Is Lemonade Mouth the New High School Musical?

Is Lemonade Mouth the New High School Musical?

It’s hard to come by the magic of the High School Musical cast and story, but Disney is going to try it’s hand at it again — this time with Lemonade Mouth.

THR reports that the mouse house is readying “Lemonade Mouth,” a new script from April Blair, based on the novel of the same name by Mark Peter Hughes.

Lemonade Mouth is the story of five Rhode Island freshmen — Olivia, Mo, Charlie, Stella and Wen — who meet in detention and decide to form a garage band using unusual instruments, including a ukulele. The detention buddies try to organize a student-led fight to save the school’s one organic frozen-lemonade machine that becomes the mascot of their band.

The HSM franchise was followed up by Disney with Camp Rock, which brought in 10.1 million viewers when it debuted in 2008.

TELL JJJ: Do you think “Lemonade Mouth” would make a great DCOM or are Camp Rock and HSM good enough for you?

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  • Chad

    HSM is good enough for me…. Camp Rock…meh… I love Demi tho!

  • isf

    since nobody commented yet…well…it’s probably not the new HSM.

  • tani

    i like HSM!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Yamunah

    I’ll probably stick wit hsm

  • chamtot

    i think this will be a cute movie. anyhows, HSM is more than enough for me :)

  • Lu

    Stick with HSM. Wildcats bby!!

  • Liam

    It will NEVER get even close to HSM!
    HSM forever!!

  • amy

    High school musical all the way!
    Nothing can compare with the amazing cast that it had (:

  • Vanessa lover


    it kind of seems like it’s the breakfast club and bandslam

  • Hahaha ;)

    I don’t think it will do as good as hsm or camp rock. But the the plot, yeah meeting in garage, forming band but trying to save a lemonade stand. Is that the best they could come up with?!

  • Someone

    I agree with amy!
    NO wannabe movie can compare themself to the one and only “High School Musical” nowmatter how much they copy the HSM movies to get some fans for it.

  • Newyorkrox

    NOTHING! Can match hsm! I don’t even know why but hsm had something about it and nothing can match that!
    Camp rock didn’t even come close (for me at least…. It was a good movie but not up to hsm standards!)

  • Victor

    Sorry, but that movie sounds totally lame :/

  • Jez

    As cheesy as it may be, High School Musical is irreplaceable. In my opinion, Disney absolutely failed with Camp Rock; one of the worst films I’ve ever seen. I’m not sure about this one though, sounds a lot like The Breakfast Club or something. :\

  • Alexia

    nothing can ever compare to HSM. the movie’s epic.

  • Alexia

    but it wont hurt to give this movie a chance. we’ll never know.

  • nonifan

    I agree with all the folks here who almost to a person who all are saying there is no comparison to HSM, one of the greatestest ever. That’s despite what Walmart and Target stores would have you believe with their Camp Rock etc promotion, and these days that’s seems to be what really matters!

    But I’ll be judging this new movie only on it’s merits! Who knows?

  • Alexa_r

    High School Musical is irreplaceable. But for me Camp Rock is the best.

  • shamilah

    No movie will EVER be like High school musical that was One of the best movie’s ;) & seriously what’s with the name ‘Lemonade Mouth’ ? lol its annoying now seeing a lot of films trying to create the same idea & everything how hsm did it, that had one of the best characters & everything Team wildcats forever i wish they did a hsm4 with the original characters.

  • abby

    LOL sorry but this SO isn’t going to be the next HSM. I think its going to be a long before Disney comes across something like HSM again. Its going to be a long time before something is as big as HSM was.

  • rachel

    nothing can beat or match HSM!!

  • jessica

    10.1 million viewers for camp rock?
    i think it got less than that. and no this will most definitely not be the next high school musical. disney needs to really get there crap together because none of there upcoming projects sound good to me. this is exactly why nickelodeon is stealing all the viewers. and wtf is up with the title of that movie, lol. looks like its aimed toward young kids.

  • HsmZanessaFansite21

    wow seriously..
    Disney is going too far..Can’t they get that they can’t replace or try to do something as great as a movie that made it big themselves?
    I mean, come on..come up with better ideas..
    Isn’t it enough that Ashley is doing the Sharpay movie to keep HSM alive?

    Why don’t think about the future and maybe have a reunion movie like a real high school reunion?

    Nothing and I mean nothing will replace High School Musical…it just can’t happen..

  • zanessa/scashley/ashnessa

    Ah-hem. “Once a Wildcat, Always a Wildcat” and I will forever be a Wildcat. :D HSM inspired me to start dancing again and I am really grateful for that. :D

  • gladys

    When will Disney quit with the whole “The next HSM” thing? It’s getting really old and you’d think they’d know by know that you can’t replicate magic. HSM just happened; unlike all these other projects that are now getting shoved in our faces. LAME!

