Nick Jonas & Nicole Anderson: Holding Hands on Set!

Nick Jonas & Nicole Anderson: Holding Hands on Set!

While Joe Jonas gets dramatic on set, brother Nick was seen stealing a moment with on-screen love interest Nicole Anderson on the set of JONAS on Wednesday afternoon (April 21) in Long Beach, Calif.

JJJ can confirm that Nick and Nicole have a little romance in the new season of JONAS and that Nick (the character) has written a song for Macy (Nicole). We can’t wait to see the on-screen relationship develop.

Earlier last week, the trio and Demi Lovato headed out to dinner at Farfalla Restaurant.

15+ pics inside of Nick and Nicole holding hands…

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Credit: Hector Vasquez; Photos: PacificCoastNewsOnline
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  • Jemijova

    hahaha oh Joe<3

  • florencia

    nicholas & nicole — sound like a joke

  • Skye

    WTF!? Was the supposed hand holding for the show or not ?! Come on tell us dammit?! This story and these pics tell nothing new was he reaching for het hand for filming or not?!

  • lalalla

    awhh ive never really seen nick with an on screen partner <3 Nick = nicole and nick :D

  • Nazeefa

    Oh my gosh.
    I am so excited for JONAS season two.
    The boys look like they’re working so hard. And I’m definitely looking forward to this “Nick” & “Macy” story line. I LOVE macy!!
    And What’s joe doing? Pretty dramatic stuff there. Haha. But he’s adorable.

  • Steph

    This is a joke. Im saying it will last a month if not less!

  • mbart

    what are you seeing here? I see so much hesitation and confusion

  • nessa

    THEIR NOT DATING. just saying.

  • Niley 4 ever

    Nick Jonas and Nicole Anderson? don’t like Niley 4 ever

  • http://@caturu caturu

    They are so adorable!!

  • Luis F. Gomez

    @florencia: hahaha thats funny…

    And by the way, thats not a hand holding! Nick is taking her hand wrist! hahaha anyways… this new Season of JONAS is gonna be really awesome!!

  • Amanda

    Gosh Joe!!! Your insanely adorable!! Why do you have to be soooooooooo sweeeet?

  • j

    ehh.. i give hmm about 1 month there is going to be some rumor that they are going out

  • Bethany

    I’m really starting to think Kevin wont be in all the Jonas shows. There hasn’t been a lot of pics of him on the set

  • chris

    Nick and Nicole look so cute. But I don’t think this “hand holding” if you could even call it that was romantic. Season two is going to be really good!

    j, you must not be in the loop. That rumors been going around for about two weeks. Just friends in my opinion.

  • poppy

    You can tell it’s part of filming. There’s this board thing infront of them…when there holding hands….that’s used for when they film :)
    Anywayss I want MORE Kevin in season two. You barley see him in the pictures :( Season two is gonna be awesome though!

  • ashytisdalefan

    awww cute! I didnt think they would be on screen. In fact maybe its not, who knows? But Joe is adorable ;)

  • michael

    cuz life isn’t complete without a boyfriend/girlfriend, right? way to rolemodel people. geez,…

  • jessica

    honestly nicole can do much better then nick. but really you gotta admit they look so darn cute together. way cuter then jemi. thats for sure.

  • bobo

    @Skye: it says ‘ON SCREEN LOVE INTEREST’ so yeah but I love Nicole Anderson. she’s more beautiful than Chelsea Staub. her new hair color is simply amazing! BUT PLEASE don’t date Nick if you’ve got some dignity. you don’t want to be another disney actress dating Nick

  • Nikki

    God , are you guys that dumb ?
    Seriously , learn how to read !
    It says right on the aritcle : FOR THE SHOW !!!!!!!!!!
    Jeez, read the article before saying anything.

  • skye

    @bobo: oh,yeah that’s true,haha

  • Cassie

    They were filming at cabrillo beach today. We went to the aquarium there for a class field trip and right before we all got on the bus, some people saw nick playing catch with one of the crew and all the girls were like “OMG its Nick Jonas!!!!!!!” then like 20 of our classmates started running toward him and he ran to his trailer! No joke. It was so funny. They were like “wait! come back!! I wanna make babies with u!!!!” and i was just like wow. But that boy must’ve been scared cuz he ran pretty damn fast to that trailer…..
    Then all my classmates started waving to the crew and Big Rob threw a peace sign at us. Ya they were filming right by the beach. Best field trip of my life. haha


    cant wait for the next season of jonas.


