Justin Bieber Arrives In Auckland; Chaos Ensues

Justin Bieber Arrives In Auckland; Chaos Ensues

Heavily surrounded by escorts and security, Justin Bieber arrives at Auckland Airport in New Zealand on Tuesday (April 27).

The 16-year-old musician was set to perform at Sunrise in Sydney at the Overseas Passenger Terminal at Circular Quay, but because of the mass crowd, fainting and trampling, police were forced to cancel the concert after several young fans were crushed during crowd surges.

Popeater reports that New Zealand prepared themselves for Justin‘s arrival — his label even kept his arrival time secret, but that didn’t stop 1,000 plus fans from showing up at the airport.

Justin left a little message on his Twitter for his Aussie fans, “AUSTRALIA…i want to say thank you for the most incredible welcome. I wont ever forget it and i cant wait to come back soon and perform and yes I got to see a wombat.”

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Credit: Getty, Picture Media, Graham Denholm; Photos: SplashNewsOnline, INFdaily
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  • Samantha

    his label didn’t keep the arrival time secret, One of new zealands music stations announced it on twitter, monday.

  • linda

    he is so cute and i dont know why people hate on him because you dont see other stars being greeted with 1000 fans!

  • http://twitter zanessa4eva

    i saw it on the news earlier and somone stole his purple cap and went on the edge radio show this morning and somone else knocked over his mum at the airport, bieber fever is crazy over here

  • nikki

    you do know why he is always greeted with a lot of fans is cuz he TWEETS everywhere he is at so fans will go whereever he is… if other teen stars or hearthrobes did this like rob and zac then they would be greeted by a LOT of fans too…….
    the kid just wants attention!

  • Lu

    @nikki: Definitely. Zac has way more fans who would follow him everywhere, if he posted where he was going.

  • Mika

    Yo, bieber fever is getting …. scary.

  • http://www.savannahbrasil.com Da5vi

    I don’t like him. and I know lots of talented people that should be on his place.

    He’s “16″ and he acts like a children OO”

  • zoe

    LOL im from NZ

  • tia

    rob and zac ….travel plans are often told by the press and they do get greeted by fans…but not at the same level as Justin Bieber. I know its hard to believe but Justin Bieber does have fans…hint why both his album is on the charts….his fans are buying it.

  • jessica

    honestly you dont know that zac or rob have more fans. i mean justin has alot of fans. so of course there gonna be there. so stop hating on him for the littlest things.

  • annasaurus

    @tia: they’re not told by the press, they’re leaked by the paparazzi.

  • helen

    this is so sad. he’s just a kid. this will shape him in a whole different way. it will build up his confidence and make it that much easier to crash.

  • Devika

    went there last night it was amazing to see him so close ………..i even got to touch his hand when he went in the car …… love you justin

  • jamie

    Rob, Taylor, and Justin have more fans than Zac does. With those three, it’s fan frenzies. I haven’t heard about any fan frenzies with Zac lately.

  • Lu

    Frenzie doesn’t necessarily mean more fans, just crazed ones. Besides, I meant here on JJJ. Too long without a Zac post and people start begging for one. And Zac posts always get way more comments than Bieber and unlike Bieber hardly any, if not none, are hater comments.

  • riana

    i live in new zealand, but not auckland so i couldnt see him :(
    im pretty sure it was only 500 fans at the airport,
    and it sounded pretty crazy those girls that stole his hat and blackmailed him saying he had to give them a hug and a photo so he could get his hat back
    and pushin his mum over and trying to rip his clothes off

  • Brittany


  • Brittany

    and wtf this is so embarrassing, these girls are so fucked up

  • Brittany

    oh and just like nikki said, he just wants attention..that’s all.

  • epal

    whats so special about this kid…

  • tutti

    omg!! he goes 2 newzealand~~
    he s soooo hot around the world~~❤

  • Hlenbchh

    Guys just so you know
    justin is way more popular in australia at the moment than zac efron and robert pattinson
    and the reason there were so many girls there was because sydney is a small city compared to some of the big ones in america and it was a public holiday is aussie so thats why all the girls could go and see him and his performance was cancelled brcause 10 girls collapsed and they werent listening to police instructions
    all the same still love you sooooooo much justin
    hope you get better soon

  • Robyn
  • damn

    yeah justin gets all the girls..but who said that they’re pretty? mwhaha his fans are uglyyyy


    i wanna meet justin and all but dont wanna hear all the screaming and be around all the chaos i admit i have BIEBER FEVER but not a fan just a 20 year girl who caught diz disease

  • anonymous

    Silly girls who stole his hat and pushed his mum over, what an embarrasment to our country. I’m glad justin didn’t reward their stealing by giving into their blackmail.

  • jamie

    I still say Rob, Taylor, and Justin are more popular now than Zac is today. Zac is only popular on a couple of sites, like just jared jr. Justin’s posts only get haters because they’re envious of his tremendous success.

  • jessie

    Justin Bieber is AMAZING! I wish I was there!

  • brad

    @jamie: Zac Is Still Hugely Popular! He Just Lost Most Of His Baby Fans And Has Older Teenagers And Adult Fans Now! Which In My Book Is Lot Better! I Love Zac Efron! He Rocks! He’s My Favorite! While Juustin Has More Of 10 Year Old Fans! Which Is Bad! Rob Has More Grown Up Fans Too! I Love Zac And Rob More Than The Baby’s Taylor And Justin!

  • Candy

    What make are thoose headphones hes wearing ?

  • Jenn

    Heck yeah… I can’t believe they knocked over his mother! Everywhere he goes he starts a riot, he should really stop tweeting like every little thing

  • robsten lovin

    luv me some Justin Bieber!

  • robsten lovin

    I love Justin Bieber!

  • http://soaps-now.us Trey


  • Justin’s FAvorite babe

    Ok Justin ik you might be reading this, but I wrote a long thing about Why I love Justin Bieber. Ok here is what is mentioned: I love your shaggy hair and I love it how your hair lays on your face and That you are my favorite hero, and That i wish I wasn’t 12 I wish I was the same age so we could go out if we new each other, and that I love your hats like how they look on you and that you are the HOTTEST GUY AROUND!!!!! There is a whole lot more!!!! I have 17 posters in my room and they all say I love can’t wait to see you!!!!!!


    mr.and mrs. bieber 4eva

  • http://twitter.com/_Ashleeiigh ashleigh

    Wat kind of person knocks down someone’s mum, and steals their hat?!
    how mean. :|

    people should be more respectful.

  • anonymous2u

    i feel sorry 4 him. Yes he’s an amazing singer, but these obsessed fans NEED 2 calm down! If they don’t, I wouldn’t be suprised if they cancel ALL of his concerts. Who knows.

  • anonymous2u

    @Justin’s FAvorite babe:

    ok, u r the type of girl that is OBSESSED! He’s cute, but lay off.

  • Emma

    it was crazy i was there!! and saw Justin from his nose up lol and i felt sorry for him and his mum!!! and those girls that stole his hat that was disrespectful thats just a bad look for us New Zealanders… we are not all like that! :D

  • Justin’s FAvorite babe

    JUSTIN YOU ARE A TOTAL BABE!!!!!! Every time I hear him on the radio I cry, because he is so hott and because there is never a pitchy moment and that there is never a dull moment to me


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