Brenda Song is Katsuya Cute

Brenda Song is Katsuya Cute

Brenda Song sparkles in an embellished top as she arrives at the Us Weekly Hot Hollywood Style Issue celebration held at Drai’s Hollywood at the W Hollywood Hotel on Thursday evening (April 22).

After the event, the 22-year-old actress joined a gal pal at Katsuya restaurant for a little late night dinner. According to NNDB, Brenda is now one of the celebrity endorser’s for Little Ceasar’s Pizza.

JJJ will be catching up with Brenda very, very soon and need your questions! What would you ask her?

10+ pics inside of Brenda Song

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Credit: Jason Merritt, Adriana M. Barraza, Greg Tidwell; Photos: Getty, WENN, PacificCoastNewsOnline
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  • jessica

    shes soo damn pretty and love her dress. and i would like to ask her what is it like working with disney for so many years?

  • jenna

    does she have a boyfriend? and whats her opinion on dating guys in hollywood?

  • Anna

    What are her upcoming projects?

  • Robyn
  • shannon

    if she wasn’t an actress, what would be her dream job?

  • http://mina_23 mina

    What was it like to have an operation on her eyes? And how much her life has changed since. She’s BEAUTIFUL!!!

  • BB

    @jessica: she hasn’t worked for disney for so many yrs.

  • BB


  • Darius

    Pretty lady…*swoon*

  • Amymarie

    Love her outfit!

  • Krissy

    <3 Miss Song.
    Questions I would ask her are..

    - Advice you would give to your fans who wanted to be an actress/actor?
    - the most funniest thing that happened on the Suite Life on Deck?
    - Where do you see yourself 20 years from now?
    - When growing up, you were talented in many different areas such as modeling, acting, etc. How did you manage to stay away from the “Hollywood scene” with parties, drinking and other bad influences?
    - My favorite super hero is _____________?
    - Something your fans don’t know about you?
    - Since your character London is a parody of Paris Hilton, how did prepare yourself for this role? In other words how did you wanted to portray London without doing the same old, same old?
    - Brenda you’re so gorgeous and beautiful! Care to share, your beauty secrets?
    - Is there anything you can tell us or give us a hint about the third season of the SLOD?

  • jessica

    @BB: if you really think about it yes she has. i mean she has been in a couple of disney channel movies. and the first one she filmed was back in 2000. and she has been on two disney shows. so you can say around 6-7 years.

  • KIKI

    @jessica: No honey. The fist film she filmed was an ABC movie that got picked up by Disney. She hasn’t been with disney for 6-7 yrs. The minute she became a disney star, (SUITE LIFE) thats when she became a disney channel star. Being in a disney movie and doing millions of other projects (she did a lot of feature films and serious TV show appearances at the same time) doesn’t make you a disney star by soul. The tv movies she starred in the early 2000s weren’t meant to be for solely disney channel.

  • Lily

    When will Boogie Town be released this year?
    What character do do you play in Social Network?
    Do you enjoy being a public figure?
    Do you feel an urge for more privacy?

  • Kelena

    Luvvv brenda, she’s so brilliant. Paparazzi suck though.. hehe. Little Caesars rockkkkkkkkkkkkkk for everything. We love you brneda!

  • kelena

    How is it being big in Hollywood? How is your Cancer-surviving mother doing?

  • kelena

    I would also ask her, how excited she is to be starring in a string of theatrical films alongside the likes of Justin Timberlake.

  • dancli

    how’s it being a teen queen to millions of children? what are your hobbies? The song you recorded in 2004-2005 which was released on Youtube in 2008, titled as ‘Girl like Me’ has reached over 400,000 views on With the success of ‘Girl like Me’ online, will you ever consider or plan on recording another song? Your fans enjoyed the genre of the song and the lyrics, many of which used the songs in their videos and praised the ‘country’ music edge. It was recorded before Taylor Swift bloomed as an artist and garnered praises before Taylor Swift or any other modern ‘Country-pop’ artists came out. Would you ever consider creating another song with the same genre? No matter how unmusical you perceive yourself as being, the song was a success and people enjoyed it. There are many singers who do not sing like Christina Aguilera, you said that as long as you don’t sound like Christina Aguilera, a music career is far from far to you but I disagree because there are millions of artists who sound nothing like Christina Aguilera and their vocals are notably weaker, however they release music because they enjoy producing music and they end up becoming successes (I won’t name them, they are everywhere), we, your fans, know that your enjoy music and enjoy singing but think your vocals prevent you from enjoying yourself.

    Since ‘Girl like Me’ got an amazing large response for your fans, why don’t you perhaps consider recording just ONE more song for us to enjoy.

  • dancli

    BTW. Brenda looks gorgeous and splendid for words. She’s too amazing and GET WELL MRS SONG. WE LOVE YOU! + NNDB announcement rocks.

  • lolo

    she is thin

  • janny

    Question: ‘How is it working with David Fincher?’

  • Irina

    Do you enjoy martial arts more than singing? Have you ever dated a boy, would you ever disclose a name of a former boyfriend to your fans?


    awww brenda!!!! amazing how successful and beautiful she’s getting. i love you, queen b. as for qs, brenda, when will boogie town be released in cinemas this year?

  • roory

    how is mommmy song?


    I HEART BRENDA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! P))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))


    Did you date a Jonas Brother? Do you hate the paparazzi? Do you like the Sprouse Twins? Would you ever consider dating them? What are your beauty and style secrets? How is it being featured in the Wall Street Journal?


    how is it being famous and loved by billions of kids?

  • Nina Cruz

    Brenda’s my idol.. brenda, do you like Flo Rida?

  • drift

    Brenda, have you ever dated a Disney star before? Do you miss Ricky Ullman?

  • BSongFanatic

    I Love Brenda

  • BSongFanatic


  • lizzie

    where do u see yourself 10 years from now?

  • lizzie

    love her

  • jorenda

    brenda is so beautifullll….

  • Arnell

    how is her mother doing?when is boogietown release?Did she ever dated one of the jonas brother?are she dating someone?

  • JOJO


  • Marwa

    brenda do you like big rob more than kevin jonas? were you a bridesmaid at kevin’s wedding?

  • Marwa


  • danza

    She looks pretty, but she’s gained weight for no reason. Kinda stupid. Unless if she is indeed pregnant or had breast implants.

  • danza

    @Robyn: irrelevant, much?


    We L.O.V.E. YOU, BRENDA!

  • brig

    I don’t think she’s pretty…but I know that she think that she’s pretty

  • gabbie

    Did you star in anything elese besides Disney shows? And what’s it like to play a character so, um…, not smart? And, was the Best Christmas Present Ever (or something like that) your first movie?

  • Lizzie

    @brig: Are you telepathic or something? Seriously? No seriously? No no, seriously? Are you reading her thoughts? My oh my, what a beautiful world.

  • paige

    Brenda do you see yourself having kids.

  • michelle

    Who is her celebrity crush and why? Ask advice on looking beautiful and trying to make our environments more beautiful… like her.

  • Lion Prince of LA

    Brenda Song is so cute and she’s so beautiful.

  • paige

    Are you friends with Taylor Swift?


    I love BRENDA!

  • BSONGFanatic