Vanessa Hudgens: Lindy Marches To the Beat of her own Drum

Vanessa Hudgens: Lindy Marches To the Beat of her own Drum

Vanessa Hudgens is gearing up for the release of her new fantasy romance, Beastly.

The 21-year-old actress dished to MTV on the type of girl her character, Lindy is supposed to be, saying, ” I’m kind of just the girl that doesn’t fit in. She’s marching to the beat of her own drum. She’s very artsy. She used to take care of herself, [but] because of the situation that she’s in … her dad is actually a drug addict, so she has to take care of him and go through all of that crap.”

Vanessa got really into Lindy too: “I made a point to not look put-together. On the first day of shooting, I would not stop fidgeting with my hair. I was trying to make it look messier and messier and messier and messier! Finally, the producers were like, ‘You need to calm down on messing your hair up, because it’s getting a little too crazy.’”

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Credit: Marvin Scott Jarrett; Photos: Nylon Mag
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  • Vanessa lover

    Love her can’t wait for beastly!

  • Carol


  • Diullya

    lindaaa noa vejo a hora de assisitr bestly eu a amoo tanto
    minha lindaaaaaaaa

  • dani

    ‘You need to calm down on messing your hair up, because it’s getting a little too crazy.’funny that 1
    can’t wait 4 beastly im gonna be first on line

  • amy

    whoa….i bet vanessa had to pretend to like what the fashion editor picked out for her to wear, because that outfit is really fugs and not at all vanessa’s pretty rocker-boho-chic style.

    camo skirt with a heavy brown leather vest with a peach tank top and chunky necklace? it’s like they picked random stuff and threw it on her. thank goodness vanessa’s so pretty it doesn’t matter.

    beastly’s cute. i’ll probably check it out.

  • blahblahblah

    I cant wait for this to come out and everyone sees how great she is! She deserves it.

  • Carol Donato

    Vanessa is so hot.

  • http://j chelsea

    i want to se beastly right now! i can’t wait to see her and alex together

  • jAZMIN

    Gorgeous!!!! can’t wait for the movie.

    Thanks for posting.

  • mike

    rely wait to see the movie Vanessa is so beautiful love her !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • amanda

    really every day gets harder to wait to see this movie!
    vanessa is fabulous.

  • nathalia

    I’m sure this movie will be great

  • muse

    I love Vanessa, and I honestly cant wait to see this amazing movie. I cant wait to see her outshine herself and prove to everyone that she is worth it. That she IS a great actress.
    And I wish more than anything that I could see her in ‘Rent’. I was finally able to borrow it out and found it and I beleive that she will make an amazing Mimi.

    Love Vanessa. :D

  • zanessa/scashley/ashnessa

    Vanessa definitely knows how to get into character. She actually surprised me in ‘Bandslam’ of how she acted in the move. She’ll probably surpise me again in ‘Beastly’ and ‘Sucker Punch’, this girl can act. Can’t wait to watch the two !!

  • maria

    I think Vanessa relates to Lindy, because she also marches to her own beat. She does things her own way, has her own style, and would not care about her popularity as long as she was doing the right thing. She is fiercely loyal to her friends and loved ones. I’d say Lindy is a bit like that as well.

  • Katty


    I think the colors are good, butt he pants weren’t as good as what they should have been. They should have made them tighter or a skirt or something.

    I can’t wait for the movie. I am gonna have to pull a double movie day with Beastly and CSC.

  • Katty

    Oh, and V banged up her car a little bit again..

    No one was hurt, so all is good ;)

  • ZANE

    i am so excited to see Beastly!

  • soni hannigan

    I think it is ridiculous that Vanessa and Zac’s movies are being released the same day. Whose idea was that? They are going to be pit against each other in the rating. I don’t think it was fair. But we will have to see what happens. I will like both movie like I love both stars.

  • Katty

    @soni hannigan:

    When the movie is released doesn’t depend on if the stars are dating. It is on what is good with the studio, plus other reasons we probably are not aware of.

    It’ll be alright. I am gonna go see them both opening weekend!

  • mykamicks

    Whatever kind of clothes/ styles she wears, she pulled it off. Now, regading her upcoming movie, if it will be shown same date as of Zac’s movie, the least we could do, we will go watch their movie to show our support for both actors.

  • Diamond

    Yay Vanessa is great i actually love her outfit it’s like diffrent and creative and that’s what makes it special…Also I’m def going to go see Beastly it’s going to be amazing…SO EXCITED!! :)

  • birdie

    Sounds like Vanessa really “got” her character, I’m so interested to see how she portrays her. Looks like I’ll be seeing two movies on July 30th!

