Zac Efron & Vanessa Hudgens: L.A. Family Housing Gala

Zac Efron & Vanessa Hudgens: L.A. Family Housing Gala

Vanessa Hudgens cuddles into boyfriend Zac Efron‘s side as they attend the L.A. Family Housing 2010 Gala held at Avalon Hollywood on Wednesday evening (April 21).

Dressed in a cute little red number, the 21-year-old actress was spotted sipping on a glass of red wine while Zac, 22, opted for a glass of water.

Honorees of the evening included Warner Bros. Pictures’ Blair Rich, Executive Vice President of Worldwide Marketing. Jeff Robinov is also pictured.

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Credit: Eric Charbonneau; Photos: WireImage
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  • jo

    such a good looking couple. Vanessa is smoking hot

  • Lu


  • mzindochick

    woaahh, my first time looking at Zac wearing a Grey Jacket. ;)
    nicce look. I LOVE THE RED on Vanessa.

    aww, Zac have a glass of water.

  • Jez

    Is it just me or has anyone else noticed how Zac NEVER looks at the camera? lol. Vanessa looks gorgeous :)

  • Joanne Marie

    Awwww! They Look sooo Good Together!!! Zac looks sooo Hot!! and I love the dress Vanessa!

  • filipino1vanessahfan

    aww vanessa is just so beautiful and gorgeous! and zac is hot! mwahahahahha! <3 ZANESSA!!!! <3

  • amy

    Gorgeous couple (: love them both!

  • mzindochick


    lmfao. trueee. he seems to looks upwards. i guess, the cameras might be quite uncomfortable for he’s eyes. i hate camera flashes. haha

  • jeje

    @Jez i noticed that too..i wonder why he never looks at the camera?

  • xara

    they’re really THE BEST COUPLE EVER!!!

  • xara

    forever inlove with zanessa!!! i love them to death!!!

  • rocks

    vanessa looks stunning,zac looks hot
    love this couple soo much
    zanessa the best

  • rachel

    best young hollywood couple no doubt bout it!! so cute <3

  • BabiiVFanForeva

    They’re really such an adorable couple, I love their love, I love them and they look amazing! Vanessa looks so gorgeous and red is a lovely colour on her :D

  • honey

    AAAAwwwwwwwww look at them, how cutie :)

  • abc

    lmao, in that one pic with only vanessa and zac, zac looks like hes cringing, or something like that.

  • duuumm

    haha zac. yeah, water rules all!

    and what exactly is the LA houseing gala?

  • zanessa/scashley/ashnessa

    Lol, aw.. they do look cuddly, I love it and them !! Vanessa always looks amazing in red and Zachary is just plain handsome.. Outstanding couple. :D

  • Boji

    Nothing like H20 to keep you hydrated and a little red wine a day keeps the doctors at bay. Finally, I get to see Vanessa in RED. Been waiting for D day. Zac looking sleek and dapper in his suit.

  • suzy

    she looks cute.

  • VhuddyRiSH

    ` he had a glass of water b’coz he’ll be driving Nessa home .. he wants his girl to be safe. haha x)) will red wine even make him drunk?? is that that strong?? :)) i dunno, all i know is THEY”RE THE BEST EVER!!!!!! SEXIEST COUPLE!!!! <333

  • Fairycake

    Looking fab! The front zip dresses are getting quite fashionable.

  • mykamicks

    Lovely couple as usual. Vanessa seldom wears red. However, Red still compliment her complexion.

    Same with Zac, I seldom seen him wearing gray color. Red & Gray, nice mix & match again.

  • Joochi

    Is it just me or the camera is playing tricks but I noticed that @ the music festival that they went on last weekend, Zac had alot of smiles for everyone else but Vanessa. In this set of pics, he’s not really smiling with Vanessa but with the group pic and next to the other woman, he’s smiling, what’s with him. I know he wants to remain private but he could still be himself or is he just getting tired of the 5 years already. Don’t get mad @ me it’s just my honest opinion and observation. They are a great looking couple though.

  • amelia25

    Beautiful couple!

  • Sizuka

    @Joochi #23 : I think so…. but I hope they’re alright..
    …… Vanessa, I wish you nothing but the best in all things…
    love you so much…..


    Astute observations. But to keep this topic neutral, and save people on here jumping on you for expressing an opinion which most people on here are bound to oppose. I would say Zac has never been paticularly camera happy. He realises it is part of his job therefore he poses and does what is required of him. What you have to bear in mind, as I regularly say when people go Zanessa crazy and start analysing the pics to within an inch of their lives. The photos represent a milisecond in their lives. It is not an accuarate portrayal of what goes on in their life. For all anyone knows they could be all smiles and posing together for the camera then as soon as the cameras away they could be screaming at each other. Or making out. My point is pics really tell you nothing. They are both actors and know how to play for the camera and press when they need to. Zac was obviously not in the mood to give the press what they wanted in some shots. Where as Vanessa is often quite happy to give the cameras what they want. Its just a matter of preference and how they handle the industry it means nothing.



  • Katty

    I pix from Coachella were the same pose over and over again with the same expressions. From the look on Vanessa’s face, she knew the paps were there, and wasn’t too happy about it. From the looks on Zac, he knew, but he didn’t want to acknowledge and tried to ignore it. The pix we got were over a series of about five minutes of the whole day they spent there, and that five minutes they knew paps were there. Would you be happy too?

