Miley Cyrus: 'Can't Be Tamed' Music Video Preview!

Miley Cyrus: 'Can't Be Tamed' Music Video Preview!

Check out the preview promo for Miley Cyrus‘ new music video, “Can’t Be Tamed!”

“Can’t Be Tamed” will premiere this coming Tuesday, May 4 @ 7PM ET/PT on E! News. Miley will also be chatting with Ryan Seacrest to give fans a unique insight into the creation of the video and the inspiration behind it.

Also be sure to check out Miley‘s first YouTube video from her new channel, MCForRealzzz below!

Miley Cyrus – “Can’t Be Tamed” Music Video Preview

Miley Cyrus – Tamed Is Out!
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  • amy

    looks pretty good (:
    an edgier side to Miley perhaps?

  • tessa

    Miley is FIERCE, This looks awesome

  • mary

    Miley is amazing!!!!

  • Jez

    hmm… interesting….
    see i know she’s trying to go on a different direction and all but i think, this is just taking it a bit too far too quickly. if that makes sense.
    i think she should take small steps first because people are not gonna take her seriously when she does things like this. they’ll just call her all these bad names. :\

  • harley

    I think she is trying far too hard with this.

  • Jessica

    THIS VIDEO IS GOING TO BE SO HOTTT!!!! I CAN’T WAIT! I’m 100% sure she’ll get a LOT of flack for it, but let’s face it, the girl is grown up, it’s about time to leave the kid’s idol image behind. LOVE HER.

  • linda

    it looks really cool but i knw she is gonna get critisism because of how she looks in it .

  • alberto

    this video sure is going to be a scandal! 100% sure!

  • http://j chelsea

    wannabe edgy.. get over it girl you are a teenager not a an adult!

  • leesha

    shes grown and I like the song. Cant wait for the video!!

  • athena

    That’s right Miley, burn yourself out and do us a favor…just relax…we know you’re a teen with angst and hormones and trying to prove something…just rest on your laurels and collect your millions.

  • candy

    here we go…first the video looks really good.

    second…let the girl live her life. worry about ur own kids. she can be whatever and whoever she wants. she can be edgy if she want. u dnt have to let ur kids watch it. u can choose to be influenced by her or not. stop taking ppl on tv so seriously. and lastly @ chelsea, she’ll legally be an adult in a few months. and just because ur 17 doesnt mean u cant express urself. AGE really dont mean squat. My best friend had her first daughter when she was 15, so that day, she was an adult! the way i see it, miley work a nine to five, she pay her own bills, and make her own deals. shes been an adult for a min.

  • jo

    Um, she’s almost 18, not surprised shes going an edgier route now. I like.

  • N’keeyah

    @Candy You took the words right out of my mouth! I’m a year younger than miley (born same day) and i express myself as much as she does. People need to chill out and realize it’s 2010 not 1910!! When I was in Jr. high (6th grade) there was a girl in the 7th who was pregnant with her 1st child. She became an adult when she had sex. Miley is out there making her money and paying her bills. I have mad respect for her and her music.

  • jessica

    i cant wait for this music video. the song is amazing and so catchy. this will definitly be a hit just like with party in the usa.

  • @N’keeyah: “She became an adult when she had sex.”

    You do not become an adult by having sex and getting pregnant in the 7th grade…

  • Gaby

    I’M PUMPED! IT LOOKS EDGY AND FUN. I think that people need to realize that she’s gonna be 18. Let the girl be and let her find herself. She’s gonna make mistakes and some things she will try may not work but let her grow up into her own person. With everyone constantly stifling her she’s gonna want to be a little edgy and break out. If little girls are too young its not her responsibility to make sure a 5 year old doesn’t watch her video, it’s the parents. Its not any one’s job to mold her into the Miley Cyrus they want. She has to mold into who she wants to be. They don’t get a right to tell her who she has to be. You can’t take that right from someone.

  • cami

    I miss the old miley! :(
    yeah, she’s turning 18 but that doesn’t mean she has to be completly different!

  • ahahahhaah


  • melany

    dont like the song at all, but the video seems interesting. i love her though

  • S.A.M.

    i like the she’s goin that way. and i love the songs. and cant wait for the video come out! also she looks so pretty in this video with the guy and a girl! she is soo miley!

  • Mika

    Considering the fact that her fellow disney workers Selena Gomez and Demi Lovato are most definitely NOT doing this, this is going to be interesting.

  • liz


  • Kate

    I completely agree with gabby. Miley is going to be 18 and becoming her own person just like your kids, miley just has to do it in the public eye. So you don’t want your kids watching her turn it off she is not going to live her life by your rules! As she said she is not here to raise your kids. I think the song is awesome and the video and the cd are going to be great! Gooo miley!!

  • N’keeyah

    @: What I meant was that she made an adult decision and a child was the result. she was forced to grow up in order to take care of that child. My point about miley is that if she can’t say how she really feels or show us how she feels, she is not an artist. Also, the rest of us can’t say how we feel about anything. Freedom of Speech means nothing.

  • fox

    @: I believe she meant “adult” in the sense that she needed to grow up a little in order to raise the child.

