Vanessa Hudgens Picks Up The Studio Step

Vanessa Hudgens Picks Up The Studio Step

Vanessa Hudgens bundles up in a grey jumpsuit as she stops by a studio in Hollywood to pick up a script for a possible new role on Thursday afternoon (April 22).

The 21-year-old actress, who was spotted out with boyfriend Zac Efron last night, recently opened up to Nylon mag about her upcoming action flick, Sucker Punch.

Vanessa shared, “At one point, we all play hookers. And there are burlesque shows! I do a belly dance in the most amazing belly-dance costume you have ever seen in your life… Watch me in Sucker Punch, and you’ll be afraid of me.”

ARE YOU EXCITED to see Vanessa belly-dance?

15+ pics inside of Vanessa Hudgens

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  • so pretty

    omg vanessaaa

  • fifi

    I just LOVE her!! *-*

  • Jez

    Ahhh! “possible new role” :’D

  • banbien


  • broeranita

    vanessa looks like a spy……. LOL

  • Samantha

    sucker punch will be awesome, I bet.

  • so pretty

    its probably for Rent

  • Katty

    That doesn’t look like a thick script… then again, I don’t know how long scrips are supposed to be… haha.

    I think V is running to get away from the paps.

    She looks great, not many girls could run out in a sweat suit and look that beautiful. Go V! Can’t wait for more news!

  • so pretty

    @Katty: her hair and make up is fixed…any girl can look good..u make v seem likea god shes normal looking.

  • jasmin

    That’s nice! I’ll be looking forward to seeing sucker punch.
    Love Vanessa!

  • Carol

    I’m totally excited for Sucker Punch!!
    Can’t wait

    And please be something for another project!

  • vfan

    Woah…Vanessa seems excited about the script.
    I really wanna know what its for…if its for new project. :)

  • mike

    wonder that shes running from the paparazzi of going somewhere ? maybe just from the paparazzi probably !

  • vanfan

    she looks nice, but older.

    She looks older, and normal- though pretty normal, if u understand what i mean

  • mike

    rely wait to see beastly !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • amanda

    V and always beautiful in any situation,
    hopefully this is another amazing project :D

  • so pretty

    @vanfan: yes i get you.she looks pretty but in an average way.

  • London Lemming

    It probably isn’t a full script. Traditionally an artist will get sent a teaser. Usually about 10 pages the first few being a runthrough of the whole plot. then if it peaks their interest they get sent the whole thing.

  • A Fan

    Omg, a new script! Hope V get the part.

  • joceelyyn


    vanessa you deserve this & so much more :D

  • vanfan

    @so pretty: Yea, also from the Nylon photo shoot. Its like she has some bad ( not really bad) picture, if u compare to befor. She never did, she is looking pretty – but yea avarage

    Read more:

  • vanfan

    The link, dont knw why it came on my messag

  • Vanessa lover

    She looks pretty in a very casual look. Maybe she has part in a episode on tv; never know. Love her!

  • tee

    She would already have the script for Rent by now,so this is probably for something new. The first mock up of a screen play might even be less thick.

  • suzy


  • http://j chelsea

    maybe a script for rent.. she looks good:)

  • so pretty

    @vanfan: maybe before she would wear more make up or fix herself more and maybe now she isnt looking as pretty cuz she doesnt fix her self as much.

  • carly

    aw so cute!

  • vanfan

    @so pretty:
    I dont think thats it. Maybe its a girly-charm that is going away. She always use to look cute whatever she did. But the cuteness isnt there that much. Becuse it cant be make-up, its a photo shoot, they must apply a lot of makeup on her

  • kate1

    I wish i could look that good in a pair of sweats. Vanessa you rock in anything.

    Hopefully a new script but could be info on Rent. who knows. Only time will tell.

  • so pretty

    @vanfan: since she is growing up… well overall vanessa has always been pretty like alot of girls are but now she just blends in an its cuz shes growing up.

  • Kelly

    I guess supermodels are reading Just Jared. Wish I looked that “average”.

  • Blah

    she looks so cute in her sweats. Love that’s she’s so busy

  • candy

    she runnin cuz her bottoms dont match the jacket! she look cute though

  • so pretty

    @Kelly: u know fora fact theres alot of girls that are prettier than vanessa. and they arent famous thatsy u dont see them as pretty

  • Kelly

    @so pretty: No I don’t know that for a fact. In my opinion Vanessa is in no way average. Looks or otherwise. She’s beatutiful. And no, someone doesn’t have to be famous to be pretty.

  • so pretty

    @Kelly: alot of girls are as pretty as vanessa i have seen in the street girls wit dark hair and wit her characteristics.

  • kirreii

    @so pretty:

    No one claimed that she’s the prettiest girl in the world or other girls out there aren’t as pretty. People have their own opinions and you should respect them being different than yours. You might think that she looks average, but other people might not. I’m not against you having your opinion, but don’t go classifying other people as to what they think about the situation. :)

  • Kelly

    I have been face to face with Vanessa and she is stunning. That’s my opinion. You have your opinion. Let’s leave it at that.

  • Anne

    always lovely!!!!!

  • ZANE

    wow! sounds exciting to watch!

  • so pretty

    @Kelly: true. everyone has different opinions. she is pretty that is also cuz shes made up and she has her teeth cleaned sand facials just like other acctresses and that helps a person alot so dont get fooled because even u can look stunning with the right outfits

  • cosmos

    How cute is she?! Love her to pieces. And I LOVE LOVE that shirt. Also, the pages she is holding could be a scene that she could be auditioning for. I don’t believe it’s for RENT as she should have that script by now since she’s been cast. I believe this is something new. Which I hope it is but either way she looks amazing as usual.

  • lalaland



    HAH! this girl.. lol
    its more like ” watch me in sucker punch, and you’ll sleep”
    this movie looks BORING, typical and stupid lol
    it doesnt make sense hookers with guns? wth do they fight to get the guy to f*ck them like hahahahah this looks so stupid seriously X:

  • nathalia

    vanessa beautiful as always
    she is always well

  • Anna

    i love her hair here. it looks so freaking pretty.

  • Katty

    @so pretty:

    leave everyone alone. yes she may get more done than the average person but she would still be beautiful. we have all seen her with no make up on and she is still stunning. you may not think so but like everyone else said that is your opinion. you have voiced it it many times now, let it go.

    and thank you london lemming.

    i am sorry for the errors i am on my ipod.

  • peggy

    That paper is to small to be a script. Maybe it’s an outline ???

  • mykamicks

    There is somebody’s opinion again that make her own self confusing.

    For me VANESSA is beautiful. I agee with Kelly’s opinion (#34) . For me she is way more than average. Vanessa has been and is usually being recognized in some of the magazines like Glamour & In Style. That is because of her unique beauty, sexiness & a real damn fashionista. She even more exudes when she is at her simplest get up.

    By the way, would it that be another script? Well, id be most excited for her again. I love to see her making herself busy doing another movie again. Jealous people keep on tracking, attacking her thread, get lost! .