Vanessa Hudgens: Dead@17 is Dead For Now

Vanessa Hudgens: Dead@17 is Dead For Now

Vanessa Hudgens hangs onto a box of stuff as she heads to her car from her family’s home in Studio City, Calif., on Friday afternoon (April 23).

The 21-year-old actress recently caught up with MTV to dish about another project she was once in the running for: Dead@17.

Vanessa shared, “That was a while ago,” said the actress. “It was something that came up and never really materialized. I don’t really know where it’s at now, but nothing’s set in stone at all for that.”

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  • http://deleted/ Karii


  • beatriz

    vanessa is beutiful<3

  • Diamond

    She looks great i love her shoes! That would be cool if she was in a movie like that!

    Check this out 120 pics from nylon magazine this one is from Vanessa but you can go back and look at 1-100 enjoy these are from a Vanessa fansite!

  • Casey

    I really want her in dead@17
    is good job
    Please Vanessa in dead@17

  • Allie

    Either way…she’ll do amazing things. :)

  • beatriz

    vanessa is pretty

  • Vanessa/ Zanessa Freak

    She’s gorgeous as usual and so effortless at doing it, I don’t think no one can pull these clothes off but her!

  • Carol

    Beautiful girl

  • Blah

    I wasn’t all that excited about this, but I would’ve seen it for Vanessa. She’s probably too busy right now to do it anyway. I love her outfit here

  • abcmissme

    I already knew this. I will watch any movie with a good plot. And of course, one with Vanessa Hudgens in it.

  • nathalia

    beautiful as always

  • B

    She’s amazing.

  • kirreii

    I like her outfit. I like how she plays around with her style instead of making it predictable :)

  • blah

    love V!!!! <3

  • mike

    shes beautiful love her like her looks !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • maichi

    I hope she does another movie! :’DDD


  • Anne

    aaawww, she looks tiny in that huge jacket! :D

  • http://google BARBARA

    Vanessa looks beautiful, but you can tell she is not happy they follow her to parents house, she is very protective of her family and her private life, especially with Zac. Vanessa has great looking legs, and the pictures with the other girls, Vanessa has really better curves, than the others do.

  • mykamicks

    Vanessa always looks cute whatever she dressed up to… lovin her shoes! Its okay If Dead @ 17 was not materialized, I believe there would be more great movies are coming through her door.

  • BabiiVFanForeva

    She’s gorgeous :)

  • Andy


  • pop86

    I like her outfit. Her style is casual but well thought out.

  • Vanessa lover

    I like what she is wearing, She can pull it off. I would like to see Vanessa at Dead@17 if she was certain about the role, not if she did it because she felt the need too because she has been mentioned that she will be in it. Love her and she spends time her family.

  • http://google BARBARA

    By the way Vanessa, is carring a video, Bandslam, it shows it on zanessa sweetheart.

  • Boji

    Dead, living dead more like, or alive, Hell yeah! She’s got the chops for sure and the looks. Anyhow, she looks mighty fine in them pics here.

  • http://deleted/ Karii

    love her outfit

  • Prettigurls

    She looks so pretti && that outfit is gorgeous on her!!!

  • Katty

    Love her. I hope that script was good and she is in talks to be in another movie! Can’t wait for news on that.

    Not one of her best outfits, but I do like it. It’s good for just lounging around with the fam; casual.

    I think she would be good for Dead@17… it’s just up to Paramount and whether they decide to develop it or not.

  • Evangeliine(:

    cant believe she smokes!

  • Katty

    A video of Zac and Vanessa holding hands as they left the housing gala…


  • zanessa/scashley/ashnessa

    She looks sophisticated in that jacket. I like it. Whatever Vanessa does I’ll be excited to see it. She can pretty much do anything that triple threat. :D

  • curiosity

    Beautiful like always.

  • PAo

    OMG, she looks super pretti… but that shoes???

  • http://deleted sherley

    she doesn’t smoke………

  • zanessaloverss123


    thank you haha you know whats funny of the picturesof NYLON she looks the prittiest ha and they have to take the one where somehow they looked quite equal lol but they couldn´t do it any ways Adore her

    love the pics but ness hate of papz following her to her parents house.

  • http://deleted sherley

    Hey Karen n other pplplzzzzzzzzzzz reply is this really true that Vanessa is carrying a pack of Marlboros cigarettes in her lap in this pic

    i don’t want to start any debate its just that i want to clear things with my frnd who thinks shesmokes after seeing this although it doesn’t seem yo me that it is a pack of Marlboros cigarettes in her lap …..actually she is taunting me coz i m V’s fan n she is not so i wanted to clear things with u guys…coz she is just irritating me a lot….plzzz reply….i wanna know if it appear to u guys too that they r a pack of Marlboros cigarettes in her lap .

  • honey

    Yeah Nessa…..beautiful as always :)

  • suzy

    lol she is cute.

  • kate1


    i can’t believe we are back to this old topic again.

    It doesn’t really matter if V smokes or not because there are millions of people all over the world that do.

    anyway i think it looks like a box in a similar shape to cigarettes but i am not really positive about it.

    although my own personal opinion is that she does not smoke saying that she is not the only one in the car. who knows and don”t let the others comments upset you.

    It’s honestly no big deal.

  • kate1

    I forgot to mention

    v is looking good but it’s a shame she can’t go out with her mom & sis without the paps in her face.

  • annIe

    @sherley..umm i’ve seen the pic but its a pic from 2008, it could be anything, yeah its look like cigar pack but im sure thats not on her lap and @sherley did u notice Vanessa lips a long this time, could you see that she has a nice pink color lips when she’s not wearing any make up, and people who smoke for a long time they dont have a nice pink color lips neither woman nor man, thats all

  • vanny

    love her

  • amanda

    is now in this boring subject on cigarette!
    vanessa is always pretty independent of anything, changing the subject I think she has the prettiest legs in hollywood

  • vfan

    I’m not bothered really.
    I love her casual. I want more pics. :)

  • http://google BARBARA

    @ Sherley, the box of want so ever is laying on Zac’s console, not on Vanessa’s lap. it would not be laying like that, on your lap it would fall off. It could be one of Zac and Vanessa’s friends, or family member that left it there, I heard that Brit and her boy friend smoke, someone esle could have forgoten it in Zac’s car. The person who took the picture wanted you to beleieve it is Vanessa.

  • kgg

    @sherley: That is an old pic from Vanessa’s 20th birthday, and those cigarettes were already in Zac’s car when he picked her up. Someone could have left them there, but until I actually see either Zac or Vanessa with a cigarette in their mouth smoking, then I say they do not smoke. They are grown people, but they are health conscious, so I doubt they are into smoking. Vanessa has asthma and it is not good for her to be around smoke, much less partake. But it’s their lives and we have no control over that.

  • http://jjj telma

    i want her shoes and i want to see her in a lot of movies

  • Gesal

    if the dead @ 17 producers are intelligent,they will pick her.i love her and te fact that she’s on of the girls who aren’t fat,but still have a woman body,with a small waist and biger hipps and even some breasts… but still not fat ;) i wish i could have her body . and her face.ande her hair.and her job.and of course her boyfried =P
    love her.

  • http://Justjaredjr VanessaHlover

    I lover her,her body.that mini dress look good on her.i can’t wait for her moives.

  • vanessa

    my goodness! she is so beautiful & has amazing style for sure (: lovely!