Zac Efron: 2010 MTV Movie Awards Promo!

Zac Efron: 2010 MTV Movie Awards Promo!

Zac Efron is just one of many celebs to appear in the first video promo for the 2010 MTV Movie Awards.

The 22-year-old actor joins Kristen Bell and Diddy in embarrassing Aziz Ansari, the Parks and Recreation comedian and host of this years awards.

Zac shared in the video via People, “There was this one Halloween where someone had to be a pumpkin. No one wanted to do it…except Aziz.”

The 2010 MTV Movie Awards will air on Sunday, June 6th in Los Angeles.

Zac Efron & Others: Aziz Ansari Baby Pictures!
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  • jane

    first! :)

  • jane

    looks bad with the stupid ‘stache.

  • Katty

    The mustache isn’t his best look, but it isn’t horrible either. Some guys get lazy and don’t shave for a while, don’t hate him for it! Gotta say, Zac, I love the scruff more, and of course, the clean shaven!

    Can’t wait for more news on his projects and when he is gonna go filming and stuff.

    I’ll always love ya, Zac!

  • http://j chelsea

    idk why but i laughed lol.. i love zac but that mustache is a NAY

  • amy

    I like the stache (; makes him look sexy! Love him <3

  • Carol

    Zac is so hot

  • inji

    he doesnt look horrible with the stache ;) i think it suits him :P

  • newyorkrox

    the stache is growing on me!
    he looks older and sexier with it ….but have to say i loved the scruff he had going on before this!

  • Shell

    Zac baby nooo I loved his 17again look alot this is just……NO!!

  • Karen

    I think Zac really is looking good in this video. I think his mustache really looks good, his hair, and his eyes are wonderful. When I was young like this I loved guys with mustaches but now I do prefer a clean shave for guys. BUT I hear Zac is really making points with Vanessa as she LOVES his “stache.

    Also, in this video and this look and the serious expressions he can have I could really believe him being a drug runner which if his new movie turns out is the character he would be playing.

  • susan1

    he look cute with the mustache i love it.<3

  • joanne

    he looks good in that video. that stache is fine on him

  • ryanefron

    holy crap hes hot.

  • HsmZanessaFansite21

    He’s so hot..
    Zac is like the hottest guy ever..I so wanna be

  • Katty


    Where did you hear that?? Hm??

  • abby

    Haha the stacha really kinda looks hot here. Much better then it does in some of his candids.

    He sure had grown up a lot since his HSM days……………..thats for sure lol.

  • http://wwwe London Lemming

    Some of you on here really do make me laugh with your comments. Do you think you have any say in how Zac looks? Have you ever thought they might be a purpose behind his new look? Zac is maturing, and to do this he needs to create an older more sophisticated look. If he had kept the “Troy Bolton” look he would never have been taken seriously, he would have just been seen as a teen actor all his career. Zac has said himself that he wants to be taken seriously,part of that is proving he can look mature and isn’t afraid to experiment with new styles and looks. As fans you should be concerned with movies. His appearance is none of your concern. if decided to walk around Hollywood in his “birthday suit” it would be none of your business. A definition of fan is someone who respects and admires an individuals work. Some of you who comment on here seem to be under the delusional that it’s your god given right to comment and have an opinion on every aspect of Zacs life because you are a “fan”. Newsflash for you, you have no right at all to comment on anything except Zac’s movies. I would be prepared to bet a hell of a lot of money that half of you on here would not look twice at Zac Efron if he went to your High School. You only like him because he is “Zac Efron”. The reality is while Zac is immensly grateful all the support his fans give and fully understands that without you he would not be half as successful as he is. He got this far mostly on his own talent. It was his talent that booked him Summerland & HSM. Not you guys.

  • London Lemming

    You should support him in his career not make endless comments and conjecture about his personal life and appearance.

  • abby

    @London Lemming: I agree 100% he’s grown up and therefore needs to look older. He can’t always look like he did in HSM.

    But I disagree with you on the whole looks thing. I never went to a real high school (went online) but I know for a fact I would 100% look at Zac if I saw him on the street. There is something very good looking about him. I can’t put my finger on it but he doesn’t look like the normal guy. Atleast the normal guys around where I live sure as hell don’t look like that. ;)

  • Katty


    He looked 17 in 17 Again. He is 22 now, he needs to look that way, and he needs to look the way he needs to for his new roles. If he still had that teenage swish cut, he would be getting teenage roles (most likely) and he wants serious ones.

    @London Lemming:

    I agree with both of you… Looks matter to an extent, as does talent.

  • http://google BARBARA

    @ Karen I agree with every thing you said, I read that Vanessa likes his mustache, actually i like his mustache, my husband had one. Zac looks very handsome, and he sounds like he’s getting to be older, which i like, so he can do older parts. LONDON , yes we should talk about his movies, but this thread is also to talk about his life and his love life,which is about him, all of Zac makes him want he’s all about, the same about Vanessa, The fans on this thread want to find out about want he is doing and want movies is going to do, but when there is not any information about want he his doing, then the fans just like to talk about him, remember alot of the fans are teenagers.