  • Taylor

    I love High School Musical always have and ways will! They chose the perfect cast and had an awesome director!

    But I read the book Lemonade Mouth a couple years ago and I absolutely loved it:) Great story but Id rather watch it on the big screen! They’ll be able to do so much more than what Disney would

  • anne

    lmfao. There is nothing like HSM, Camp Rock doesn’t even compare ffs!
    HSM is unique and irreplaceble no matter what else Disnay tries to pull.

  • Avery Callaghan

    Disney’s doing to High School Musical what Hollywood is doing to Harry Potter. They’re trying to find something that can be as big, if not bigger, as the franchise and they’re failing miserably. Since the Harry Potter series is now coming to a close, Hollywood has been releasing random book series-based films like The Spiderwick Chronicles, Eragon, Twilight, Percy Jackson, etc., and they were good enough, but none of it is even close to matching up to Harry Potter. J. K. Rowling is the richest person in the UK (richer than the queen herself), but Rick Riordan is not the richest person in the US, nor is Stephenie Meyer. The first Percy Jackson film’s $219,973,542 worldwide gross at the box offce, and Twilight’s $408,773,703 are nothing compared to Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone’s $974,733,550 (not to mention its three nominations at the Oscars), and the number of people who hate Twilight rivals the number of fangirls that are obsessed with it. 

    Disney thought Camp Rock was going to be the next High School Musical, but if it were, it should have gotten more than 10.1 million viewers, or at least close enough to match High School Musical 2′s 17.2M, and it (Camp Rock) never even won an Emmy the way High School Musical did. If Disney keeps up all this nonsense about a new High School Musical, they’re going down the same road that Hollywood is: EPIC FAIL. 

  • http://twitter zanessa4eva

    nothing will ever bet out hsm, disney can try but they wnt sucsed camp rock 2 wont get as big of an audience they can try but they wont even thoug h i love the jonas brothers, but as everybody is saying once a wildcat always a wildcat

  • zanessa

    NEVER will replace hsm. nothing can compare to the relationship that cast had…espesically zac and vanessa. hsm FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • vh only

    HSM is enough.. :D No more for Lemonade Mouth.. :D

  • im for lm

    heres my opinion…
    we shouldn’t compare this movie to hsm. its about a garage rock band, not a school or camp that randomly breaks out into song. personally i think this is gonna be better than hsm and camp rock. i mean… yeah the whole lemonade machine thing is kinda lame but at least its not about a singing basketball team. i’m definitley going to be giving this movie a chance… especially if theres hot guys in it :)

  • Alicia

    I’ve read the script- its going to be a good movie. Its not supposed to be the “next high school musical” so don’t worry about it replacing HSM. Its just another story with a music theme. I suppose you could compare it a little bit to camp rock meets the 80s breakfast club. But thats a good thing if they produce it good you will probably like it but still love HSM.

  • Jaz

    Okay, Disney is not trying to top HSM. All of their actors are coming to the end of their contract, they’re is just trying to find their new stars. That’s mostly why they’re making the movie. Don’t think that they’re trying to make it better. Give Lemonade Mouth a chance. This is Disney’s way of introducing the new faces of Disney Channel. It’s kind of like when Shia LeBeouf and Hilary Duff were the stars. Now we have Miley Cyrus and Selena Gomez. Lemonade Mouth is most likely going to be the new Disney generation.

  • anny nilsson

    will disney plz stop get over the fact that no mlovie can be higher than HSM . GET OVER IT !!!!!!


    @Avery Callaghan: Finally someone who actually knows what they are talking about.

  • Izzy

    I Love hsm but, we should give this movie a chance I kinda like it
    its cute and adam hicks is in it, I like adam:) plus the songs are cool breakthrough is a really good song:)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Izzie

    i just saw lemonade mouth, and it was actually realistic- there’s a stepmum, the really strict dad, even im-living-with-my-granny-cause-my-mums-dead-and-my-dads-in-jail.
    HSM was just too perfect, which is why Lemonade Mouth can never compare to it- because Lemonade Mouth is so much better.
    Say what you like, but HSM is just too perfect. she owns a country club, he’s amazing at basketball, golf, singing and he’s the most popular guy in school, what?
    that’s not the real world. in the real world, there are misfits, people who aren’t good at the mainstream thing, people who are ‘weird’. they actually focused on those people in Lemonade Mouth.
    the really funny thing is that Lemonade Mouth is kind of like glee, except without the whole gay/making out/pregnancy thing. so it’s like a PG glee.

  • Star

    I own all 4 movies(hsm, hsm2, hsm3 and lemonade mouth.) Hsm is good, but its really kidy. its a great series of movies for kids4-7. Lemonade mouth is a great movie for teens and young adults i love Zac and Vannessa as much as the next person. But the combination of Adam Hicks and Bridget Medler, there isnt anything like it!

  • r

    i like lemonade mouth it’s cool

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