  • abcmissme

    I shall be marking a date on my calendar to watch this movie with my BF I am sooo serious. Vanessa’s style can NEVER be touched. If this girl wears it, she OWNS it. It’s that simple.

  • dani

    i think vanessa’s going to be GREAT AS LINDY GOOD LUCK SWEETIE
    beastly is much closer yupi

  • t

    she looks gorgeous
    sooo can’t wait for beastly,july please come faster

  • honey

    I love Vanessa Hudgens…and she is a beauty no matter what :)

  • Karen

    I too am planning on seeing both Vanessa’s and Zac’s movies on the SAME day. Luckily that should be my day off. It will be tough since I will have worked all night. I am hoping one will be on a 11:30AM showing and that the other one will be showing very close to the time the first one lets out. I have no doubt I will be able to see both movies in the same cinema complex.

  • http://Justjaredjr Trey


  • http://jjj telma

    beastly will rocks and Vanessa tooooooooooo

  • http://jjj marcy

    i love her just the way she is ADORABLE

  • http://justjaredjr Isabella (from Italy)

    Love her ♥

  • http://google BARBARA

    I also will see there movies on the same day, if I’m not working.I work two jobs, i do hair and i’m a superviser in kiddie land, in amusement park, i’m going to be very busy, untill the fall, when we close for the winter, if i can’t see the first day, I’ll watch vanessa’s on sat and watch Zac’s on sunday. I hope they both do very well. I admire them so much.

  • yets

    cant wait for this movie.

  • maeli


  • lslsharon

    Can’t wait for Beastly!!

  • Jess!


  • vfan

    I sooo can’t wait for Beastly come out.
    I am going to be first in line! :)

  • tina

    Another bomb of a movie for ms. hudgens.

    Also is she too important to obey traffic rules when driving?

  • Joochi

    Ms. Tina #39: Ok you don’t like Vanessa but Please, don’t judge the book by it’s cover, it shows lack of self esteem on your part, don’t pre-judge or for that matter, judge anything or anyone for some strange reason unkown to human, it returns 10 fold to the person that did the judging, so be very careful in your young life what you say and do and always look behind your back, to the side, forward and backwards, you’ll never know which way it’ll be coming. And another thing, she’s human, we all get into some kind of fender bender of some sort whether it’s parking the car, etc. So again, watch your thoughts and what you say. Learn how to be empathetic and not downright a mean person.

  • bettybaby

    very excited for her! can’t wait to see the movie.

  • kate1


    First off what the hell are you talking about. Another movie to bomb.

    didn’t you see all the awards HSM1,2 & 3 got are you blind. Also Bandslam – the comments from critics about Vanessa were good.

    Beastly and SP will both be amazing films.

    secondly if she was too important she wouldn’t have stopped to give her details to the other driver.

    People do make mistakes and unless you were there and saw everything i would advice you to keep your comments to yourself.

  • kate1

    forgot to say

    Vanessa is looking stunning as always.

    I can’t wait to support her in watching beastly when it comes out here in the UK

  • Anna

    jared, you need to post the news about beastly and charlie st. cloud coming out on the same day.

  • Boji

    I’m gonna see Beastly that’s for sure and if I can’t get enough, will go again a 2nd time, just like I did for HSM3.

  • sahar

    VANESSA is not good for u ZAC PLEAS

  • Jess!

    shut up

  • miranda

    i love miranda somuch i can wait to see that movie

  • Charli


    Actually it is NOT funny. It is rude.

    Films aren’t shot in order and screwing around with your hair on your own is one thing that can totally mess with continuity and makes more work for the makeup people who are responsible for making sure shots look right because you look right.

    A mature and responsible actress would go to the director with her thought and let him decide to take or leave it and not take it upon herself to change things on her own.

    And yes even a little fidget can be too much.

  • Charli

    why don’t you take your own advice. You don’t know Tina and you have no place to be judging her opinions about the movie or Vanessa’s driving.
    The movies that Vanessa has been in have hardly been award winning and shocking but many folks agree that they were tripe. You can disagree but it is a matter of opinion, not fact. So get off the trip of telling folks they are wrong.
    According to the reports your flawless Vanessa caused the accident making an illegal U-Turn. Now as she is admired by and put on the role model pedestal for teens the world over, it is dismaying to see her acting in such a blantantly wrong way. She of all people should always be following the laws because kids are watching.

    And no I don’t suffer from self esteem issues, and I don’t need your therapy expertise. So don’t bother.

>>>>>>> staging1