Kristen Stewart is Wanted

Kristen Stewart is Wanted
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  • Kristin M.

    Please do not tell me Kristen Stewert is going to replace a brilliant actress like Angelina Jolie!! Angelina Jolie actually has talent!

    This would be like replacing delicious filet mignon with a boring old piece of hamburger meat! (I’m calling the meat delicious, not AJ)

  • Caroline

    I completely agree with you Krisin M. omg that can’t be possible, that will be a disaster. Kristen doesnt have that much talent to do this and to replace Angelina Jolie, no way.

  • annasaurus

    You might as well publish this on JustJared as well because you always doublepost Vanessa Hudgens’ posts. Shame on you for posting speculation.

  • Reality Bites

    She isn’t replacing Jolie or taking over Jolie’s role. In Wanted Jolie’s character dies. The character is dead. The studio wanted the writers to bring her back to life cause they wanted Jolie back for the sequel but Jolie told them NO WAY. She turned it down to honor the decision made in the first movie.

    The writers now want to create a new character.. like a young ambitious recruit the Fraternity that Wesley (McAvoy) could train.. and they are considering Stewart.

  • sile

    go kristen, you are briliant :)

    show the unbelivers

  • jessica

    omg shes just gonna ruin it with her bad acting. she should just stick to her stupid twilight movies because she dont have to be talented to be on those movies. no wonder they picked her to be cast in twilight.

  • janet

    my god not these deppressed girl ,she will ruin the movie.

  • lola


  • sofia

    si la tiña fuera envidia, dejen que haga su lucha que no han visto las primeras peli de angelina no actuaba nada. y si tienen algo en común las dos tienen un bombón a su lado

  • Korkie

    I really notice that she has gained weight now/, especially her arms. I wish she would go to the gym.

  • Kacy

    @janet: “not these depressed girl” Really?

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