Miley Cyrus & Demi Lovato: Toluca Lake Twosome

Miley Cyrus & Demi Lovato: Toluca Lake Twosome

After hanging with boyfriend Joe Jonas on Sunday afternoon, Demi Lovato meets up with gal pal Miley Cyrus for a girl’s day out in Toluca Lake, Calif.

Demi, 17, had a busy weekend already. She was at Disney’s Friends for Change shoot with almost every other Disney Channel star possible on Saturday afternoon. Be sure to check out Demi and Joe hanging out earlier this afternoon!

Also, remember Miley will be making an appearance at The Grove THIS Wednesday for Make-A-Wish’s World Wish Day!

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Photos: X17online
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  • VhuddyRiSH

    ` soo cute!!! and they really stopped to pose for the paps?? haha x)) both gorgeous! <333

  • blah

    awesome! i love them both!

  • Angelica

    The order doesn’t make sense. There’s no way that she went to Miley’s AFTER Joe’s ’cause she’s been with Joe all day at Disneyland. Unless she went Joe’s, then Miley’s, then back to Joe’s to go to Disneyland.

  • uh

    how do u know they went to disneyland?? lol

    but YAY glad they’re still friends and hanging out :)

  • Angelica

    @uh Various people tweeted about it, and there’s a picture wandering around somewhere. Haha. Twitter is a very informative place.

  • rania

    I love Memi, and their friendship

  • butterflies & hurricanes

    I’m kind of envious of miley’s body right now o.O
    They both look good, glad they’re still hanging out :D

  • ashlee

    Miley is HOT.. I want her legs

  • Caro

    Demi is gorgeous and love her clothes :D

  • bizmark

    Did Miley get her overbite fixed? Her mouth looks different here.

  • omg

    i think miley is looking better than ever! love her legs!! love her hair!!! omg!

  • Whatever

    What? Miley hanging with a friend without her Monkey Liam on a leash standing close by. *faints*

  • kim

    I love Miley and Demi, they are so beautiful

  • iris

    Miley and Demi mi people favorite

  • Tinker

    @Angelica Yes that’s why i love twitter and I agree the order don’t make any since.

    They may have just stopped to say hi and bye to each other. Demi looks really cute.

  • Robyn
  • itsmeagain

    YAY! It’s about time they hang out again! But I am missing Miley and Mandy ! What happened to them?

  • Annaaa!

    OHMYGOD. ♥ But I’m wondering, what happened to Miley and Mandy; Demi and Selena? :( :( :(

  • nathalia

    i love miley and demi

  • rania

    Miley and Demi are gorgeous

  • ashlee

    I’m so jealous of Miley body, her body is amazing

    I want pictures Joe,Miley,Demi together, I love them

  • Ceecile

    I think that was before she went to Joe’s. Cause then they were together all day at DisneyLand and watching Kevin.

  • peter

    Miley & Demi are sooooo HOT !!!!

  • Taya

    love them both <33
    cute <3

  • Mich

    no thanks.

  • Any

    is my impression, or they do not seems happy to see each other???

  • damn

    oh you lil kids are so funny..If there r some Taylor and Selena pics you say : Ohh I miss Delena .. and all but if there r pics of that emo demi girl and p0le dancing sl’tty cyrus then it’s okay?! HAH
    Both are untalented famewh0re espicially demi cauz she’s not so famous but want to!
    And who want to have Miley’s legs? She’s fat!

  • selbetterthanmiles

    Okaay we get it now you’re BFF’s”! Selena doesn’t need fake friend like you she has Taylor on her side and her fans! That’s why I hate miley and dime…


    I hate Memi. I want Delena! Miley, go steal someone else’s BFF.

  • Nour

    Love both of them !! <3
    they’re the best teen stars out there

  • Angeliz

    what happend with Mandy….maleys best friend ?????
    I lov Demi an maley they are amzing !!!!

  • Lyss

    I love them both. Gorgeous!

  • Jackie Browne

    Of course they’d posee!! They don’t want to make them selves look bad lol.

