Zac Efron Runs Around Hollywood

Zac Efron Runs Around Hollywood

Zac Efron covers his mouth as he heads back to his car with a big green bag in Hollywood on Friday afternoon (April 23).

The 22-year-old actor was recently spotted out at the L.A. Housing Family Gala with girlfriend Vanessa Hudgens, honoring pal Blair Rich.

Zac is still in talks to star as the lead in Snabba Cash, which is based on a novel by Jens Lapidus. Zac would play a young financial wizard who hopes to strike it rich quickly by becoming a runner for a coke dealer.

10+ pics inside of Zac Efron

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  • Karen

    Zac, I love ya, but pull your pants up! LOL

  • duuumm

    haha yeah, it makes his legs look reallllllyyyy short.

  • Anna

    love him.

  • catherine

    is it just me or are the pictures not showing up when you click on them.

  • catherine


    haha nvm, i figured it out.

    zac looks mightyyyyyy fine. love what hes wearing.

  • ashytisdalefan

    he is sooo hot. like all the time. thanks mrs. and mr. efron :P
    Vanessa is one lucky girl, thats for sure <3

  • beatriz

    zac is sexyyyyyyy<3
    ily zac efron!!

  • a-b-c

    is that a script i spy?

    lookin good zachary.

  • ashytisdalefan

    p.s. why does he always put his hand to his mouth? lol

  • Inji

    Ahh, he’s so HOTT! I can’t wait for snabba cash (:

  • rofl

    zacs hair seems really soft. i wanna pet it. hehe i like his hair how it is now, without too much stuff in it and sticking in a million different directions.

  • B

    One word. Hot.

  • http://yahoo Laurence sexy

    he looks so fine in all picks. i just want to attack him and tell him I LOVE HIM.NESSA IS SO LUCK BUT THY GREAT TOGETHER

  • adcgordon

    Something about Mr. Efron in a crisp white shirt… since when does he drive an Acura? & Is that the sweater V’s been sporting lately? ;)

  • mike

    where the guy is going ? no information

  • Carol

    Looking fine Zac.
    Damn good

  • A Fan

    Well hellooooooooo sexy!

  • pop86


  • lauren

    he’s probely hiding his face from the paps,

  • zena

    duddddeeeeee what happened to all the zac fans on JJJ? theres like no one posting anymore. :’(

  • nash

    oh noo. zac PLEEEASE DON’T try and dress like Nick Jonas. he wears man-cardigans and he looks like a fruitcake. please dress like yourself and not him, you will be much better off

  • http://google BARBARA

    Zac , just a very handsome guy. he loves to wear his jeans low, i think it’s part of his tradmark. you can tell he’s not happy with the paps following him around, very wear, thats why he covers his mouth. He neither rented a car or borrow a car from someone, so he could fool the paps. from following this different car, thats my guest.

  • mykamicks

    What’s in the green bag Mr. Hottie? He always looks sexy when he is wearing skinny jeans…

  • jojo

    Mmmm. He brought back the vans! :) He dresses so cute. I need to get myself a Zac for sure… Or maybe borrow him for a day. Hopefully Vanessa will be fine with it. And while I’m at it, maybe she will let me raid her closet for a little bit? Hmm.

  • zanessa/scashley/ashnessa

    Whatever he wears makes him look handsome.. or sexy. I miss Zachary.. I’m just going to watch High School Musical 3 for the heck of it. Lol.

  • bobo

    hey gangsta pull your pants up!

  • amy

    Sexiest man ever (;
    He looks so good, I love what he’s wearing!

  • ANNE.

    Much love for this guy. <3

  • Yamunah

    tat green bag looks a lot similar 2 d one vanessa holding on in this pic

  • nikki

    He is ssoo yummy <333 oh my goshh!!!! :)

  • Grlo

    Zac Efron and Joe Jonas are hottest disney stars

  • brad

    My man is lookin FINE… hehehe
    i love him

  • justine

    He’s so effin HAWT! no lie!

  • green bay

    YUM!!! all i can say is this guy is so hot! haha

  • love zacc

    all i can say is that i love zachary efron soooo dayum much! :D

  • kate1

    Looking good Mr Efron. Very HOT

  • Mona

    He looks like he means business, hehe… wonder what’s in the bag?

  • NiNi


  • Mariana

    He’s so adorable!!
    He just has that “abandoned puppy ” face and at the same time sooo hot and sexy!!
    Oh he’s wearing a polo!! So effin adorable!! And yeah pull your pants up! (although he looks great like that!)
    God, I love him!!
    Have you guys whatched this video of Zac and Vanessa leaving Avalon in West Hollywood: Just hear what their saying!! Adorable

  • Sewon

    WOW nice!!!

  • aniizia
  • Gesal

    no,his pants are on the right place =P
    like that.he isn’t that tall…but vanessas not tall too,so they fit xD

  • susan1

    looking good Zac!!!

  • Karen

    I think the hand up in his face is in an effort not to let the paps get a good picture. But they are going to keep flashing those cameras, Zac, so you might as well know if they get a picture of only your hand that’s what they are going to do. They still took pictures of you the other day when your were totally covered up in your hoodie and they even SOLD them. Buddy, you are just one of those people that people want to see. It’s kind of a no win situation for you if you want to to incognito.

  • athena

    C’mon Zac, can’t get enough of you…..let us see your beautiful blue eyes of yours…I’m not liking those Ray Bans he sports anymore. I wonder what goodies he’s carrying in that big green bag….He has three scripts that he’s working on…can’t wait to see all the films he’s got going on.

  • teamhudgens


  • green bay

    hE’S SSOOO FUKING HOT!!! holy shizzle

  • green bay

    he ssoooo effin HHOOOOTTTTT

  • sweeeet

    I really wish i can marry Zac Efron! it would be a dream come true! Vanessa is soo lucky :)

  • carol.

    DANNNNGGG! lol He’s looking fiiiiiine hehe <3

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