Selena Gomez Goes Au Natural

Selena Gomez Goes Au Natural

Selena Gomez picks up a pretty parasol to post with as a part of her People photo shoot.

The 17-year-old actress is just one of many celebs to strip down their face and go au natural in the upcoming Most Beautiful issue. Check out the behind-the-scenes video at!

Head on over to to check out Selena‘s new welcome video!

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  • pauli

    gosh finally a new post of gorgeus selly…. i miss her so much!!!!

  • pauli

    btw she looks so gorgeous and super cute as always…. shes definitely the best!!!

  • andy

    She def is a Natural beauty! She is just goegeous! She will be on my “Most Beautiful List”

  • Robyn
  • Marissa

    Selena’s looking GORGEOUS like always :) Obviously she DOES NOT need makeup to look beautiful.

  • yoyo

    Aaawww she’s so pretty !

    Sel & Taylor Swift for sure ;)

  • smilla

    definitely vanessa!

  • kara

    @Robyn: i like how you commented your own pic with “omg 5000 views???”…..uh of course youre going to have that many views you post the same link to the pic in EVERY SINGLE POST ON HERE it’s annoying. good drawing but geez, we’ve all seen it, relax.

  • jasmin

    I agree, Selena is in fact a natural beauty!
    I miss her too. I hope the filming of Monte Carlo is going well for her and everyone else.

  • nessa

    she’s pretty, but not as pretty as demi lovato.. oh and demi lovato is a way better singer.

    selena gomez is no where as talented as demi.

  • sss

    LMAO.I agree.

    Selena looks gorgeous as always anyway. She deserves the spot.

  • sarah

    selena is the most beautiful person ever…. she would be on my most beautiful list,and demi,and angelina,and kristen…… :)

  • jessica

    @nessa: wtf do you see demis name anywhere in this post. no. so please dont mention her. and i agree selena is naturally beautiful :)

  • dude

    she’s so pretty. hopin’ she’ll be my gf one day.. lol


    @nessa hahaha really, that fake, fat and famewhore wannabe more pretty than selena??? hahahahaha what a funny joke!!!! hahahahahahahahahahahaha

  • pauli

    @nessa really teenie??? demi? a fat emo and famewhore bitch more pretty than selena???? hahahaha what a funny joke hahahahahaha i just can stop of laugh or your stupid comment…

  • joe

    FINALLY a new post of gorgeus Selena! we miss you so much sel’s… i agree with “dude” me 2

  • bar

    sel looks gorgeus like always we love you girl and miss you”

  • Patty

    @nessa: Crap, another insecure Demi fan.

  • pauli

    @patty hahaha totally agree!!!!

  • swiftfan

    SELENA is the best…is there need to say more =D

  • linda

    soooooo pretty my all time fav disney star!

  • linda

    @nessa: no have you seen demis face selena shurely beats her a million times more!!!!

  • selnmiley

    selena is way prettier than emo lovato

  • koolkat

    @nessa: Selena is a better ACTRESS than Demi. Therefore, Selena is more talented.

  • alice

    Damn…. she’s really really pretty!!!
    and she looks gorgeous on that video
    haha… of course she’s not as pretty as demi
    she’s prettier than demi and also more talented

  • mikae

    nothing against demi lovato but she is a poor mans selena…her face is masculine and she has a butt chin..her eybrows are so dark its scarey…and i havent seen her without her mask so i have to say selena is the prettiest. selena doesnt need make up shes is adorable and gorgeoud likeable sweet and her vocabulary is so much better she speaks well and she doesnt talk “like you know like i did a photshoot like oh my god like”….demi may sing better perhaps, but selena is the better actress and shes getting cast for a lot more movies then that dude chick…for a reason…selena has more charisma shes a lot like taylor swift stars on the rise…thats why there best friends and thats why selena and demi arent anymore because demi has changed a lot…..shes a rude stuck up little wh0re just like miley.

  • Emma

    these are the stars that i think should be on that list:
    1. Rachel Weisz
    2. Vanessa Hudgens
    3. Soairsi Ronan
    4. Annalynne McCord
    5. Demi Lovato
    6. Ellen Page
    7. Taylor Swift
    8. Lea Michele
    9. Dianna Agron
    10. Scarlet Johannson
    11. Emma Stone
    12. Emma Watson
    13. Sarah Hyland
    14. Miley Cyrus
    15. Mischa Barton
    16. Zoe Saldana
    17. Kherington Payne
    18. Rachel McAdams
    19. Emily Browning
    20. Leighton Meester
    and i do personally think demi lovato has a more unique style. selenas just that average girl with the “nice” personality. and i just like demi better cause her look is different.

  • AnonymousGuy08

    This is the best I’ve ever seen her look. And I’ve seen her look both good AND bad with makeup.

  • Marissa

    OMG!! Last year PEOPLE did a photoshoot with Demi and Sel, so the magazine KNOWS who did need more makeup and who did need more editing and photoshot to look pretty.

    PEOPLE magazine knows the truth and chose Selena beacause she is BEAUTIFUL… SORRY IF YOU DONT AGREE WITH THEM :)

  • jasmin

    Demi puts on alot of make up and u can see it all on her face. Selena looks better & has a natural beauty look with and without make up.
    Demi’s got a normal funny girl look without make up to be honest.

  • Ella

    Wow! Good for her.. ;)

  • Selenafan#1

    Selena is the most beautiful person I have ever seen.@nessa Selena is WAY prettier than demi,and she is MORE talented than demi!!!!!

  • sally

    @Emma: Wow what a stupid list.

  • UGotMe


    hahahaha your list is crap!

    And Selena is WAY more talented than that Demi adn billion times hotter & prettier..really demi? she’s fat a horrible actress and her voice isn’t unique..Even Miley’s voice is unqiue…Selena is the prettiest teen in hollywood with Taylor Swift!
    Naturally haa got it?

  • sienna


    Demi looks on every picture like she falled in make-up!
    Selena’s make-up is light and all she looks just amazing in every picture!

    Selena is Perfection in Person!
    And Demi is not a amazign singer she’s fine! I think that Selena’s voice is better because it’s smoothie type & soft!

  • http://twitter bob

    selena is so pretty, much much more pretty than demi lovato

  • sellyurthe best

    selly is better than demi and more popular she doesnt need a jonas brother to shine like demi!!!!!! fuck demiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii sel ur the best along with miley lol

  • sellyurthe best

    sellly is mad pretty lover herr

  • http://@nekila nekila

    @nessa: no way selena is way pretty than demi she got big ugly smile

  • http://@nekila nekila

    @Emma: your just jealous of selena

  • amy


    I totally agree – Selena & Taylor Swift most definitely are among the most beautiful. I do think it is waesome that Julia Roberts made the top of the list again – I love her too.

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