Vanessa Hudgens: Jumping Jacks with Jena Malone

Vanessa Hudgens: Jumping Jacks with Jena Malone

Vanessa Hudgens keeps herself busy behind-the-scenes of her Nylon photo shoot by making funny faces to the camera.

The 21-year-old cover star dished to the mag about one thing she and costar Jena Malone would do during their downtime on the set of Sucker Punch: Jumping Jacks!

Vanessa shared, “To get ready for action sequences…it’s kind of random. We’d take our guns and do jumping jacks with them. We’d be like [breathing, mimicking jumping jacks] and then we’d be in for the kill.”

Vanessa Hudgens – Nylon Cover Shoot
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  • Anna

    love herrrrr.

  • inji

    shes adorable<33

  • vfan

    Awww, she is adorable and funny…that’s what I love about her!
    Love the clothes she wears. :)

  • Sofia

    Amazing woman! I love the way she seems to open and free in this interview, not that she doesn’t in others, it just seems to me that she seems less guarded and more approachable. What a beauty. Loveeeeeee her!!! (:

  • Sofia

    *so open* ^^

  • Carol

    She is too damn adorable.
    Such a ball of energy

    Love her

  • Carol Donato

    CUUUTE <3

  • London Lemming

    That has to be the most honest and frank interview of hers I have ever seen. She seemed relaxed which is highly unusual for Hudgens. Maybe her latest role in SuckerPunch has made her relax more. It will be interesting to see if shes like this for the promotion of Beastly!

  • kate1

    Loved the Video. Vanessa looks more stunning in the video than in the magazine. if thats possible.
    She is so down to earth in her interviews and just chilled.

  • nathalia

    vanessa is adorable

  • Diamond

    SHe has an amzing personality and that’s always good for someone to have i luv her she is so nice and fun!

  • blahblahblah

    She’s so stunning and full of energy. I really wanna meet her one day

  • http://j chelsea

    i like her fresh attitude

  • Bee

    She is so cute! I love how odd she is lol

  • mike

    love her shes rely hot and funny in the video !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Vanessa lover

    I really like her this interview. She seems so carefree

  • zanessa/scashley/ashnessa

    She’s so cute !! Doing jumping jacks with machine guns.. haha. I can’t wait to see ‘Sucker Punch’ and of course ‘Beastly’. :D And I agree with everyone, she seems more open and carefree here. I like it. And wow.. her skin tone is gorgeous. She’s such a beauty.

  • suzy

    cute odd chick.

  • maria

    She has such a lively personality…..she is an optimist, and just seems like she enjoys life!! She doesn’t seem to get caught up in drama; she just enjoys people and certainly makes people smile. I love people like that……people who are downers are so hard to be around. Those kind of personalities drag you down. Not Vanessa…..she makes you laugh, and doesn’t have a mean bone in her body.

  • mykamicks

    She looks always bubbly on her video / photoshoots. And her interview has no dull moments.

  • nathalia

    she’s AMAZING

  • maria

    she is so chill, gourgous, and amazing.
    i love this chick.

  • lily

    I really liked this interview!

  • jAZMIN

    She is so adorable and cute in this video. Love her.

    Thanks for posting.

  • Jess!

    OMG!! gorgeous!!

  • Katty

    Aw, I love her. Can’t wait for news on that script she was carrying!

    Info on the script is here

    V is sooo beautiful.

  • taty

    lovely vanessa

  • amanda

    why I love her! it’s amazing and very funny and seems really comfortable with the interview .. I’m so anxious for the movie can not wait. vanessa and so beautiful!

  • tina

    She is an annoying dope.

  • kirreii


    Then stop paying attention to her :P Simple as that.

    Love her btw :)

  • birdie

    She’s absolutely darling. So full of joy and she very funny.

  • Boji

    I just love her in this video. She’s so animated. You can see that she is an interesting and a fun person to hang out with. No wonder, Zac can’t get enough of her. Never boring, with her for company, he doesn’t need anyone else.n Love her, not so the photoshoot.

  • mykamicks


    Lol, you alwyas make yourself in distress on this thread. Keep on annoying yourself too out of her beauty.

    They say that if you cant beat us, my dear better join us…

  • lslsharon

    So cute!

  • Tata

    Jumping Jacks with your heavy gun!!! wow, Nessa, you r my hero now :)

  • annie

    sweet :)

  • 4ever

    she’s so down to earth, just too adorable for words
    vanessa’s the best,love her

  • http://Justjaredjr Trey

    I love her she is beautiful without even trying.

  • musicgirl

    Aw she is so bubbly and happy, . I LOVE HER! she is soo beautiful, like seriously.. WOW <33

  • susan1

    I love her, she is amazing, she is the best.I adore this girl she’s so cute and talented.
    Can’t wait Beastly and Sucker punch.

  • Karen

    Well, you know what they say, tina,..

    It takes one to know one… However, I there is nothing that Vanessa does which makes her seem like a dope. You on the other hand is a dfferent story.

  • nathalia

    I agree with you,
    vanessa is always with friends
    and making new friends
    Sugira uma tradução melhor

  • emma

    Love her!

  • patry91

    she is so amazing! i love her to death! she is funny, smart, gorgeous and the list is endless..:) thanks JJJ!

  • just vanessa

    she’s so amazing she’s definitely my role model
    vanessa looks gorgeous and hot in this shoot

  • nessa’s fan

    god, she is soooo funnyyyyyyy lol, at the end of interview, i had a huge smile on my face and i couldn’t get rid of it… lol because i was rethinking what she said about jumping jacks lol

  • honey

    I just love this interview, Nessa seems so sweet :)
    GO NESSA !!!!!!!!!!

  • maria

    @tina: As are you, sweetheart. As well as judgmental, rude, mean, and delusional. Oh, and the comments are getting old too.

  • yets

    she’s a sweetheart.

  • ZANE


>>>>>>> staging1