Demi Lovato & We The Kings: We'll Be A Dream Video!

Demi Lovato & We The Kings: We'll Be A Dream Video!

Demi Lovato walks effortlessly through a gigantic pillow fight in her new video with We The Kings, “We’ll Be A Dream.”

According to MTV, the song is about young love and two people sharing their dreams of making it big someday, depicted in the video as a dreamy escape into a world of pillow, water balloon and food fights.

Check out some stills from the vid, watch it and rate it below in the comments!

We The Kings feat. Demi Lovato – “We’ll Be A Dream”
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  • maggie

    I’ve been waiting for this video a while now.. finally it’s out!!! I LOVE DEMI<3 she looks amazing.


    luv u demi the vid rocksssssss!!!!!!!

  • SSR

    Demi’s voice is like an angel! She sings soooo well!

  • http://thesameme mikaela

    I really like this video :)

  • bella

    hermosa canción ,demi siempre es sorprendente ,I love este video ,si que fue genial la espera ,
    super me encanta demi saludos siempre desde latinoamerica

  • Liz.

    So, Demi is kind of perfect.<3

    And you had to be 18 to be in this video, some of these kids look younger then that, not fair. lol.

  • JAmes Worley

    I love love love this song!

  • itsmeagain

    AHH DEMI! If u were not with the Disney Channel, U’d be the true TEEN QUEEN. And ever BETTER Than that BIEBER KID. U really need to ditch Disney and start getting the recognition your talent really deserves. Disney is for media core singers with an AVERAGE voice, UR VOICE is SO FAR 4rm Average girlie!

  • sasha..

    cool video… that wass interesting :).. !!!!!!!!!! And she sing so good :D
    DEMI IS ROCK !!!!!!………………….. :)

  • musicgirl

    this song is soo awsome! I love it! and demi’s voice.. wow:)

  • Robyn

    Its here & i cant watch it cause i live in the UK. Nice one :(

    Still, y’all should check out my drawing of Demi .. Let me know what you think ? Thanks


  • Anna

    kay demi looks pretty in the video and all, but they sound TERRIBLE together.
    but i love we the kings<3

  • lexie

    i don’t think they’re voices mix well together.
    i like the song, it’s really good…
    but travis’ voice is like soft while demi’s voice is very powerful so, they dont really go well together.
    my opinion.
    the music video is nice though. (:

  • jessica

    it sucks. why did we the kings even had to collaborate with demi in the first place?

  • cami

    @jessica: uummm..maybe becuase demi is an AMAZING singer?

  • lorettagallo

    I like it ! andi love Demi sssoooooo much! :)

  • THeia

    Wow, amazing just PURE PERFECTION.
    FYI : Thank you for the message about bullying.

  • Ella

    One of the most beautiful songs ever!!!

  • bowwow4ever

    wow this really sux….

  • Sketch

    A bit like your typing eh? If maybe you stopped typing with your fist it would make you look less retarded. Anyway, this video is AMAZING. Like someone said earlier. I do really think Demi should leave Disney. They are holding her back. Shes a true artist that needs more recognition. I mean, she’s way more talented than that Beever kid. Yet he seems to be only getting more famous and gathering more fans which is so unfair. Demi is an amazing singer, and seriously needs to leave the disney scene soon.

  • Andrea

    listen to the song right now while i´m writing this comment !! I LOVE IT, deim´s gorgeous and so talented


    Simple but cool
    The song is AWESOME

  • tee

    This song is amazing, I been hearing it for hours, Demi way far better than I ever thought, she actually rocks this one!

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