  • London Lemming

    But would you randomly go up to him and start critisizing him for have a “stash” or because of what he is wearing? Thats my point here. Fans sometimes over step the mark.
    Looks are important. He said so himself when he was talking about booking Hairspray, he wasn’t taken seriously until he cut and dyed his hair. The industry he is in is one of the most vicious and fickle industries. You may have all the talent in the world,but if you don’t have the look the casting directors are looking for,the likely hood is you won’t be offered the role.

  • nikki

    HES SSOOO HHOOOTTTTTT<3333!!! marry me zac efron

  • London Lemming

    My comment wasn’t aimed at the teenagers who will probably forget about him in a few years time,because they’ve moved on to the next “hot” star or they’ve grew up and seen this for what it is a job.

    Let me try putting this another way. Zac is an actor. His job is to make act whether it be in movies, on Tv or on stage. It is like an other job in the world. It is really no different then having a nine to five (except as I am fully aware he doesn’t work those hours.) Do you know everything your co-workers do when they are not at work? The answer is no you don’t so my question to all of you is: Why should you have the right to know about what he does when he is not making movies?

  • abby

    @London Lemming: Oh ok I understand what your saying now. No I wouldn’t critisizing him for it because its hims own being. But I’m not one of the people on here who have commented saying it looks bad. I truly don’t care, he’s a grown adult he can do whatever the hell he wants. Who am I to say he can’t do something when I don’t even know the guy.

  • ashytisdalefan

    Omg he looks sooo hot. I love it when he has a stache like that <3

  • linda

    he still looks soooo cute!(:

  • maria

    I really like the ‘stache. It’s just a good change, and it’s easily gone, so why not???? It makes him look sexy and manly. I like the video….it’s actually pretty funny for a host promo.

  • justine

    O-M-G please zzzaaaacccc come kiss me!!!!!!!!!!! :)
    He’s ssoo dreamy!

  • justine

    AND… not to mention the most AMAZINGEST guy on the planet!!!!!!

  • hotttt








  • bianca

    Omg no…he looks so devilishly handsome with that stache…omg I love him every single way…I think he looks so mature with that little spot of hair he managed to grow I LOVE U!

  • Karen


    I get updates through about Zac on a daily basis and when they were printing news about his rumored new movie it told about how Zac was racking up points with Vanessa over his new mustache because she loved it and the reason he was growing it was for his new movie.

  • Kro

    have to say that Zac looks great, that facial hair makes him look older and handsome and mature, he has a great voice and great stage presence, i love his new look! He just is getting better with the time

  • pop86

    I hope this video means he will be attending the Movie Awards. His eyes really ” pop” in this video.

  • birdie

    Handsome and funny=perfect. That promo cracked me up.

  • Claudia

    I think Zac looks totally sexy, hot and handsome!
    I loove his mustache, it looks really good on him…I like to see whatever he’s doing, however i’m really happy when i hear about Zac’s new movies, something new…That’s what his career is about, but he’s sexy and handsome, it’s impossible not to admire his appearance…anyway…


  • brad

    My man is so yummy right now!! i wanna eat him up!!!

  • green bay

    Ok, He is looking mghty fine!! i do like him better without it, well i’ll always love zac the same :) hes perfect

  • sweeeet

    SWEEEEEET! I LOVE HIM!!!! XD !!!!!!!

  • zv

    he looks good
    can’t wait for mtv

  • London Lemming

    I’m sure your all aware that Charlie St Cloud has now been pushed forward to July?

  • skyhigh95

    Charlie was move to July 30! Seriously! It’s the same day where Beastly is released! Don’t believe me? Look at this website:
    I was really surprise cause it’s the same day as beastly’s release date!

  • zafede


  • Ella

    Zac looks hot in his mustache! ;)

  • http://google BARBARA

    I’M really disapointed in Untervisal Zac’s movie against Vanessa’s movie, I feel sorry for Zac and Vanessa, because the media will have a field day putting Zac and Vanessa movies against each other, instead of there acting merits there are going to make there movies like a war instead of there good work they have done. I know it is out of Zac’s, control, but i think untervisal really sinks, this going to cause drama, i’m sure Zac is not happy about this. I hope this doesn’t cause a strain in there realtionship. I feel for them. I know they have a srong relationship, Iknow they a very strong relationship and love each other very deeply,but this is going to be hard for them. I wonder why Untervisal did this, except to hurt CBS films.

  • nikki

    aDayum i want him to be mine :) :) aahhh

  • London Lemming

    Your comment for the most part is silly and uninformed.
    The reason St Cloud has been brought forward is because the stars of the movie that was orignally in the slot are not available for promotion,whereas Zac obvioiusly is.
    As for CBS & Universal going up against each other, thats the nature of the film industry. It’s about making money. It’s also about publicity and pitting the two movies against each other is bound to create a lot of publicity because of the stars.
    As for it affecting Zacs private life, his professional and personal life are two completly separate entities and for the past couple of years he has gone out of his way to prove that. It won;t affect his personal at all because he understands that this is just business.

  • http://n/a Nicole

    DAMN !!! Loving the stache I think it will go great with the new thriller movie your signed to do you certainly look older now wish you well on your projects and with your company you’ve started and hello to Vanessa too.

  • pop86

    @London Lemming: I agree with everything you said.

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