Alexa Vega: Bags, Bags, Bags!

Alexa Vega: Bags, Bags, Bags!

Alexa Vega has her hands full with bags as she continues to film scenes for From Prada To Nada at Ilori in Beverly Hills on Saturday afternoon (April 24).

The 21-year-old actress caught up with JJJ recently to dish on her new film and getting close to her costar Camilla Belle. Check it:

On the message of From Prada To Nada: “I play a girl named Mary Dominguez and she is snot. They [her and her family] end up going through a hardship and losing a lot of money, and they have to go live in a dump — not really a dump, but a dump in her eyes. Towards the end, they have a revelation about being proud of their heritage. They really embrace their Mexican culture.”

On her friendship with Camilla: “I want to confess my love for Camilla. She is like my sister. I adore her. She’s amazing and such a sweetheart. And so professional. When the camera’s aren’t rolling, we’re having a good time and all that but when someone says action, she gives 110% all the time.”

On filming in Mexico: “I was a little worried because I’m a total foodie. I didn’t want to get sick — they said don’t eat the lettuce because it’s washed by the water there…I love my lettuce.”

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Credit: Norman Scott; Photos: Startraksphoto
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  • Anna

    wowo .. she looks amazing <3
    isn’t she getting married?

  • jbr

    she looks pretty ! cant wait for this movie to come out !

  • Leila

    Agh! i hate the idea americans’ got from Mexico…. THERE’S NOTHING WRONG WITHT THE WATER FROM HERE

  • helen

    yeah, i always wondered what’s the deal with the water from mexico? in sex and the city charlotte is afraid to drink it, too… what’s wrong with it?

    aand this looks pretty dumb. another material girls, anyone? that movie sucked big time.

  • alexandra

    Ok.. I go to Mexico all the time since I live in a border city. There is nothing wrong with the water. If there was then I would’ve been sick a looong time ago. They should stop being so paranoid.

  • T_JBMileydemi

    WTF?????!!! I’m from Mexico & I’m not sick for drink water Is so stupid think that!!!! I’m totally agree with Alexandra u.u
    She looks stupid saying that!!!!!!

  • jessica

    wow i always hear that mexicos water is not the best and you can get sick from it.

  • http://none ale


  • Nic

    I agree with what they’ve said about Mexico. I believe we have even better water than in the U.S.because we have a lot of springs here. The water here is perfectly fine, nothing will happen if you drink it!
    I hate the idea that people from the U.S. (yes, not “americans”, because America is the whole continent, not just a country) have about Mexico, as if the U.S. were perfect ¬¬

  • jasmin

    Well if people are getting sick from the water, then there’s something wrong with the water.

    Alexa has really grown up! She looks amazing! I Love that dress! I wan’t it!
    I hope this movie is NOTHING like Material Girls! It really sucked!

  • adri

    omg…. im from were she filmed at… she fimled in san pedro monterrey mexico and believe me it nots dirty…. it named one of the nicest places to live in all america

  • sid

    another dumb racist bitch.
    boring. please die

  • anna

    EWWW WHY IS SHE HERE? SHES NOT FAMOUS OMG, justjared stop posting about nobodies! we want miley and zanessa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  • Fiona

    wow she’s 21, didn’t know that. Anyway can anyone say SHOPPING SPREE!! haa ha

  • dalemurph

    She looks so beautiful in her dress.

  • djfadio

    she was a spi? when she was children??