Miley Cyrus Launches YouTube Channel; Gets Her Crab On

Miley Cyrus Launches YouTube Channel; Gets Her Crab On

Miley Cyrus and pals Iyaz and Varsity Fan Club show off their best “Crab Dance” moves in this new video.

The trio show off their best moves to the “Drinking Crab,” “Island Crab,” and JJJ‘s fave, the “Loe Down Crab Down.”

Miley, 17, also posted this afternoon that she’s launched her own YouTube channel. She wrote, “I will continue to do videos for Mworld but for some reason its not working on my computer right now! I’m gonna make my youtube account more for my older fans and then do constant updates for my younger fans on Mileyworld! My youtube account is Youtube/MCFORREALZZZ!

Miley Cyrus, Iyaz & Varsity Fan Club – The Crab Dance
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  • damn

    hahahaha yah miley we know you can’t dance…The only female artists who really can dance are CIARA and beyonce ;)

  • yougotme

    Uhm Miley you have no ‘older’ fans only HM obsessed lil baby kiddies ;) and the fans who are older than 10-11-12 or 13 are nerds and have no friends or hobbys!

  • annie ryan

    OMG!!!! yayayayayayayayay :D :’) finally

  • Whatever

    6 months ago I would have been ecstatic. Now, I could careless. So over Cyrus, her 1 minute Banana man, and her “I am too mature” attitude. I”ll bet Liam is only letting her have a You Tube under the conditions that he gets to be in several videos. What Liam says ….Miley does.

  • tadaa


    Obviously you haven’t watched the video above. Youre just a troll bye

  • Taya




    OMG so funny miley doing the crab !!!!!!!

    i love her

  • Tiffany

    yeahI am super excited!!!!!!!!! Get all of Miley’s clothes here

  • London Lemming

    This is rather hypocritical of her. For the past 2 months she has been denouncing all types of social networking sites and all of a sudden shes popped up again with a new Youtube channel. I’m sorry but thats just hypocritical. Youtube IS a SOCIAL NETWORKING site, most people post videos because they want to share things with others.

    Miley needs to go back to acting her age. She is 16-17, she needs to act like it and stop trying to act older like her boyfriend because its making her look silly. I feel sorry for her PR team. She must really give them a headache. If she was my client I’d have stopped representing her by now. It seems whatever positive spin her team try and put on the BS that leaves her mouth,she contridicts the next time she opens it.

  • Niamh

    well… im a mWorld member and im 14 and i joined for the exclusivity! whats so exclusive about MileyWorld now?

  • Taya

    so so so excited!!!!

  • Robyn
  • bobo

    older fans: 60 yr old pervs
    younger fans: 6 yr old kids

  • Julie

    Why don’t you post a real article about VFC? Just because Miley is featured in this one you have to post it.

  • rania

    Miley is so funny, I love her

  • peter

    so cute!! I want videos in her youtube account now :) I can’t wait

  • yoyo

    she doesn’t have ‘older’ fan only lil babys the ‘older’ fans are nerds with no friends and hobbys!

  • Leal714

    Yeah i agree with Julie.

    Hey jared please support Varsity Fanclub post the cover they did of Baby!
    It’s amazing and also their new single “Spank That” is out everywhere.
    Varsity Fanclub can actually sing unlike some other “celebrities” you post about

  • kym

    haha at first i thought u were being sarcastic aboutt he miley part
    but wat about janet jackson?
    thats where ciara got her moves from
    and there are alot of other female artists than can dance, even shakira

  • kym

    aww guys c’mon dont b mean
    i might not b much of a fan of miley
    but there is something to luv in everyone
    and u gotta admitt this was really cute
    but i also want jj to make a general post about VFC- that wud b cool :)

  • lol

    @London Lemming:

    I could not agree with you more!

  • cady

    A lot of her fans grew up with her… which means that I for example am 16 and still enjoy watching her show. And the only thing that’s stupid and immature about this is people judging each other by what TV show they watch.

  • jessica

    what kind of a name is that, lol. especially for a youtube account.

  • Mika

    @London Lemming:

    Well said!

  • linda


  • linda

    i meant boring!

  • http://justjaredjr simone oconnell

    Miley love it your back again.I cannot really see any difference between twitter and you tube.At the end of the day everyone has to give in the internet is the way forward and that is a fact.

  • craig stairs

    I thought Miley said people need to spend less time at the computer. I guess that’s okay as long as you watch her and buy her stuff.

  • MileyCyrusbiggestfan


    Ok so i dont get it, so ur saying u hate miley but if u hate her why r u looking her up then? yah thats what i thought!!!!!!!! And plus u problay hate her just becuz of the things shes done well sorry if u dont get it but were HUMANS!!!!!!! WE ACT DIFFERENT OK!!!!!!! Now do u get it? So if i was u i wouldnt write that comment becuz it seems u like her since ur looking at this and actually watching it!!!!!!

