Camp Rock 2 The Final Jam -- 'Can't Back Down' Official Music Video

Camp Rock 2 The Final Jam -- 'Can't Back Down' Official Music Video

Demi Lovato leads the pack in the cafeteria at Camp Rock in the official music video for “Can’t Back Down.”

JJJ chatted with several Camp Rock 2 The Final Jam stars over the week and got the lowdown on the choreography, the story and their favorite songs. Check back soon to see what they all said!

Camp Rock 2 The Final Jam premieres on Disney Channel THIS July. Are you ready?

Camp Rock 2 The Final Jam – “Can’t Back Down” Official Music Video
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  • coco

    this is embarassing. very cheesy.

  • cassie


  • Mika

    Interesting, very HSM like.

    No jonas brothers in this clip though, so I’m not really liking it.

  • leticia

    the music is playing now on Radio Disney

  • emmy

    I’m not saying it’s bad, but Camp Rock just never felt natural to me. HSM had a flow to it, while Camp Rock just seems so forced. I dont know what it is, but it just doesn’t feel right.

  • jessica

    damn demi is short as hell. how tall is she?

  • rachel

    @Mika: i agree with you Mika, its very HSM like….similar to the song ‘work it out’
    still love demi tho!

  • jessica

    @emmy: i agree.

  • Val

    it reminded me of ‘stick to the status quo’ and ‘work this out’, very hsm like, only difference is that hsm was good

  • http://yahoo fal

    OMG I know what you mean

  • Serena johanson

    That song is ew. Camp Rock 2 is probably going to fail. The music so far is lame.

  • Rzkvtwi

    I love hsm, I hate this

  • http://j chelsea

    wannabe hsm

  • xx

    I must say, it is very HSM however, the choreo’s sick!

  • kirreii

    I love disney, but at the same time I hate how when they find a formula that works (for example hsm), they decide to make other shows exactly like those except with different characters. They should start thinking of new concepts instead of milking the same thing over the course of many years…


    I love Demi, but I’d like to see her do more things of her age group. She needs to follow Miley Cyrus & Selena’s footsteps and try to start breaking out of disney. Let’s hope Camp Rock 2 is the final Camp Rock. There’s already rumors that there will be a 3rd one on the big screen just like HSM…

  • Britt

    I have to agree with Emmy on this…Camp Rock really does seem unatural! When a HSM song/ music video was released as a promo to the movie , you could easily tell what the concept was and what they were singing about.

    “Can’t Back Down” just looks really staged, unatural and they have such serious faces that is makes it cheesy. And there’s like no interaction between the characters which makes it super akward..

  • AMP101

    I didn’t really like the first Camp Rock. I did look forward to the second one until this….UM it was pretty horrible. Stiff made no real sence. It really did seem like Work This Out from HSM. I don’t think this is going to be too grand. It’s sad because I like Demi…she could actually be using her time wisely.

  • HsmZanessaFansite21

    I’m telling you..Camp Rock 2 is copying off of HSM..I wouldn’t be surprised that they will be on the big screen if there is a 3rd one..the commericials made this song look cool but after listening to it, it made it seem like HSM “Stick to the Status Quo” and “Work this Out” only difference is that HSM went with the flow..
    I have a bad feeling about this movie..but I’m still going to watch it, just to see how it will turn out..but I mean..Disney needs to come up with other concepts..its basically the same thing as HSM, only at a camp and with a star..seriously? they need new concepts..

  • HsmZanessaFansite21

    Also have any of you noticed a part of the commercials, where Demi is walking alone all sad and looks like she is going to sing a sad ballad and it looked like Gabriella’s “Gotta Go My Own Way”

    I don’t know..


    Can´t wait for Camp rock 2 i´m so excited, love demi
    she´s my idol, the best, looking gorgeous as usual

  • Izzie

    I actually liked the song!

  • maggie

    BORING!!!!!!.. I find this video So boring and lame! Demi is way to good to be doing this kinda stupid movies.

  • Robyn
  • ditzdrahma86

    Dude, everyone looks great except for the asian girl from Hannah Montana… she looks SOOO awkward!! dont you guys agree?