  • yey

    I love them both
    and i want Mileys legs xD



  • jenny

    @selbetterthanmiles: and @DELENA4EVER: You two are the MOST immature idiots I have come across in my whole life Demi is talented ever listened to her sing????? Well i’d like to hear you sing like that and just because you dont know the full story doesnt mean you can call miley a BFF stealer

  • Gossip Girl

    @damn: just get over it kid. MC and Demi have more talent than ur sorry a$$ does! Ur just jealous cause MC is the most successful teen and the world and that you don’t have the longs Demi has. And please MEMI are not fame whore . Definition of a fame whore: Someone who hangs out with people 3 times more popular just so they can get noticed *Selena* someone who steals somebody else’s boyfriend TWICE just so they can help increase their album sells. *SELENA* and someone who can’t even keep their singles on the charts unless Disney promotes it like crazy just so they can force her to walk in Miley’s shoes. *SELENA*

    MC and Demi got out own their own. And you will see both of them are WAY BETTER than $lutenea and Taylor Sh*T

    @DELENA4EVER: and u tell $lutenea to stop STEALING MC’s ex’s. It obviously ain’t working for her

  • ashlee

    @Any : with the paparazzis is normal they do not seems happy … Miley and Demi are best friends, I love MEMI!!

  • leticia

    Selena Stans GTFO. You cannot call Miley and Demi untalented after hearing Selena sing. She sucks. Its not even funny how bad Selena is. BTW Selenas the bitch who uses people and then moves on to a different friend.

  • Gossip Girl

    @damn: @selbetterthanmiles: ha ha! All of Selena’s freinds are FAKE dear. She’s only friends with people that are 3 x’s more popular than her just so she can help boost her popularity! LOL! Half of her success is only bbecause she was linked to a Jonas Brother and her being mocked on YT by MC. If none of those did not happen, Wizards would still be the lowest rated show on the DC/. And ur user name is such a JOKE.Selena will NEVER be better than MC. MC is the only reason why DIsney is doing so well. Her, The JB’s and HSM. Selena is just a third wheel to Disney’s success.

  • Sketch

    They look cute. Love Demi’s style.

  • Any

    @Gossip Girl: third wheel to Disney’s success???????? her album went PLATINUM!!!!!!! Nick J went platinum? NO !! and Demi? NO!!

  • damn

    @Gossip Girl:

    get a life @leticia you 2! Selena is a wolrdstar now in germany spain france uk…. is demi? NO! No one knows her in europe maybe a few! Yeah Miley is the most famous girl in disney but not the most talented ;) Selena is the only good actress..And Miley can’t sing she sounds like a dying duck and Demi can sing..Selena is not the best singer but at leats she doesn’t sound like a dying duck or has a man voice..And Selena is already better than Miss Sl’tty Cyrus ;)

  • liltwsit#1

    @Gossip Girl:

    r you freakin kiddin mee? Wizards is one of the most watched…. And selena is down to earth and such a cute person not like that miley and in few years selena will be in so many big screen movies because she’s aamazing actress and your miley isn’t! The Last Song was the Last Shiiiit! And Sel is very popular all around the world she got fans so just shut up!

  • lol


    You said it! so sick of these Miley Demi & Jo Bro robots. Let them all crash & burn, while Selena climbs up higher & higher. Demi has yet to have a platinum record & where is Demi’s record that was released just before Selena’s – no where on the Billboard 200 & the same with Nick’s solo album. that’s what happens when you use people like Nick & Demi do.

  • BabyGaga

    @Gossip Girl:

    hahaha So miley is famous without disney? MuhhahahahHAHAHAHAhahahahahahahaha that girl has NO talent she’s famous because of little obsessed kids she’s nothing without hannah montana

  • wow



  • Juli


    miley and demi are famewhores?? they dont need it darling they’re are already FAMOUS and Yes Demi is wolrdstar too if you diddnt know that
    Selena is he most untalented girl of dianey the only thing that she can do is act. she sucks at singing she sucksat dancing… Miley and Demi can act can sing and can dance they’re WAYYY tantented than the cottailrider called selena :)

  • me


    selenas album went platinium? NO “Naturally” went platinium you fail!!

  • Jules

    Seriously, Miley, those legs???????? Making all of U.S. jealoussss, girl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!