Chelsea Staub: Kissing Joe Jonas Didn's Suck

Chelsea Staub: Kissing Joe Jonas Didn's Suck

Chelsea Staub flirts with the camera as she appears on E!’s Daily 10 report on Monday night (April 26).

The 21-year-old actress plus costar pals the Jonas Brothers were highlighted on the program during a set visit, which also included Emma Roberts.

, 21, dished on the fans coming around to her, saying, “They are getting nicer. About a couple years ago Joe and I went shopping and these pictures came out of us in Santa Monica together, and that’s when the hate mail came in because nobody knew why I was there, or why I was attached to the boys so that’s when the death threats were pretty heavy. But since then, I think I have kind of earned their trust.”

And kissing Joe? “It didn’t suck,” she said.

E! Goes On JONAS Set
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  • annie ryan

    yeah there cute onscreen but demi and joe r still the best cuple (JEMIFOREVER) :D ILY JB

  • Bard

    Yeah, she had to endure it very lightly but poor Demi has been getting hate mail and death threats since people found out she was going to be in Camp Rock as Joe’s love interest. Seriously some people are freaking crazy, like they were ever going to get to meet Joe anyways. The girls did have a reason to be jealous of Demi though because her connection with Joe has always been stronger than any of them thought and now they are finally together and happier than they have been in a long time. Go Jemi. Screw the haters.

  • Tinker

    @Bard: DIDO! I agree with you completely.

  • bobo

    it comes with the territory girl! you wanted to be famous, you got served!

  • miranda

    Chelsea Staub is awesome. I love her tweets – she seems so witty and intelligent, and she’s beautiful!

  • kent

    WOW. Emma is so cool!

  • aya

    haha if you watch the video you’ll see that she says it all in a joking way. shes so cute! LOVE you chelsea! and love stella!! cant wait for season 2!!!!!!

  • Robyn
  • jessica

    well what can you expect from jonas fans.

  • linda

    she is way better than demi and prettier !

  • jessica

    @linda: agreed.

  • Patrice

    There is always someone who have to make a negative remark and someone else agrees. It NEVER fails.
    No one is prettier or better than the other.

  • http://ksa layla

    Jemi 4 ever

  • Ella

    LOL at how Joe stares at Kevin.. Can’t wait to watch the 2nd season!!!

  • Hugo

    Death threats? The fans really take this stuff too heart sometimes.



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