    Could everyone just stop assuming the worst about Zac and Vanessa? If they weren’t happy, we wouldn’t see them out all the time (kinda), like when they were at Malibu last week, or in Austrailia together, or even with Zac when to Vancouver to be with V. Happy couple don’t spend everyday together, not that Zac and Vanessa do, but obviously they’re doin’ alright. Let them be.

  • Katty

    I love the dress, by the way. It fits her perfectly and looks amazing on her. Zac doesn’t look to bad himself. I hope they had fun.

  • skyhigh95

    All I know is that zac doesn’t like cameras…It’s pretty obvious…
    Anyways, love Vanessa’s dress and Zac’s grey suit. Finally, a zanessa pic! Lol!
    Me and my friend had been talking about zanessa a few days ago and she said how strong there relationship is. They’ve been like 5 years already! I’m so happy for them!

  • maria

    @Joochi: You’re just reading too much into a few pap pictures. That’s all. The Coachella pics were over the period of a few seconds. Vanessa isn’t smiling either. They knew the cameras finally caught them on the 3rd day. You must not of noticed the pics of him behind her, gazing down at her back. Hmmm. Then these pics….there’s really only two here. One with the other two people, and the one of them together. Two split seconds. If you look back at even the Oscar Vanity Fair pics, both don’t always smile at the same time. Personally, I think it’s Zac trying to look more mature.

    Now, instead, you should also throw in the twitters. Marc Malkin said they were there, looking very cozy in their seats. And hon, if there was “trouble”, they would not be there together. THen all the twitters from Coachella….they were spotted TOGETHER ALL weekend, having fun. So, people need to stop jumping to SILLY conclusions with the snap of a picture.

    I think they look GORGEOUS!! Vanessa in red? Yummy. And Zac looks particularly good in that suit. Beautiful couple, great cause.

  • athenais

    They’re amazing … I love Vanessa’s dress

  • nathalia

    Now I’m in Hollywood. L.A. Family Housing Awards. Mario Lopez hosting. Zac Efron & Vanessa Hudgens very cozy at their seats. @marcmalkin

    zac and vanessa adorable
    beautiful couple
    vanessa zac could not have nearest

  • lauren

    i like her dress because red is my favorite color. ha

  • curiosity

    Very hot couple. V is just stunning, gorgeous and that dress is just to die for.

  • babyg

    such a super cute couple. aww!

  • http://www.twitter/mikeh266 mike

    they are a cute couple !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • pop86

    They look great.

  • nikoo

    zac is goood but vanessa could do A LOT BETTER !!!!!!!!

  • gaby

    vanessa looks amazing in red. well, she looks amazing in general. Zac as well.

  • @….

    @Maria:Good Job

  • Mona

    Hmmm, I suppose it was too much to ask to have just one blog w/out someone questioning whether Zac & V were really still together, he never looks at the camera, blah blah. The Coachella pics showed them seated so close together she was almost in his lap. And remember the photos from V’s 21st bday, when they were leaving her house, he never looked up at the camera, looked down all the time without smiling, but once they were in the car and thinking he was safe, he lovingly and romantically kissed her hand! I think his love for V is very deep, and he doesn’t necessarily want it to be on show all the time.

  • Kristin M.

    The women in the picture that’s wearing that black and silver dress with the blue stripe in the middle is the same dress Emma Watson wore in 2009 at some fashion gala. Who wore it better? I say Emma.

  • http://jjj marcy

    cute couple
    i love Vanessa

  • http://google BARBARA

    I love Vanessa’s dress, i love her in red, she and Zac look stunning together. I saw more of pictures of Zac and Vanessa this last weekend, and Zac was sitting behind Vanessa, with a little smile on his face and you could tell he had mmm on his face, and Vanessa and Zac knew the paps were there, they finally found them on the third day, i read they both were haveing a good time, besides, there good friend Britany, said something funny, and so he laugh, Zac is a private person and they made just a big deal about the Vanity Fair pictures, the way they look at each other, so he’s being a little more reserve. @ I

  • http://deleted sherley

    Hey Karen n other pplplzzzzzzzzzzz reply is this really true that Vanessa is carrying a pack of Marlboros cigarettes in her lap in this pic

    i don’t want to start any debate its just that i want to clear things with my frnd who thinks shesmokes after seeing this although it doesn’t seem yo me that it is a pack of Marlboros cigarettes in her lap …..actually she is taunting me coz i m V’s fan n she is not so i wanted to clear things with u guys…coz she is just irritating me a lot….plzzz reply….i wanna know if it appear to u guys too that they r a pack of Marlboros cigarettes in her lap .

  • Milo
  • http://google BARBARA

    @ I read want Marc Malkin said Zac and Vanessa were very cozy in there seats. and other people at the event said, they were very happy couple. @ Joochi, other people quite reading into pictures, look at Vanessa she looks very happy, do you think she would be happy if there was something wrong. Vanessa, has a very expresive face, she always shows want she feeling.

  • Unbelieveable

    Some people just aren’t going to be happy unless they see these two slobbering all over each other in public are they? otherwise something must be wrong, right? Just appreciate these two for what they are and not what you wish they would be.