Justin Bieber & Sean Kingston: 'Eenie Meenie' Music Video!

Justin Bieber & Sean Kingston: 'Eenie Meenie' Music Video!

Justin Bieber and Sean Kingston catch the girl in the act!

Check out the new music video “Eenie Meenie” from the duo below!

Sean dished to J-14 mag about horsing around behind-the-scenes, “We were wrestling back there and there was one time we were throwing cheese at each other — like slices of cheese. It was a lot of fun!”

WHAT DO YOU THINK of the new video?

Justin Bieber feat. Sean Kingston – “Eenie Meenie”
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  • vanessafan


  • Shell

    LOVE Justin Bieber he’s getting super sexy and this song rocks

  • kara

    it’s decent and i only say that because you can tell it’s SEANS video and not justins, despite it being on my world 2.0 this is actually seans song and you can tell he had a lot of input in how the video came out because it looks nothing like anything justin has done or would do.

  • maila

    I love this song!!!!! I have a lil crush on JB. lol.

  • http://www.twitter.com/josiej8 nickjonasluver

    What the….y can’t I see the vid, all it is, is a black blank screen :(

  • Robyn
  • Robyn

    @nickjonasluver: Same.. :’(

  • Brittany

    oh god this shit is soo boring

  • Dawn

    LMAO!!!!! Justin is so gay that he wears pink in this video xD

  • Jasmine P.

    This was a cute video, but there were some parts I didn’t really understand. Nonetheless, though, the song’s pretty good.

  • caitlin

    it was ok :P not my favorite but i did like it <3

  • Brooke

    basically shes just a
    not much of an eenie meenie mino mo lover

  • http://twitter.com/ michaela.h

    OMG! best video he has ever made! (y)

  • jessica

    wow this music video was amazing. i love it. and justin looks kinda hot in this video btw.

  • lulu

    I hate to say it but… I think I’m falling in love with Justin Bieber. Sorry x

  • kk13

    Not a big fan of Justin but, this song rox!

  • http://@fara766 Farah A

    This Song is awesome !! and this video is AWESOMER ! i love justin he is so amazing !! and sean is pretty kewl <3333

  • tutti


  • Justin’s FAvorite babe

    ok every time I hear this song I cry, because JB is in it and to me his voice is soft and no pitchy sounds.

    BTW I L……..O………V…….E…….JUSTIN BIEBER!!!!!!!! and the song

  • http://myspaces i hate justin bieber

    i hate justinbiebr he stuck

  • mz. bieber aka bambii

    omg i love dis song so much and i love you justin dis is the best song i,ve ever heard

  • mz. bieber aka bambii

    i love u justin dis is the best video i ever saw but not more than the other justin bieber videos lol.

  • mz. bieber aka bambii

    this is the best song ever luv u justin

  • mz. bieber aka bambii

    @i hate justin bieber: @mz. bieber aka bambii: i really dont know why you talking justin is the best

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