Justin Bieber is Sydney Zoo Silly

Justin Bieber is Sydney Zoo Silly

Justin Bieber gets a little excited to see the animals at Taronga Zoo in Sydney, Australia on Sunday afternoon (April 25).

The 16-year-old musician took a private tour of the zoo with his entourage, stopping off at the giraffes, monkeys and elephant exhibits.

Justin tweeted a pic of him and an crocodile having the ultimate staredown.

Remember, Justin will be performing TODAY Westpoint Shopping Centre in Blacktown, Sydney on @ 3PM.

Justin Bieber – Sunrise Performance Announcement
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Credit: Picture Media; Photos: INFdaily
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    Justin Bieber is actually dating someone right now =(. her name is Marielle Miller.. look her up on facebook. she isn’t famous.. so depressed. she i VERY pretty though..

  • miley

    i dont think so hes dating any one right now

  • Robyn
  • ALysha

    Justin’s concert was actually moved to the Overseas Passanger Terminal – but unfortunately it was cancelled about an hour ago by Police due to safety concerns. Over 5000 fans had filled this venue by 4 am and were not complying with Police requests.

  • tia

    Why does this kid look high as hell…lol

  • mariam

    its good that justin is exited. he should be like that all the time. I LOVE JUSTIN BIEBER!!!! i cant wait to go to your concert. Love you justin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • mariam

    @tia: no

  • jessica

    he is soo cute.

  • tutti

    hahha~ :)
    he always look funny &sweet~~


    he really is I saw it on a magazine.. she looks pretty though.. i bet she deserves him.

  • http://@gabrielamtzalt justin fan gaby

    hahaha, I also love animals. hahahaha I saw you on the boomerang commercial.. “solo en boomerang” hahaha im a mexican girl i would be proud to give you spañish classes..follow me please. i love the way you are…god bless you all …peace…follow me.. every time i see you i made a happy face :)

  • stella

    first of all her wasnt performing at a shopping centre he was performing at circular quay in sydney AND it was cancelled at 5.20am australian time because fans were not listening to the directions of police.

  • crazy4

    yea stella is right. i am so depressed!!!i didn’t believe JBLOVER4E when she said justin Bieber was dating Marielle Miller but its true!!!!! i saw it on a mgazine i just bought!! google her or look her up on facebook she should be there!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i can’t believe it! i mean she is pretty but she can’t be with him!!! the only picture i could actually look at was one with swimming suit and she does not have any boobies so whatever. BUT JUSTIN BIEBER U DESERVE BETTER!!!!!! YOU DESERVE ME!!!!!!


    I told you he is actually dating Marielle Miller guyss

  • crazzzzzzy

    yeah justin is dating marielle miller but i looked her up on facebook and her profile pic is her in a swimmin’ suit and she has no boobies so justin bieber you deserve better! you deserve me! she looks like a model though! but i am so jealous! JUSTIN BIEBER SHOULD BE MINE NOT MARIELLE’S

  • crazzzzzzy

    justin is dating marielle miller! confirmed! i can’t believe it! she is pretty i saw her on facebook but she has no boobs (at least in her profile picture)

  • crazzzzzzy


  • Jessicaa

    @JBLOVER4E: wat magazine did u see it in?

  • melissa

    i was there and they cancelled it bcoz everyone was puching and a few people got take to hosipital. then her performed later on sunrise and i was behind the glass watching him perform!

  • crazzzzzzy


  • http://twitter.com/sigridyaru Sigrid

    OMB!! I was at circular quay but it got canned, stupid girls, shoulda listened. I was soo devo and heartbroken but was happy again when he turned up to sing!! Sad that i didnt meet him tho.

  • hugemlieyfan

    yea I heard on today tonight that the Justin Bieber concert on sunrise was cancelled so he performed one song in the sunrise studio. just if anyone was wondering!=D

  • http://@fernandesbya Ana Beatriz Fernandes

    I love you Justin Drew Bieber… The best forever…

  • LeaveIt2bieber_

    hes not dating anoyone so dont worry and dont make up lies! aahah anywayss he is gorgeouss!!

  • iiran

    justin is so cute

  • mel

    if he is dating someone, no one will like him anymore knowing hes taken. after hearing this i wont even try anymore!

  • Biebercrazy

    He isn’t dating marielle miller! It’s alll lies! Proove it…what’s the mag the mag that prooves it then?

  • robbie

    iks the Marielle ur talking about blonde with kinda curly hair and greenish eyes and does she talk spanish???? answer quickly!!!!! please!! I think I know her!!

  • bieberfever…

    @JBLOVER4E: Yea he is NOT dating marielle miller!! I happen to know her and she has no clue that there even is a rumor about her going out with JB!!!

  • allaboutjustinbieber.com


  • http://tiwinsa barbara

    @robbie: yes she is a blonde girl. and she talks spanish. she is an ecuadorian citizen, and she is the best person he have ever met, so if some deserves her is justin beiber.
    f: marielle’s friend’s barbara and andrea.


    HAHAHAHAHAHAH!!! omg you guys.. ok let me clear things up for you!

    i know marielle miller, she goes to my schoo!!!
    its called COLEGIO AMERICANO DE QUITO. you can google it if you want.
    shes a really nice girl but shes NOT datting justin bieber or anybody at all!

    we live on Quito, Ecuador!! in south america!!!

    hahaha… she went to justins concert on summer vacations with her friend, but nothing else. they havent even met. shes just a fan, just as you are.

  • http://JASMINATHOTMALL.COM jazzy:B


  • adela

    i him so muhe

  • adela

    i him so muhe