Nick Jonas & Nicole Anderson are In It To Win It

Nick Jonas & Nicole Anderson are In It To Win It

Heading off to see Kevin Jonas compete on the NBC game show, Minute to Win It, Nick Jonas and on-screen love interest Nicole Anderson head to his car in Toluca Lake, Calif., on Sunday afternoon (April 25).

JJJ recently caught up with Nicole, 19, on the JONAS set to chat about the romance between Nick Lucas (Jonas) and her own character, Macy.

Nicole shared with us about going from friends in real life to romantic friends on set, “Nick and I get along really great in real life, we’re great friends. On set, we’re professional, you know. We have fun with it [the storyline for Nick and Macy].”

How fun are Nick and Nicole‘s handmade signs for Kevin?!

10+ pics inside of NicSquard

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  • Luis F. Gomez

    They seem so happy… good friends!! I heard that Kevin killed it tonight! WAY TO GO KEVIN!!

  • rania

    I don’t like Nick and Nicole together

  • Tinker

    They look really cute together. I’m starting to like the idea of Nick and Nicole being together.

  • jessica

    they look really happy together. both of them are so cute.

  • chris

    Love these two. I think it’s as Nicole said. They are great friends. She is friends with the family. I don’t think this is serious and it is definitely more low key than annoying. And the signs were cute too. It’s sweet that they supported Kevin…and he killed it.

  • Leah

    So cute!!! I have always always loved the idea of Nick and Nicole! I’m not sure why some people don’t feel the same way?

  • Bethany

    These 2 are really cute. Nick is so awesome and is always there for Kevin like Kevin is there for him. Nicole is so pretty and I love her smile. Whethre they are a couple or just very close friends, its just nice to see 2 sweet people like them hanging together.

    And congrats to Kevin. Danielle tells us he nailed it! :)

  • Whatever

    Handwriting on the wall. They are dating. Nick is a player and not sure why he is not called on it. Nichole? Pathetic. Nick is a womanizer and she is the next victim. And she knows the history. Never watching Jonas again. EVER.

  • http://ksa layla

    I don’t like Nick and Nicole together I love nelena


    That’s stupid. They’re not even dating. If this is keeping you from watching JONAS then you weren’t a fan to begin with.

  • Robyn
  • Darius

    If I was Nick, I’d have asked her out a long time ago. Nicole is gorgeous.

  • Kayla

    guy can’t be single for like two seconds.

  • Katiesavestheplanet

    Nick needs to step back for a while and think about what he wants in a relationship before he breaks naother beautiful girl’s heart…

  • Mich

    @Whatever: totally agree. :|

  • Mich

    @Kayla: true dat. also agree with katiesavestheplanet. he keeps jumping from relationship to relationship. it’s ridic! >:(

  • @itsmehannaa

    euwwww, nick is younger than nicole.

  • Stacia

    @Whatever and all the others saying he goes from girl to girl: Are you serious???? Nick has dated Miley and Selena, that’s it. Seriously, name another, there isn’t anyone else. And those relationships were magnified a million times by the media and his stupid teenie fans, and then he’s labeled a “player”. Here’s a newsflash for you morons: Just because he’s seen with a girl DOESN’T MEAN HE’S DATING HER!! He isn’t going to change who he is to make some a girl happy, and that’s what I admire about him. Some day he will find the right person, but my God he’s only 17! And if he an Nicole are together, good for them. Some of you need to grow the hell up.

  • nohemy

    IF they are seeing each other/dating; I think they make a cute pair. Seriously people he is a teenage boy that is still learning his way around girls. Heck even grown men don’t know what they want in a partner so why should it be different for Nick.

    From the pictures we have seen these two always look like they are having a good time; good for them!

  • Danielle

    Agree!!! Actually they look so great and happy together

  • Amy

    They are cute together! can’t wait for the pairing on JONAS.

  • m

    i think they are just good friends and its the media (not justjaredjr) that is making any relationship that nick was in a way bigger deal than it is. the media just wants a story to attract peoples attention. so half the things you hear are lies. you should really know what things to believe and that goes for anything.

  • m

    one more point i want to make is that if they were really dating then nick wouldn’t have posed and give a peace sign in one of those pics if they were together he would have kept on going and acted like he wasn’t with her.

  • iheartjonas

    I Love them as a couple..but Nicole will get a lot of hate..I love her..she doesn’t deserve hate

  • valent

    where’s kanielle these days?!?!

  • Shaylyn

    Nick’s body is so weird looking. I think it’s his legs… they look pretty skinny here!

    @ANGIE: Oh, no of course not. How could anyone believe that they’re dating? It’s not like they’re spotted EVERYWHERE together . . .


  • just me

    DUDE THEY ARE JUST FRIENDS!!! CAN’T A BOY AND A GIRL JUST HANG OUT AS FRIENDS?…hmm wait maybe not since in real-life when people do that someone may think they are together….but they look like friends then a couple

  • Anna

    just watch pretty soon these 2 will start dating.
    and the jonas brothers can check another girl off their list.

  • marie

    looking at this picture makes me sick

  • Ella

    Aww.. They are sooo cute together!!!! ^^

  • Hannah

    @iheartjonas: I don’t get it…..why would Nicole get a lot of “hate”? If, the fans really love Nick Jonas as much as they say…..shouldn’t they be happy for him… no matter who he dates…

  • peter

    This comment in many sites 90 % says is true

    Nicole have face male .. is like a man dressed of woman (transvestite).. it is not joke

  • michelle

    @peter: shut the fuck up nicole’s does not look like a man , shes a damn female . look at her hands .

  • rihanna

    I love Nicole, but her with Nick makes me barf.

  • whatgoesaround


    Right on!!

  • http://jprettybutterfly Francesca Jana Santiago

    They’re really cuuuttteee!!!!!… =D Wish they were official.

  • Regina

    Is it just me or is nick never wearing his purity ring anymore? Because every picture I have seen of him recently he isn’t.

  • michelle

    hey nicole and nick are so good for each other and i think its cute and they get long so good and there both so cute so yeah :) good luck nicole and nick hope u work out :)