They are the best :)

  • lovebug

    LOL Bethany. They’re legit? And of course Danielle is content – she has Kevin’s money to spend. All they do is shop The only thing that is legit is how much Danielle enjoys Kevin’s money. This is really getting pathetic. And sad.

  • Brittnee

    Thats Rude,I think kevin And Danielle are cute couple.And,Kevin is blessed to have her as a person in his life.I think that they are good for each other day by day.But, Danielle is not using him for money i think she just wants to be with him.Iam still looking for a guy like Kevin Jonas just a kind guy and a christian guy like Danielle’s Husband.You Rock you Both .And,Danielle is blessed to have kevin in his life.

  • lucia

    Danielle loves Kevin before he was even famous, that is real love!
    I love them together, they are so cute and they also transmit me so much love!

  • ashlee

    They are cute…. I miss Nick and Miley together :(

  • so pretty

    cute… she isn’t pretty.. i didn’t know he liked average looking girls

  • Luis F. Gomez

    You can see the love between those two! Thats the most amazing thing about being married… to know that you are with the one that loves you and you love! God bless them…

  • jay

    He really married down. She is unattractive.

  • fjhjgs


  • Yvete

    He did not marry down. Maybe if it was Joe and her, then yeah, but not Kevin. Theyre perfect together and adorable. However i still find the married life boring and usless. :) unless you are 50

  • Tiffany

    jealous much? she married him cuz she loves him not for his money, i think their great for each other and u dont even know her, so u cant judge her. if u dont like them as a couple than too dam bad

  • ashytisdalefan

    yeah they’ve been together forever before Kevin got all that money so no she loves him for HIM not his money. Anyway they are adorable, and they are one of the cutest celebrity couples because they are so real and legit.

  • whatgoesaround

    Wow, looks like the PR team told Dani she needs to smile more. These two sure shop a lot! ;) I’ve also noticed a distinct lack of man-heels on Kevin since getting married, lol. Dani must have gone through his shoes and chucked them all!


    TRUE love.

  • Bethany

    Some of you only care about Joe and Nick, thats obvious. If you cant say something nice about Kevin, maybe you shouldn’t even click in his posts,

  • Ella

    Kev & Dani are really one of the most adorable couple ever!!! I mean, they’re always sweet wherever they go!!! And that’s one of the most important factors for being husband & wife.. ^^

  • Getlin

    They are adorable!
    But Kevin has my favorite car! What is it with Jonas boys and them getting my favorite cars? Nick has a Mustang and Kevin now has a Camaro – two of my favorite Fords. Sad….
    But they are super adorable! They are the cutest couple ever!

  • Kevinhater

    Yes, I am. Not the person, but just the name. But really, people saying Kevin Jonas married down should just stop. This guy sold his soul to someone. He’s unattractive, boring, and talentless and would be selling cars right now if his other two brothers didn’t have the talent to carry him. But I do think his marriage is great, they both look like they really belong together and am very happy for both of them. I just don’t understand why this guy is even considered a celebrity. Sorry.

  • michelle

    @whatgoesaround: shut the hell up

  • michelle

    its great that some of you are saying nice things about kev and dani but a few of you bastards are saying loads of bullshit you can prove. stop comparing nick which is just 17 years of age to other people relationships. and joes 20 he can do whatever the hell he wants.

  • anonymous

    She’s gorgeous. I think we all know why they are both smiling ;) , they are in love. :D

  • peacechick123


    Wow! U are so jealous of their happiness! U obviously want 2 be in Danielle’s shoes, she has a great succesful guy who loves her and she loves him back! Anybody can date the wealthiest person in the world and be in love with the person not their money. And I gotta say money makes the world go round but so does love.

  • carissa

    soo omg do you see kevins under arm sweat?? Dani and him look good and all but thats pretty embarassing to have pitt stains while paparazzi is following you and taking pictures (: lol but i still love you KEVIN!!!

>>>>>>> staging1