Taylor Swift: April Video Blog!

Taylor Swift: April Video Blog!

Taylor Swift and BFF Selena Gomez press cheek-to-cheek as they battle the boys at Pinz Bowling Center in Studio City, Calif., earlier this month.

The 20-year-old songstress just uploaded a new April 2010 video blog — you’ll see Katy Perry, Liz sleeping and even Liz Rose getting married.

Also, American Greetings is hosting a concert ticket giveaway in 10 select US cities to T‘s Fearless tour. Fans and greeting card enthusiasts of all ages are encouraged to enter by becoming a fan of American Greetings on Facebook. The contest ends on May 31, 2010.

Check out Taylor‘s April 2010 Video Blog below!

Taylor Swift – April 2010
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Posted to: Taylor Swift

    I miss delena ;(

  • A Fan

    I’m glad she is having the time of her life.

  • A Fan

    I do too. They should make up! After all they have known each other for like 10 years! But it would be weird because of Jonas.

  • Kim

    OMG I saw Cameron placing his hand on Selena’s arm around 2:15 XD

  • http://twitter.com/celeny25 celene

    i miss demi n selena too :/

  • cassie

    selena and tay are the best. Both sweet and simply girls. Great roll models
    love them

  • oopsie

    Two of my least favorite people. Selena was so much sweeter when she was buds with Demi. Taylor is making her annoying.

  • Robyn
  • liilaa

    do somebody know the name of the song??

  • Daisy

    @oopsie totally agree. Demi may be “edgy” but she is genuinely nice at heart, while Selena and Taylor are manufactured.

  • tisdale

    they can be bitter together

    i prefer demi, miley or tiz any day

  • steph

    Demi’s so fake. I don’t get how you all think she’s so wonderful. I love Selena and Taylor.

  • cami

    @oopsie: i totally agree :) I miss Demi&Selena :(

  • angelbaby


  • jessica

    who gives a damn about demi. do you see her name in this post. no. so keep her out of this. and besides selena is way better off with taylor.

  • Mich

    @jessica: agree!!

  • shaylyn

    Taylor has the cuutest personality ever!! hahah. “…you want me to sign this now?”

    oh and I totally wish I had her body

  • ashytisdalefan

    @jessica I agree with you.
    Its annoying when people bring up a different person when the post isn’t even about them

  • http://justjaredjr.buzznet.com/2010/04/25/taylor-swift-april-video-blog/ Uncertainty Principle

    I think Selena Gomez produces good music but I really do not think a whole lot about her one way or the other. I admire Taylor’s talent and her dedication to being a good role model for people around her. May Taylor Swift reign forever!

  • /brenda3solis lola

    HE WAS Holding her at 2:11-2:12

  • uh

    haha i love her mom! met her on numerous occassions taylor only once–but her mom is a sweet heart!

    the song is SHE – by: Parachute

  • anonymous


    Yah!! I was just going to comment about it!!

    That was Cameron Q with Selena right?!!

    Love that girl…hope she ends wup w/ someone who could make her really happy :)

  • Misa


  • http://@a_ramsaran mimi

    SO amazed this ended up being about Cameron holding Selena and how she’s with Taylor and not Demi… hhaa.

    Sike I have no room to talk. I watched just to hope I’d get a peek at Cory. :)

  • http://mileyfuckingcyrus.tumblr.com Jess

    @liilaa: She (For Liz) by Parachute is the song. (: Their whole album is really great.

  • joe

    tay&sel rock

  • cutie

    Could not agree more that selena and taylor swift are manufactured, so much for publicity.

  • Katy

    It’s interesting how Tay did’nt show Cory atleast in one clip at this video.

  • damn


    I loveee you haha :D

    Sel and T-Swizzle are Hollywood’s Sweetheart and so down to earth and those other Disney Chicks are fake and all..baaah

    Taylor and Selena are the Best!

  • dalemurph

    Incredible VLOG.

  • Ms Anonymous


    Taylor is actually very sweet and down to earth, nothing about her is manufactured.