  • Lei


    I agree completely. While I think Demi is extremely talented, something is off about Camp Rock. Watching this clip…idk when it was over I thought it was weird. Camp Rock does have this unnatural feel to it. HSM was so genuine, you know? Honestly, don’t get me wrong the cast is very very able and talented, but something just doesn’t feel right about Camp Rock.

  • paris

    What the heck she’s doing ?
    Really Awkword i dont think it’s gonna be A good movie
    The song is really stuped :
    cant back down … blah blah this is seriouse ????????????
    Whhhhhat is that :S
    it’s really Sooooooo not goood
    Dont get me wrong i luve Jonas and demi actullay i’m Huge fan of them but this is not good really .

  • Sahina

    it’s very erm……HSM-ish?? i thought Camp Rock wasn’t a musical where they just suddenly burst into songs. because it’s definitely turned into one.

  • emmy

    Also, is it just me, or does Alyson dance a little too well? I know she’s a great dancer in real life, but when you see her with the rest of the cast dancing, her moves are just so much more precise it looks like everyone is playing catch-up. I’m not criticizing her, that’s just something I noticed.

  • Era

    I’M READY. *-* I can’t wait!!!

  • bella

    me gusta la voz de demi lovato ,canta hermoso ,pero no se que les paso a los bailarines ,se que cuando haces una coreografia es dificil aprenderla ,pero tambien tienen que transmitir animos ,ganas de que lo que haces esta super divertido y eso lo sienta el publico ,me gusta camp rock 2 ,pero solo espero que disney no se encarge de arruinar la carrera asombrosa que tiene demi lovato ,porque futuro esta en ella y miley cirus ,las dos deberian cantar una cancion y realizar un video ,saludos demi lovato y gracias por el video ,I love demi eres she is the best

  • Bri

    After rewatching I realized this is VERY VERY similar to HSM. First off, the fact that it’s in a cafeteria says a lot. Two, the dancers are seperated by lunch tables just like “stick to the status quo” where They also peformed around/near the tables in groups. (And they dance on top of the tables) Three, Demi’s character has the same set up as Sharpay where she is overlooking the entire cast over the stairwell as she sings (then she walks on the stairs) just like Ashley Tisdale’s character. Now, I am still going to rock Camp Rock 2, the first one didn’t appeal to me. And I am not bashing the music video nor the cast because they are really good dancers and Demi has a fab voice, this is just another observation! :) It’s just the same concept, different characters and new music.

  • MarJo

    I LOVE ALYSON STONER!!! and demi :P
    but i love Alyson dancing.. that’s whaat the 1st Camp Rock missed :)
    but now they turned it into a musical and i dunno how i feel about that :/

  • mystery person


  • sara

    your embarrassing and cheesy coco!!!!!!!!!

  • stacey

    I agree with almost everyone. Not saying
    that I’m hating the cast or anything, but I really
    hated the first movie. The music was okay,however,
    the acting was just horrible! And I really didn’t
    enjoy the plot of the movie either. Really? a 2nd one?
    And the first movie was never a musical. All the
    music numbers were them actually performing on stage
    or whatever. & now they’re making it like a musical.
    Not comparing this to HSM, but HSM will always be better

  • stephanie rose

    demi is fug-ly!

  • High school musical lover!!!

    I totally agree with you!!!
    I LOVE HSM, i HATE this movie!!!
    HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL 4EVER and EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I like this movie only for Jonas Brothers!!!

  • lana

    it’s so forced, they move like robots honestly. the song reason didn’t back up either. they can’t back down so they sing? 0_0

  • Danielle

    Did anyone else notice the Sign language throughout the video??
    …I wonder if they’re doing something with that, as part of the plot, I mean?? I hope so, that’d be cool :)

  • http://samkamashow sammie

    The only reason I’m watching the movie is b/c of Demi Lovato and Jonas Brothers. :) Hahaha… well anyways this was good:D

  • PRI

    Hi! I think that:
    1.Camp Rock has ALWAYS been a musical.
    2.You judge about what YOU think and other people can think whatever they want so stop judging cause your not Einstein
    3.Please stop because the only person that knows what Camp Rock is a musical or whatever or not….is the director..
    I didnt want to be offensive…
    Love Pri!

  • Lazzy

    Imma faan of alyson stoner ;) amazingdancer and wa in my faav movie step up 3D :D

>>>>>>> staging1