  • chez

    awww i love the idea of nick (in jonas) dating Macy :) i think that is going to be awesome but i dont think they are dating in real life :)

    Joe looks so gawjuzz xD

  • jonaslove

    HAHHAHAHAHAHA!! I can totally imagine that :)
    1) Nick has one hell of a body, and I was a Niley fan,Nelena fan and now I’m a Nickole one, but I just hope he’s happy whether he’s dating her or not
    2) And that forth picture, the one where Joe is casualy walking looking down, is HOTTNESSS!! Seriously being that gorgeous should be a sin!!

  • Ella

    Joe is also having his solo moment there!! lol. He’s sooo freaking cute!!!
    And about Nick & Nicole, I think they would really make a good couple. (Age doesn’t matter..)
    Nicole is a Filipina like me so….go Nicole!!!!!!! ^^

  • Lynn

    I don’t give a flying carpo about nick, but OMG JOE!!! WOW!!!!

  • DANIELLE here=) yeah that’s me

    what is it joe y did u get so dramatic?/ did demi left? you lol hahaha!!! i<3 nick(nicole and nick) thank god nick almost found a girl!!! jemi/nick/kenielle neminielle(nicole/demi/danielle) jonasbros! 4eva!

  • mikiimol

    WTF?? i hate that couple! (on screen is all right) but doing that to selena?? no way!! i love her and she’s just… to hurt….. i loved Nick and he just disappointed me

  • http://Jemi_trisha JEMI_trisha

    Joe Looks just too cute!!!
    Kinda dramatic but still cute
    just cant wait for jonas season 2!!!!!!

  • Ilovejoe1589

    hahah joseph! I gotta love himmmmmmmmmm! Nick and Nicole. hahahahha!

  • gabi

    Joe is insanely gorgeous! should be a crime be THAT perfect

  • Rebecca


  • kATEE

    looks-wise she could do way better than nick. but intelligence-wise he could do way better.

    nick the shark. the con artist. con musician? playa playaa. hahahh all i’m saying is… he’s so needy, it’s painful to watch.

    joe is such a cutie!

  • kym

    hahahahahahaha u cudnt hav sed it better :)
    y does he date girls her works with
    y doesnt he just come date me, ill never hurt him lmaoo

  • What?
  • What?

    do any of you even know zacktaylor?

  • Rome

    Do I spot highlights on Nicole? LOL

  • Penguin1234

    They look great together!

  • ashlee

    I don’t like Nick and Nicole together

    I like Jemi

  • rania

    Joe is so cute

  • sam

    They were holding hands for the episode

  • http://justjaredjr. chloecat

    We don’t know these people. We don’t know Nick, Selena, Miley, Nicole, etc. How can people say that someone can do better than being with Nick Jonas?! He’s talented, seems sincere in his beliefs, and witty. We don’t know whether Nick broke up with Selena or she broke up with him. Same with Miley and Nick. Nick doesn’t go running to the press everytime there is a break-up unlike the girls in these situations. I wish Nick could find a nice girl who isn’t in show business like Kevin did with Danielle. He needs someone who won’t be trying to get publicity for every little thing.

  • carter

    @chloecat: Way to contradict yourself there. But nice try hahah

  • anonymous

    Haha, I’m interested in seeing this episode, Joe’s face is priceless.

  • JEN

    I agree Chloecat!!!! We really don’t know who broke up with who and besides it has been almost 2 months. It was actually said to be mutual. Nick does not talk about his romances or break ups. People shouldn’t judge we don’t live their lives. I just hope happiness for all them. They all seem very nice and very good people.
    I am really looking forward to this 2nd season. Nick and Joe look great and Nicole looks beautiful.

  • http://@sami samanta

    eu acho nicole uma pessoa sem graça.E o joe nessa sena dramatica está ilario

  • haley

    yuck they look like brother and sister

  • http://jprettybutterfly Francesca Jana Santiago