  • askljfald

    Okay, I get why people are thinking its hypocritical of Miley to create a youtube account when she made a big fuss about twitter. With twitter, you have to update like every 5 minutes. With youtube, she can upload videos whenever she wants, not every 5 minutes. She quit twitter because she wanted to” live in the moment” and she can do that and please her fans at the same time. So what’s the big fuss?

    I do agree though, the post should be about VFC and their talent. Not because Miley Cyrus is in it.

    Also, I think it’s kind of funny how the same people come back to every Miley Cyrus post and talk crap about her. Um, if you have a problem then don’t bother reading or even watching a video. Just to name a few: @bobo, @damn, @yoyo.

  • joecool

    @yoyo: @Mika: @lol: @bobo:

    She does have loyal fans from all age groups, why insult them are you that petty…….wait a minute of course you are!! Why else would you watch her videos and go on her sites just to post bad things about her or anybody else for that matter grow up and stop the hate!!!


  • Deanna

    I love this video!! Varsity Fanclub is amazing. And I love Miley.

  • eternallyvfc

    I give my full loyal support to Varsity Fanclub. I am just soooo proud of you them! GO BUY SPANK THAT ON iTUNES NOW! =) watch their other videos too at

  • stephwin

    Hahahah Just Jared Jr. is wayyy nicer than Perez Hilton(:

  • VfcForEveaa

    Yayaya i love this video! i just kinda wish miley was’nt in it..oh well Varsityfanclub is awesome in it im still learning the dance tho =]

    And for those of you who dont know VFC Heres links =]
    They are an amazing band and everyone should really check them out and buy their new single “SpankThat” On Itunes its AWESOME! Trust me =]

  • Liva

    I Freakiiiiin Love These Guys!! VFC Rocks My World!!
    Theyre Sooo Amziinggg!!

    Haha Imma Do The Crab 2day! =D!


  • billythekid


    Hmm, I recognize that attitude all the way over here at JJJ!

    @London Lemming:

    Ah point made and not entirely wrong. However, just because someone criticizes a certain aspect of life, doesn’t necessarily mean they have to completely abstain from every aspect of it! I b*tch about things all the time, but I still pay attention to them just the same. Basically speaking, we are all hypocrites at heart simply because it’s in our nature to contradict ourselves. Miley is no different, and shouldn’t be held to any higher standard. One thing people should know about Miley by now is that the girl changes her mind quite often; nothing should be held in stone with regards to her intellect. It’s always in motion, always changing.

  • Liva

    Hahaha This Is Awesome! Gotta Love VFC =D!

    ‘Crab To The Left’ Lmao!

    Varsity FanClub Is The Freakiin BEST!


  • Yaf

    Hey y’all. I may dislike miley but she sure does bring VFC some good publicity. please click on the link, scroll down a bit and press like!

  • Jill

    man that is so funny and not in a good way, those dudes are idiots coming up with stuff like that. hahahaha

  • Tessa

    I love Varsity Fanclub!
    “crab to the left! crab to the right! criss cross!”

  • jessica


    I am 17, a month younger then Miley and absoulutely love her. And I have plenty of friends. They all tease me about it, in a joking way. I love her fashion style, attitude and music. And I love anything with her acting in it. So don’t go making assumptions..

  • mary

    I Love Miley

  • xoHusnaaxo

    and follow them >
    They’re Hilarious and just plain AWESOME!! (:

    And for all those Miley haters here…I Love herrr!! She’s awesome! I’m 6 months older than her and I’m a huge fan..Got a prob with that?? I don’t really care (:


  • anonymous

    is that her new song in the background? sounds like her voice..

  • http://@amber_vfc amber

    I love Varsity Fanclub and thought their La Cha Cha Crab is the best haha and Bobby is adorable :) If you know anything about Varsity Fanclub then this video should have not suprised you :) Miley and Iyaz were funny too.

    BTW if you haven’t yet go to Itunes and buy Spank That by Varsity Fanclub their first released song in a looooong time but its amazing and super funny :) Check it!!

  • miley cyrus fan ;)

    omg how funny miley u make me laugh ;) crab dance :P and who ever said she has no older fans she dose im 14 and im sure she has like older fans and im a fan of hannah doesn’t been im a baby dose it i think miley cyrus is amazing and forever will be !!

  • xTARAx

    im 12 and i have a hobby and friends!!!! and i luv miley!!!! so don’t go judging ppl!!!!

  • rachel

    hahahahaha!!!!! dança do siri por miley cyrus :D
    so funnyyyyyyyyy !!!!!!! love miley !

  • Britini95


    You took the time to go on the internet a critize someone who you doon’t like, so YOUR’E the nerd loser with no hobbies of friends. Miley has fans of all agaes, and if you don’t like her, than just don’t look at her!!!!!

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