Charice is a Total Girl

Charice is a Total Girl

Charice Pempengco takes the May 2010 cover of Total Girl Phillipines.

The 18-year-old powerhouse singer opened up to the mag about doing her best, what makes her different from the rest and singing for Justin Timberlake. Check it:

On what gives her the motivation to keep on going: “It’s the negative comments I hear about myself that push me to keep on going. It’s like, if the haters annoy me, I’d annoy them even more by doing better! (laughs) But seriously, I want to prove that I can do it rather than tearing other people down, it should be really be more of giving support.”

On what sets her apart: “I don’t think anything really sets me apart from everyone else. We all work hard and want to be successful. We all do our best. We all feel the pressure to perform well.”

On meeting Justin Timberlake: “It’s still a surprise to me when I see them around and I get introduced to them-and an even a bigger surprise when they say they love how I sing. Like when I met Justin Timberlake — they invited me to sing for him during an awards ceremony in his honor. After I sang, he came over and congratulated me! I also dream of meeting Beyonce one day. I’d love to follow in her footsteps when it comes to my career. Those are my two dream duets, with Justin and Beyonce!”

Charice‘s self-titled debut album will drop on May 11th — the same day she’ll be on Oprah with Justin Bieber!

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  • julidevers

    Congratulations, Angel! May you continue on your road to more success. You have been such an inspiration to many! To the top, Charice!

  • Ella

    whoa! Good for her.. You go girl!!

  • JanCaz

    She’s amazing, really a Filipino pride.

  • http://twitter dan

    nice one girl more success and remain as you are

  • Wedgie

    I love Charice, and I totally love what she said about haters and motivation. You go, girl! She’s such a role model for young people.

    And did you know she can do a spot-on voice impression of Justin Bieber? She did it on air at a radio interview. I hope she does that on Oprah when they guest together! :P

    Thank you JJJ– more Charice news in the future, please! :D

  • maria

    She doesn’t know that: she stands out from the rest of them! A refreshing look w/ versatility, real talent, and the voice. She’s no hipped up celeb. Bless her and may she remain grounded, untouched by hollywood, humble. Just sing your way to the hearts of people, Charice! That is the best way to stay there.

  • trololol

    I have one of those.

    We’re proud of you,Charice.Go girl.

  • saudia

    Is she the girl that was on Ellen a couple years ago?? Why is she familiar! lol this bugs me. I know Ellen has a lot of talented kids on her show it her?

  • Wedgie

    Yes Saudia, that’s the same girl. She was also on Oprah shortly after she appeared on Ellen. Google/YouTube her, she has performed with Celine Dion, Andrea Bocelli, etc.. She also has a duet with David Archuleta on his Christmas album!

  • twylamc

    I love Charice. Listen to her debut album songs that will be unveiled one by one every day on Oprah.Com leading to her Oprah guesting for her debut album

  • NEGE

    At top bebe! CharicE!!

  • gertrude

    hope she doesn’t follow the steps of other teen celebs who choose to take drugs or become pregnant after being very very famous!

  • ericajoy japlit

    i know that she is a good person..but i just dont like her!

  • mcee

    aw! so proud of her! stay grounded… you are getting there…
    My bad I missed the chance to meet her when my partner had a chance to shoot her here in philippines…=(

  • cardcrusher

    Be aware that some Charice fans are posting multiple messages under different handle-names. I have proof that one fan group is encouraging Charice fans to commit sock puppetry.

  • cardcrusher

    @cardcrusher: Ignore my previous comment. I am stupid!

  • cardcrusher

    Thanks to an identity thief @ 1:33 pm on 05/05/2010 for proving my point.

  • ming

    @ericajoy japlit: suit yourself

  • nicolle tapig

    i like totally girl because it feels me like a true teen ager …………………………………………………………………………………………………… miley cyrus

  • http://charicemania Brian lyons

    charice if your reading this its me the fan that never makes bad comments well im writing this to say i love you.

  • http://charicemania Brian lyons

    I havn’t forgotten about you.

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