Check Out Christopher Egan

Check Out Christopher Egan

Here’s another Aussie to fantasize about — Chrisopher Egan.

The 25-year-old actor can be seen alongside Amanda Seyfried in the upcoming Letters To Juliet as Charlie, the uptight and unromantic grandson of Vanessa Redgrave‘s Claire.

Christopher dished to Teen Vogue of filming Letters, “After six months of filming in Rome, I realized I love this job because it lets me travel and experience different cultures. Letters to Juliet was amazing: We started off in Verona then went to Siena and Florence–every shot is like a postcard.”

He added on, “”It was fun getting to be this jerk and play up the comedy of it. But working with a legend like Vanessa was the highlight. Honestly, it was the kind of experience you want with every project.”

Letters to Juliet hits theaters on Friday, May 14th.

“Letters To Juliet” Official Trailer
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Credit: Doug Inglish; Photos: Teen Vogue
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  • amy

    he looks a tiny bit like heath ledger in that pic.
    cute (:

  • http://@nads_chigga Nads

    Omg I remember him!!! Wow his grown up!! He was on “home and away” an australian tv drama :D

  • I saw an early screening of this movie and its so cute! Amanda Seyfried’s acting was great and he was pretty good too. He’s super cute in the movie and lol everyone loved it when he took his shirt off in the film. I loved his british accent and the scenery was beautiful. The movie was actually really funny in a witty way which was great and the ending isn’t given away in the trailer. (ps. its a happy movie which I love)

  • annasaurus

    @: You mean she doesn’t end up with his jerky character in the end? Because that would be a relief. Who could turn down Gael Garcia Bernal? This movie looks like as cliche ridden as it comes.

  • Briana

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  • maila

    I remember him as Nick on Home and Away! I hope he makes it big in Hollywood!

  • maila

    I love him as Nick on Home and Away! I watch that show every day! I miss him on the show, but he has moved on to bigger and better things!

    I hope he makes it big in Hollywood! He looks soo fine in this movie!

  • Robyn
  • Aylin

    The movie seems cute, I’ll see it.

  • @annasaurus: I don’t care what you say, IMO EVERYTHING is cliche nowadays.

    This movie was great in that there was no dumb physical/gag comedy like there is with a lot of “chick flicks” that have been released recently. Both characters were intelligent. It’s based off a book and the dialogue is really witty. If a sad ending is what makes something fresh then have fun watching those movies.

  • maila

    @: Is it based off a book? I had no idea!

  • maila

    Anyone know when this is out in the UK?

  • annasaurus

    @: I didn’t say it had to be sad ending. But the trailer pretty much says that she’s going to end up with him. Is that correct? And in you post said that the ending isn’t given away in the trailer…

  • suzy

    omg Nick from Home and Away.

  • liz

    He was on Kings!! I loved that show but they had to go and cancel it!
    oh well he is a cutie

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