Vanessa Hudgens & Ashley Greene: Pretty in Nylon Pink!

Vanessa Hudgens & Ashley Greene: Pretty in Nylon Pink!

Check out this new outtake from the May 2010 issue of Nylon mag featuring Vanessa Hudgens, Ashley Greene and Portia Doubleday!

Pretty in pink tones, the girls opened up about a job vs. school, the new Young Hollywood and working with some of their idols. Check it:

Ashley Greene, on the new Young Hollywood: “We’re not all crazy! … I feel like that whole generation, that’s dying down now, thinks they’re higher than God and can do whatever they want. [Young Hollywood] now are people who really love the business.”

Vanessa Hudgens, on shopping with Mary Kate Olsen: “I love her! I used to be in her fan club!… When we were in Montreal, we’d go shopping and she’d take me to vintage stores and I would literally just follow her around being like, ‘Help me! What do you look for? Please tell me. Give me your shirts. What’s your shirt secret?’”

Portia Doubleday, on life after Youth in Revolt: “I would still rather do well in class than book a job. That’s the honest truth.”

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Credit: Marvin Scott Jarrett; Photos: Nylon Mag
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  • Robyn
  • patry91


  • http://j chelsea

    vanessa looks great:) and i imagine shopping with marykate is so much fun

  • vfan

    Vanessa looks amazing!
    Love all her outfits. :)

  • jessica

    whoa ashley greene looks soo gorgeous. definitly the best looking one from the three of them.

  • Anna

    ashley looks the best in this shoot, imo. lmfao sorry vanessaaaaa (: she still looks gorgeous! but i really like ashley’s look here.

  • peggy

    Asley look very niceand I like her a lot but neither she or Portia have the style or presence of Vanessa JMO

  • SSR

    cute :)

  • amy

    Vanessa & Portia look great! Vanessas stunning (:

  • Jess

    Ashley is so effing unbelievably gorgeous!!

  • zena

    I really liked what they had to say. Despite their mistakes, sounds like these girls (finally) have their priorities figured out and just might be more motivated to make smarter decisions than their peers from here on out.

  • jo

    lol i was also a MK and Ashley fan club. so long ago

  • yaay

    I honestly love vanessa and ashley they are so gorgeous and very talented!!!!

  • Danielle

    Vanessa is the most beautiful… she is a natural

  • Carol

    Vanessa is beautiful

  • Katty

    I like Ashley, but she had the same look and pose in every shot. Vanessa changes it up a bit, which if far from boring. She is also not the plain one of the three. Portia looks confused in most of the shots, Ashley doesn’t change, and V looks great. (I am not saying that Portia and Ashley don’t) I just think V makes you take a double take when you look at her out of the three. I can’t wait for her movies, and deal news, and this magazine! I am so buying it if I can!

  • yaay

    Oh and i was in the mk and a fan club i was actually watchin two of a kind ova the weekend <3

  • nina

    Ashley looks the best! she is the most beautiful!

  • amanda

    vanessa always stands out ..
    and it certainly the best among the three.
    first and second for the smile of beauty
    not the other it carries me they were just as adjuncts near V.

  • kirreii

    Vanessa and Ashley look gorgeous :)
    The other girl looks kinda confused in some of the pics though, lol.

  • BabiiVFanForeva


    Loveee Vanessa and Ashley :)

  • mike

    three hot girls specially Vanessa

  • Vanessa lover

    Vanessa looks sexy and beautiful!

  • vanfan

    Vanessa looks good, but she looks more avarage now then befor. Like i never seen a bad shoot of her, but in this phootoshoot, u can find some of them. – Iam not meaning it a bad way, it just something that hit me – do u get i mean? – she looks older to

  • kate1

    Not really liking the outfits but Vanessa always looks stunning in my opinion

  • lol

    Vanessa is always so beautiful. Can only wish amazing things for her

  • Diamond

    Vanessa looks great she looks i love her outfits they are so creative and so what it’s a photoshoot there meant to look diffrent not the same look everytime @Vfan get over it!!!

  • Karen


    No, I really don’t know what you are going for here—or in the conversation you seem to be having with yourself in the newest Vanessa thread here on JJJ.

    Frankly, sounds to me like you are like a lot of younger fans who lose interest in someone and is ready to move on to some other actress/actor. So, do so without trying to find some nit-picky thing about Vanessa. No, she does not look like a little girl or teen anymore. She is a 21 year old maturing WOMAN. She is beautiful and sexy—or maybe I should say sexual which may be why you feel uncomfortable about how you feel about her now. She is no longer the “teen queen” image. I just don’t think you feel comfortable with her blossoming WOMANHOOD. She is definitely moving out of the teen scene. I am very happy about that.

  • jessica

    damn i cant get over how gorgeous and stunning ashley greene looks in this photoshoot. damn. i mean the other two look good but ashley looks better.

  • mykamicks

    Sorry I may sound bias but VANESSA stands out for me. considering the other two are also pretty.

    At first glance, I can say Vanessa has x factor appeal in that different posed.. I love that cute skirt of hers.

    Agree also w/ Karen. Vanfan you maybe in sour graping. Or I may say ita your way of diverting tactics then acts innocently while criticing Vanessa. Why not instead praise Ashley or Portia than focusing your attention to her.

  • jazmin

    Vanessa is stunning, beautiful and just simply beautiful. Can’t wait for the magazine to come out.

    Thanks for posting.

  • jazmin

    oh sorry…I really think all girls are pretty and love the cover shoot.

  • Katty


    I agree.

  • sally

    Vanessa is drop dead gorgeous. She looks the absolute best in my pov

  • Tata


  • jake

    ashley greene is ugly…she looks like a rat.

  • rocks

    Vanessa ROCKS in this
    she’s so stunning love the first and the last
    incredibly sexy

  • honey


  • lily

    Ashley looks hot!

  • http://jjj marcy


  • http://jjj telma

    Vanessa of course

  • Paulo henrique

    Vanessa is the most beautiful EVEEEEEEER! *-*

  • daniel
  • Diamond

    Check this out 120 pics from nylon magazine this one is from Vanessa but you can go back and look at 1-100 enjoy these are from a Vanessa fansite!

  • Sapphire

    When does this come out for sale?

  • filipino1vanessahfan

    Vanessa is so beautiful! I Love her so much!

  • zanessa’s biggest fan #1

    woah…i just love vanessa, she is so beautiful!

  • http://justjaredjr Isabella (from Italy)

    Love her ♥

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