Demi Lovato & Joe Jonas: Kevin is In It to Win It

Demi Lovato & Joe Jonas: Kevin is In It to Win It

Toms shoe wearing Joe Jonas checks out girlfriend Demi Lovato as they head into his family’s home in Toluca Lake, Calif., on Sunday afternoon (April 25).

The 20-year-old actor/musician joined his whole family plus costar Nicole Anderson at the taping for big brother Kevin‘s appearance on Minute To Win It.

Kevin will be playing the competitive game for the Change For The Children Foundation. His episode will air on May 23rd.

UPDATE: Added new pics with Demi in them!

20+ pics inside of Joe Jonas

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  • Mika

    Joe, you are delicious.

    On a side note, does every post about Joe have to have the words “his girlfriend, Demi Lovato” in it?

  • hazel

    well, yeah cause demi’s joe’s girlfriend and she’s with him and the rest of the jonas family that time so she’s included in the article

  • izzy

    You’re ridiculous.

  • Lauren :)

    has any one else noticed that nicole is nick’s date?

  • gabi

    DAMN he is too perfect/hot/gorgeous to be real!!

  • hazel

    uhm when was the shooting? before joe went to his parents house, after?

  • sherri

    where is kevin i wanna see kevins picture

  • Bethany

    D@mmit! This is not about Jemi today. This is about Kevin and his part for charity. I am sick of Jemi!

  • miaka

    joe is my favourite jonas brother, but I just wish he would change his hair back and take off his glasses and MAN, HE NEEDS TO SHAVE

  • romina


  • S

    Does every JB post have to be about Jemi? So sick of this PR stunt! Joe sure doesnt look happy in these pix.

  • theoneforhim

    Omg Mika I was wondering the same thing!

    And it is just me or does Joe look like he doesn’t even want to be around Demi? *cough* PR STUNT!!!! *cough*

  • andrea

    there’s a ring at demi’s hand!! is that the promise ring people were talking about? 0.0

  • leanne

    idk if that’s a promise ring. she wears different rings.

  • Caro

    Me encanta :) todo “degenerado” haha

  • Lauren


    This is NOT a PR stunt!!!!!!!!!!!

    Joe doesn’t have to be happy all the time when he’s with Demi

  • leanne

    omfg. they’re at disneyland right now.

  • Bethany

    Jared, there better be another post about Kevin later tonight with just him and Danielle. This is HIS day afterall!

  • Lauren

    U guys shouldn’t hate on Demi she is super nice

    She is there to support Kevin too because she is one of his best friends

  • hazel

    this is not a PR stunt. jus because joe’s not smiling doesn’t mean he’s not happy with demi. get over it. they’re together. if you really are true fans you’ll support joe no matter what.

  • ashlee

    I am sick of all the publicity “Nick and Nicole dating”

    Nicole says in her twitter she is with Nick on Minute To Win It
    “Go Kevin! Woohoo” is so famewhore

    Nicole is 20 years old and Nick 17

  • http://j chelsea

    @Mika: cause she is now tagged as a jobro girlfriend to call the attention, and every post of jobros is going to have a jemi reference cause its total PR stunt

  • izzy

    @S: Would you look happy if photographers were parked outside your family’s home?

  • cindy

    s, of couse he doesnt look happy, would you be happy if there were like a million cameras flashing at you while all your tryna do is walk in your front door…………seriously, enough with the pr crap……..its been well proven that this isnt pr………dont be jealous

  • charlie


  • Gabrielle

    joe’s probably not smiling cause the paparazzi is there taking pics of them and u all need to chill with the hate towards jemi cause its definitely not pr

  • Ericaaaaa

    is it weird that i’m stuck on the fact that Joe’s barefoot? lol x] reminds me of myself!

  • itsmeagain

    ha ha , u jealous JONAS TEENIES need to get over urselfs. JEMI is the real deal! Just face it!

  • ashytisdalefan

    @ashlee nicole is 20?! holy crap!
    but anyway these two are cute <3

  • coolio

    I love how some of you guys are complaining about this post and coming into it, when clearly it states what the post is about. You dont have to keep reading you can skip over it. and go to the next topic As far as all you hear about is Jemi, NO that is all you choose to hear about so you have something to complain about, Not a big deal. Get over it and focus on something else if the subject of jemi is really having a big effect on your life. Its called commen sense.

  • sarah

    they’re adorable together =]

  • Lillian

    Nicole is not 20. She’s 19. She does not say in her twitter she is there with Nick.

    Whether they’re dating or not is not anybody’s business.

    You also don’t know who else is there to support Kevin. The media conveniently leave items out so you’ll read the articles. John Taylor also twittered he was headed to see Kevin as well. Who else might be there, we don’t know.