  • Janice

    That was cute of Cameron!
    They are a cute couple IF the will hookup

  • janne

    funny how taylor nor selena aren’t the ones blabbering about things on twitter about starting drama for coattail riders. and aren’t the ones kissing their bf, who is a bigger star than them, in public. THEY DO SO MUCH FOR PUBLICITY!

  • swiftfan

    Love taylor & selena!

  • Marissa

    Selena and Taylor are the best <3!!! No comment about the other Disney stars because dont worth it. The End.

  • Daisy

    @Ms Anonymous: really? a nearly 21 year old who sings about fairytales isn’t manufactured? ooookay. most people pass that stage by the time they’re 13, and she definitely did considering her first album, which she wrote at 15, was way more mature (though not good) than her music now,that shows it’s just a formula she’s created to keep immature fans around. and don’t even get me started on the faces she makes when she wins awards.

  • http://twitter.com/lifeisagamee inji

    all you kids compare demi, selena and miley as if they’re the SAME person. they’re not. they’re all different, all human beings. you say one is fake, one is maufactured, one is real. like THAT makes a difference on who they hang out with. i admit, im not a huge fan of any of them, but theres no point in comparing them and proving that one is better than the other since they’re all unique and just stop with the ‘memi’ and ‘delena’ stuff. theres no such thing as ‘whos better.’

  • Callie



  • Callie

    @cutie: how are they manufactured?

  • claudia

    that sucks i really miss demi and selina they were bffs it really makes u treasure ur bffs when u see things like this

  • jENNA

    @JORDAN: i know i miss them so bad!!:(

  • peacechick123

    @steph and @jessica:

    Demi is so NOT fake! As far I know she’s the only disney girl except Miley who can actually sing live and sound like her recorded voice! Nobody who comments about Demi can tell why they don’t like Demi! I personally think that Taylor convinced Selena to not hang out with Demi becuz she still can’t over Joe breaking up with her like she should just be friends with Joe and Demi and get over it! And Im not a Taylor or Selena hater I love their music and acting I just think that they all should just hang out together I mean we all know that Selena dated Nick and Miley dated Nick they can’t be like I hate her becuz she dated the same guy as me same thing goes for Demi and Taylor. I love all 4 of them they are my idols, but they all can’t be mad at eachother for dating a Jonas Brother. And I give a damn about DEMI!

  • Taylena

    for those who seems to be POINTING OUT that selena and demi’s FAILED friendship was Selena’s fault. Do you guys even OBSERVE? Taylor and Selena so far hasn’t done anything… well, stupid. Unlike Miley. Don’t get me,Demi’s okay, or was, but seriously? Based on their behavior, it’s ironic that people HERE say selena is the fake one. back then before selena’s posted a vid how she misses demi and always tweeting her. like for instance, the time demi released her album she congratulated her and she doesn’t have any response from demi because Demi was busy tweeting Miley. Demi tweeted Selena, like, a day before her bday and says ‘hope she HAD time’ to make it to her bday when she knows Selena has a tour back at the time. She was being sarcastic. And now that Selena and Taylor’s hanging out, why is she mad, do you think Selena would feel ‘left out’ if Demi hadn’t been ignoring her? If you were Selena and after a long time ‘keeping in touch’ with a friend and not getting a response, pretty sure you get the msg that they dont want you in their lives. and now she’s mad and blurting out to “Ask Taylor” about it? haha Demi,you cant have EVERYTHING.

  • taylena

    ANYWAY, regardless of the issue of WHO’S BETTER OFF WITH WHO, the video is cute. :)

  • Chii

    to@Taylena: Agreed

  • anonymous

    aww love that pic of taylor and selena!

  • keera


    Selena CAN sing(live 2)! She just need some time so give her a break!
    Miley and Demi are makin musik since 2-3 years or something like that and Selena just started 1 year ago….And Demi was ‘BFF’ with Taylor so why is she dating his ex? I mean what a great friend right?!
    I’m team Sel and Taylor because I know they’re great unlike other teen idols ;)

  • Ashley

    @A Fan:
    What caused them to fight? I could never find out what happened?

  • halle

    I love Parachute!
    I dont like Cameron, I hope Selena finds someone more suited to her. Someone who will take care of her.

  • halle

    I know, because they were there with Cory and Cameron. I love Cory!

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