Miley Cyrus 'Can't Be Tamed' on Radio May 3rd!

Miley Cyrus 'Can't Be Tamed' on Radio May 3rd!

Miley Cyrus‘s new album Can’t Be Tamed is dropping June 22!

The new title single will premiere on MySpace Music on Friday, April 30 @ 12PM ET/9AM PT and will premiere on radio on May 3. “Can’t Be Tamed” will be available for sale on iTunes on May 18.

The new album will be available as a standalone CD, as well as a combo CD/DVD concert release. The DVD contains a full length, never-before-seen presentation from Miley‘s sold-out worldwide “Miley World” tour. The concert will also be excerpted in a prime-time network special.

Miley, 17, teamed with Grammy Award-winning producer John Shanks and long-time collaborators Tim James and Antonina Armato on her new album. Tim and Antonina produced and co-wrote “Can’t Be Tamed” with Miley, and the video was directed by MTV Award-winning Robert Hales.

“Can’t Be Tamed” is a self-empowering song in which Miley asserts that she has to stay true to herself in relationships, and it is sure to become an anthem among her legions of fans around the world

Other important Miley dates: GMA’S Summer Concert Series in Central Park and Live! with Regis & Kelly on June 18, and the 2010 Much Music Video Awards June 20.

Are you ready to hear Miley‘s new music?

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  • S.A.M.

    cant wait!!!

  • jasmin

    Yeah, sure would love to hear her new song?

  • Hale

    YES YES YES! It’s gonna rock!!! Can’t wait to hear it! :D
    She is so awesome!

  • jasmin

    * !

  • Kristina

    omg!!!! I can’t wait!

  • jojo

    I can’t wait

  • Robyn
  • nat t


  • Taya


    i can’t wait <3

  • jenny

    amazing news cant wait to hear the song and the album im so happy the promo season begins after my exams finish and the song premiers before the exam season i will be obsessing over it meaning less revision will be done

  • ciara

    She can’t sing!

  • Taya

    i can’t wait new album


  • pauli

    OH HELL NOT!!!!
    she cant sing for save her life…. her voice is so annoying….

  • Jamie


  • jessica

    @pauli: ok if you dont like her then dont comment. god. and she can sing. anyways i cant wait for her new album.

  • rania

    I can’t wait

  • http://miley_uruguay Miley_uruguay

    CANT WAIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • harley

    I think she’s trying far too hard to rebel against her Disney image to prove how grown up she is. But I think it’s backfiring and making her look immature.

    I wish her well with her album, though. I hope it’s good.

  • emmy


  • Gossip Girl

    @pauli: and ur princess Selena sounds better? I am pretty she dose with all that autotune.

  • Gossip Girl

    @harley: every teen does it. Tisdale tried, and failed, Nessa Hudgens wants to play a stripper, (as if she isn’t good at that already) Duff also tried and failed. Now we can wait and see if Miley is the 1st to have success without going overboard (Like Hudgens) . So if she looks immature doing it, then u basically just callded Duff, Hudgens, and Tisdale immature. Everyone does it because it’s the only to get rid of the SQUEAKYNESS Disney forces them on. Ask Lindsay Lohan how it worked out for her

  • harley

    @Gossip Girl:

    Yeah, I know they’ve all done it. I just think there’s a better way to break away from the Disney image without having to wear tiny shorts and have your bra popping out of your shirt, you know? It just doesn’t come across as ‘grown up’.

    I wasn’t trying to be rude towards Miley, and I hope that she can grow up without turning out like Lindsay Lohan. I hope her life works out well for her.

  • Anh

    Okies…@Gossip girl i do agreed with you on Selena!! She’s like a princess in everyone’s eye…but really Miley is way too awesome…i felt that she is REAL not faking all nice and sweet like S !! CANt wait for her new song…I’m so stoked

  • billythekid


    Miley is looking immature with her antics and ways these days? I sincerely disagree with you. If anything she is too mature for her age! At any rate, the girl lives in a very grown up world so it’s really only natural that she acts like she is totally an adult. People should just accept that and stop asking her to try to be something she surely isn’t anymore – a kid.

    As far as her new music is concerned. I’ll be waiting just like many other people to hear what it’s like. Hope it’s really good. I’m so convinced of her singing ability at this point, that it’s pretty much useless to argue with anyone thinking contrary to that opinion :).

    PS To Harley, there is nothing even remotely similar between the lifestyle of Lindsay Lohan and Miley Cyrus. Wearing short-shorts doesn’t lead someone down the road of destruction. Doing drugs, abusive relationships and abusing alcohol are responsible for that sort of thing. Lindsay Lohan has experienced all of this, not Miley.

  • harley


    I think you completely missed my point – I’m aware that she’s not a kid anymore (she’s almost 18, isn’t she?). I know that wearing short-shorts doesn’t mean she’s going to end up like Lindsay (and I sincerely hope she doesn’t). I was just commenting that she’s trying to show how “grown up” she is by dressing more revealing (especially on her tour). But to me, that doesn’t show maturity. That’s all I meant.

    I said nothing about her singing ability – I like some of her songs and I hope her album is good as well. She is pretty and she has some real talent.

  • Gossip Girl

    @harley: oh trust me, she’s too leveled headed to go the Lohan route. I bet Lohan wishes she could be in Miley’s potion now. But about the image thing, I think the only way these Disney stars think they can break their image is by getting into some kind of sexual scandal. Prime examples: Kiely Williams and Adriane Ballon (former Cheetah Girls and Lear singers of 3LW. Kiely put out this new racy vid called “Spectacular” and Adriane got caugh ih er birthday suit. (along with Vanessa Hudgens) . It’s just bound to happen that Disney stars will always try RACY things just to BREAK THEIR IMAGE.

    I think the only former Disney star that ever made a name for themselves in the movie biz is SHIA LABEOUF. He may have gotten into a lot of trouble, but he’s still a billionaire. Everyone else either got into drugs or just faded off the scene. (Like Raven and Hilary)

  • Barb

    I’m excited for Mi’s new CD! I’ll looking for the song on radio soon. I’m still loving When I Look At You, though.

  • billythekid


    My first paragraph was in direct comment to you. The second one concerning her music stood alone and was meant to be just a general opinion.

  • yoyo

    @Gossip Girl:

    Hilary Duff is really sucessful there were years she was THE TEEN QUEEN and her albums sold better than Miley’s…And Selena is not fake just because she is nice it meens that she’s fake? haha I met Miley and Selena and SELENA is much better and at least she doesn’t sound like a man or dying animal ;) Miley’ succes is just for few years cauz she has no talent she’s a horrible actress and is not really the best singer ya kno ;)

  • peter


  • rachel

    cant wait !!!!!!! loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee mileyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • linda

    bore she cant sing

  • swiftfan

    Wow….can’t wait to hear it….I need some new Miley music!!


    i”m sooo exiting!!!!!!

    i want to her i can”t be tamed soo badly 2DAY!!!yayy

  • peter

    I love her music, I want Miley in movies too

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