    And I’m sorry, I have to comment about the Joe and Demi PR story cause I’ve seen this comment several times – How is Joe and Demi a PR stunt? You think they have no free-will and agreed to let Disney put them together as a couple and then what? They hired a photographer to stand outside their house to take pictures of them walking or follow them to take pictures of them eating at restaurants and then sell them to online sites so people watch Camp Rock 2?

    Is that the story I should be buying?

    How about not being negative. Demi and Nicole seem like cool people to me. I wish all of them well.

    And if you don’t like it, don’t read the articles.

  • valent

    joe looks great in that color! and before this, he and demi had not been photographed together for like a week… kudos to them.

    LOL @ nicole anderson joining them. she was made for nick. they’re both needy and will most likely use each other. works out great

    p.s. KANIELLE is the only couple i take seriously.

  • micaella

    i agree… i’m starting to hate jemi, its all about them and im not jealous for god’s sake… is just that i think that this is PUBLICITY and i cant believe joe or demi would do this, but they acutally are doing it… and this was about kevin, not joe jonas and demi lovoto … god.. it makes me nervous

  • http://teamjonat0 Andre.

    Get over it,PLEASE. Joe simply isn’t smiling because the The papazz are around them like crazy,and trust me..I can imagine it so annoy.
    demi is a girl how ALWAYS Is showing her smile,this isn’t a big deal if Joe is or not.
    Go Jemi.

  • Susanna

    I love Demi, but I’m so sick of hearing about her and Joe and having Disney shove their relationship down our throats. It’s not going to last. Joe was barely with Camilla for a year, Taylor more like five months. Clearly the guy is unable to have long term relationships. Don’t know why anyone thinks this one will be different. Well whatever, I wish we could go back to hearing just Demi news. Hopefully this will all blow over once promo for Camp Rock is done.

  • marie

    have you ever just had someone test ur patience well nicole anderson is testing mine

  • Ceecile

    I found this cute. It seemed as if Joe came out to wait for Demi as she arrived at his house. He’s barefoot!

  • Mika


    Definitely all for publicity. Can’t wait till it’s over.

  • Giovanna

    IDK why people have to say it’s for publicity. If they needed publicity it would be for the first Camp Rock, not this one. The Jonas Brothers, OR Demi need more publicity than they already get. And come one, do you actually think that Demi and Joe would ruin their friendship for PUBLICITY?! Really?! I’m not even a big fan of theirs and I know they wouldn’t do that.

  • Aline

    Just a little fyi Nicole and Nick’s age deference is smaller than Jemi’s and have you noticed Nicole hardly ever tweets about JONAS… TEAM NICKCOLE ALL THE WAY BABY!!!


    I LOVE JEMI <33

  • anonymous

    Well they both do need publicity for their TV shows and CR2 but publicity or not will be so glad when this relationship is done. True he only lasted about 8/9 months with Camilla and his longest relationship was with his Aussie ex so he’s not big on commitment and who can blame him he’s only a 20 year old guy and many I know only manage to date a few weeks or a few months!!

  • bella

    demi me da gusto verte tranquila y feliz ,soy un admirador de corazon ,tienes un gran talento cantas impresionante ,disney lo sabe ,te deseo la suerte del mundo ,eres maravillosa y ya deben dejar de inventar ,hay veces no se entiende porque hablan mal y se expresan como unas pequeñitas opequeñitos , demi esta feliz y si es con joe dejenlos en paz ,admiren en talento de cada uno son sus fans y valoren el trabajo que hacen ,gracias por las fotos ,demi she is amazing ,demi she is the best

  • A Fan

    I don’t think their relationship is a publicity. Have you saw the way they look at each other?

  • aya

    @ashlee: actually, nicole’s 19 fyi.

  • fannah

    @Susanna: Ummmm. He had a yearlong relationship….this is not that common at 22. Joe is perfectly normal, there’s nothing weird about his dating patterns at all. LOL.

  • fannah

    @fannah: Oops, meant 20 not 22!

  • peacechick123

    You guys yes this does have to be all about Jemi! We’ve been waiting for them to for about 2 years! Demi lovato is my IDOL and I ♥ Joe they are super cute together!

  • chris

    Joe and Demi are not cute together. They might be dating but they are milking it for the PR. It was only cute until it was constantly shoved in our face. Every post doesn’t have to constantly be about these two. And I don’t think they even went to see Kevin. There are pics of them at Disneyland Joe changed into pants. Nick and Nicole are much cuter to me and I’d rather see those pictures. And we know they saw Kevin. So did Frankie. Nicole tweeted because she is a coworker of Kevin’s. So did MNMachado and Danielle. No PR involved. Nick and NIcole don’t feel the need to constantly talk about themselves. They don’t need to tweet random stuff for attention. But I don’t think they are that serious in my mind. And she’s only 19.