  • steve

    N’keeyah you wouldn’t by chance be on welfare would you? (you don’t have to answer).

  • bella

    i don’t know why people hate it shes growing up i think it’s awesome

  • http://Blahblahtxtme17 peacechick123

    I love Miley shes awesome and for the ppl who r haterz can stay haterz becuz u can’t do anything but be a hater.

  • tisdale


    because selena and demi are irrelevant flops in comparison

    demi has never had a hit and selena is working naturally till it’s tired and even then her persona is so bland there is no interest with her like miley.

  • Britney

    Miley is trying so harrrrdddddd to be like Britney spearss.. First the cage picture just like britney at her concert..then doing the song I love rock n roll and third she’s trying to let people know shes not a a little kid. The song sounds like britney spears I love britney spears but milleeyy she needs to do her own thing and stop copying Britney Spears

  • Britney

    MIley is trying so hard to act like britney spears. First the cage picture like britney .. then playing the song i love rock n roll in her concerts and now this new look!!! Miley needs to do her own thing and stop trying to act and be like britney spearsssss !!!

  • @N’keeyah: Thank you for clarifying. When I originally saw your comment I was like 0_O lol

  • ashley

    i agree with jez. but i can’t wait 4 the video!!!! love miley cyrus:)

  • jessica

    @tisdale: actually demi is the irrelevant one. selena cant sing that well but look at her music career. shes doing far better then demi ever did.

  • jenny

    @tisdale: Demi hasnt had a hit but she sure deserves one her music so far has been incredible… hope she is the next breakout disney star she has more personality than Selena (no offence intended) and has a crazy good voice and as for Miley the song is AMAZING the video looks like it will be just as good but I’m sure she will get criticised for it but hey who cares all of these scandals are boring to go through as a fan they will pass with time the only thing I dont want happening is Miley transforming into a Lindsay or Britney

  • ana


  • Scarlett

    I like Miley but this new image just screams next Britney Spears. You can grow up and still be classy, her new song just sounds a little more on the tacky side.

    I’m all for expressing yourself but seriously, this is so unoriginal, its been done a millon times before! And didn’t she just say she doesn’t like pop music?….

  • Taya


    i can’t wait


  • too late no

    im so scared is doin a rhianna thing i wonder if it willbe on disney channel

  • bowwow4ever


    selena’s song naturally is in every country it released a hit!
    And Miley is totally trying to be the next britney she has no own style anymore! Hope that Selena won’t do sh!t like this!
    The lyrics are crap and she video seems like a mix of Britney & Ke$ha!
    & to Demi she will never be succesful like Miley maybe Selena but def. not Demi!

    Well Miley here your music career officially ends and sad that you are a horrible actress 2! Miley sounds like a male dying duck! So Miley’s fame was just for few years ;)

  • isabela

    i really like her, but i’m not so sure about that video, it kinda feels like when hilary duff tried being sexy in that “reach out” video, and it just didn’t work at all… but well, let’s see…

  • VAL


    Uau another delusional Selena fan! You keeping wihining but miley keep on succeding, so sorry!
    Heres yhe truth:
    Miley has a film tha was a hit at the box office ( hanna montana) , Selena has a movie that go on …. Televison.
    Miley albuns have outsell Selenas, always.
    Miley was invited to this years gramys and tha Oscars, Selena doensn’t even goes to the door.
    I can keep on posting but i think that is enough to show how wrong you are so… next!

  • VAL


    Uau another delusional Selena fan! You keeping wihining but miley keep on succeding, so sorry!
    Heres yhe truth:
    Miley has a film that was a hit at the box office ( hanna montana) , Selena has a movie that go on …. Televison.
    Miley albuns have outsell Selenas, always.
    Miley was invited to this years gramys and the Oscars, Selena doensn’t even goes to the door.
    I can keep on posting but i think that is enough to show how wrong you are so… next!

  • Meghan

    here we go again, miley tryna prove she’s grown up. we all know what age you are hunny, no need for the world to see another slutty music video to an i’m a slut song.

  • ???

    well she will be 18 soon…… still looks like a bit much….. I dont see a christian attitude in this 11 second preview video , lol. please dont turn into super tramp miley…. I really like you.

  • http://justjared bex

    the song has a nice beat but the lyrics are funny, and idk why but whenever i hear the song i feel like there’s gonna be a pole in the music vid. i think miley is trying a bit too hard to be like the artists nowadays with a hardcore music video like xtina and gaga.

  • http://justjared Education is your friend…


    If you spent less time ‘stanning’ Miley and concentrated on your spelling you wouldn’t look as moronic as you do now. It doesn’t matter who’s more successful because they are both richer and going furthur then you are.

  • Wil


    Hannah Montana a hit hahahahahahahahaha you suck.

  • bowwow4ever


    whoaaah who said I’m a selena fan? NO i hate disney!
    And Miley’s 2 big screen movie was not a hit only #4 let’s see how selena’s movie will do! And yeah miley is more famous than selena but that don’t mean that’s she’s more talented! Selena is million times better in acting and both can’t really sing ;)

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