Lily Collins: A Modern Day Juliet

Lily Collins: A Modern Day Juliet

Lily Collins is ready to give her life for love in a new version of Romeo and Juliet, Deadline reports.

British screenwriter Julian Fellowes tells Deadline, “This generation hasn’t had its own Romeo and Juliet. My generation had the Franco Zeffirelli version, while John Gielgud was Romeo for my parents’ generation. For me, Romeo and Juliet is the iconic love story.”

The new Shakespeare adaptation, which is being aimed squarely at the Twilight audience, is set begin filming on location in Italy on October 4.

Lily, 21, is already starring alongside a Twi-alum, Taylor Lautner, in Abduction.

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Credit: Norman Jean Roy; Photos: Vanity Fair
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  • jbr

    This girl seems to be everywhere these days .. I saw her on the blindside and even though her role wasnt so big she did great
    but other than that and priest she hasnt done much
    just 90210 and nickelodeon stuff but nickelodeon she wasnt acting
    I wonder if its just because she is Phil Collins daughter and has contacts in the industry or shes really that good !

  • jbr


  • jessica

    i dont think she will be right for the role, no offense.

  • nice

    well goodluck..

    but may be much better if vanessa and zac.. i wish to see this too again in the bigscreen together..

  • http://justjaredjr simone oconnell

    wow lily another film you are doing so well we are thrilled for you love Ann and simone[uk]

  • xoxo.s

    AWESOME! love her because she is sooo unique, and Juliet is such an iconic role, she’ll be great, and she has a great sense of fashion.
    Hope she dyes her hair black for the role =)
    Wohoooo go LILY!

    OH No! who will play Romeo????? hmm I wonder….

  • demijbfan

    she seems a little too old to play juliet. in the play juliet is 2 weeks away from her 14th birthday and this girl’s 21. but whatever, i’ll still go see the movie

  • pine

    Hello? Have people forgotten Baz Luhrmann’s amazing version of Romeo and Juliet? I don’t see how this British screenwriter has a new vision that hasn’t been seen before. He can’t do it traditionally and he can’t do a modern take because those have been done to perfection.

  • annasaurus

    Paring down Shakespeare’s language like as stated in the original source is a huge mistake. It’s like when they did MTV versions of Othello and Wuthering Heights.

  • alex

    hello? did everyone forget about the baz lurhmann version with leonardo dicaprio and claire danes?? it was soo amazing!!

  • pup

    Looks like it really pays off to have a famous parent. HA.

  • Dreamkitty

    She is very beautiful. Go Lily! she will be perfect as Juliet, classic beauty for sure :)

  • http://facebookdrewclark drew clark

    @jbr: Lily collins is a babe. and YES she’s that good lol

  • Fiona

    I hope they’ll pick TAYLOR LAUTNER as Romeo!!! He’ll make a perfect Romeo alongside Lily Collins

>>>>>>> staging1