James Maslow: Get Halfway There on iTunes Now!

James Maslow: Get Halfway There on iTunes Now!

James Maslow pushes back his shaggy hair as he attends the launch of Eva Longoria Parker‘s new fragrance Eva by Eva Longoria at Beso in Los Angeles on Tuesday night (April 27).

The 19-year-old actor recently caught up with JJJ at the video shoot for “The City is Ours” and told us what scares him the most.

James shared, “Not getting to do what I love. Not doing what I’m most passionate about. If I was stuck at a job, just to have a job…for security. Ironically, that type of security scares me. I’m really happy when I’m doing art like this. I’m just really blessed to be doing this.”

Be sure to head over to iTunes and buy “Halfway There” by Big Time Rush!

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Credit: Adriana M. Barraza, David Livingston; Photos: Getty, WENN
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  • al


  • bianca

    He looks like Celine Dion…gosh somebody tell that kid that he looks effeminate

  • abcmissme

    DAMN you are waaay too pretty to be a MAN.

  • abcmissme

    Okay i just looked at the pics up close. I must say you have a nice eye color… but the twinkle in them and the rest of your face is so unattractive!

  • jessica

    wow he looks so gay.

  • melanie

    hahah he’s soo pretty!

  • marie

    okay so i thought it was just me he does have makeup on. maybe he is gay but um this isnt the theatre and he is not in a play so why does he have on all that makeup?

  • lala

    I went to school with him. He’s definitely not gay.

  • kara

    Is he wearing make up? eww

  • LILY

    He looks like a chick

  • xonnel

    I have to say James does look a tad too effeminate here.
    Naturally he is a pretty guy, but the hair is the main reason for him looking womanly. Especially when its swept back at the front.

  • harhar

    poor guy, they put to much makeup on him, no he looks like a little girl..sad sad..:C

  • Tina

    He is so hot! and his voice is beautiful!!

  • nathalia

    wowwwwwww! too much make up!!

  • jans

    i thought he was a girl at first glance.. (with a lot of facial hair) hahah

  • mari

    (sigh) how is it that he looks so unbelievably hot in the show but when he takes pics he looks horrible?

    i hate 3 things in that pic
    1. he seems to be wearing make up
    2. his hair looks horrible cause its brushed back
    3. he has facial hair!

  • HannahJ_17

    Wow most of you are just immature! James for 1 is NOT gay, he’s a good looking guy and does not wear make up! Is there something wrong with someone looking natural without someone immature fool calling him gay?? Adam Lambert wears make up, not James!

  • sterlingk

    most times he looks good but just not in this picture

  • uh

    he’s like a man version of julia roberts.. seriously .lol look at him.. just stare and invision the resemblence!

  • uh

    he’s like a man version of julia roberts.. seriously .lol look at him.. just stare and invision the resemblence!

  • EB

    NEVER judge a book by its cover! Shame on you people!

  • xax

    He has Heidi Montag pre-massive-op’s smile!

  • naomi

    @lala: but he looks like he is!

  • Alexia

    blush on much?

  • mc

    James Maslow is actually my neighbor and he is the sweetest guy ever. Every time I see him he looks GORGEOUS because he simply IS gorgeous.

    I wish I looked like he does when I’m not wearing makeup! His skin is absolutely flawless and he doesn’t / doesn’t have to wear makeup. He is SOO lucky LOL! Love ya James! ~M.C.

  • mc


    LOL no. dont be jealous ;)

  • michelle

    I MET HIM!!!!!! he actually doesnt wear makeup— he has to die for natural features– he gorgeous and super down to earth, absolutly love him

  • lacey

    he’s really pretty…but he def doesn’t wear makeup. saw him at an event and was like whoa, so that’s just his natural skin and eyelashes. crazy!!! the kid has naturally what we try to get with blush and mascara! lol

  • Kat

    OMG he looks so sexy at Eva’s party!!!! The haters wish they could look that hot WITHOUT makeup!


  • actionjackson

    James Maslow is a gift from the Gods!! HES SOO PRETTY! I LOVE HIM!!! EEEEEK. He totally doesnt wear makeup!!!

  • KC

    Wow.. a whole page of “he DOES wear makeup” and now a second page of “NO he DOESN’T wear make up! Seems kinda fishy to me lol. Anyways.. haha. I’m sure he wears mascara.. no one has eyelashes like that.

  • macy

    OMG guys… He’s wearing CLEAR mascara!!! I cant believe Im the first to say. My bf wears clear mascara and his lashes are 100% the same. Just like my bf, is it possable to have dark long lashes? The answer is yes, but theres no way the clump and curl like that on their own. And thats all clear mascara does, doesn’t darkin or lengthen, just clumps and curls.

  • http://yahoo bigtimecrush

    really you guys???!!!!! he is NOT WEARING ANY MAKEUP AT ALL, he has roseacea which causes your cheeks to be inflamed to appear like bluhs…he has naturally dark eyelashes and doesnt wear mascara, in every pic his eyes look amazing even home ones..can someone be naturally beautiful without you fuccks bashing him?! apparently not..imma true rusher and james is my favorite guy ever..and dont talk shit because you are dead wrong,

  • http://yahoo bigtimecrush

    really???!!! you gu