Bonnie Wright: I'm A Little Tea Pot

Bonnie Wright: I'm A Little Tea Pot

Bonnie Wright goes glamorous on the May 2010 cover of Dirrty Glam magazine.

While we don’t have any quotes from her interview with Dirrty Glam, we can tell you what the 19-year-old British starlet told Nylon in the Young Hollywood issue. Check it:

On dating Jamie Campbell Bower: “It’s nice dating another actor. With our job, there are so many things that don’t make sense to other people. It’s nice not having to explain everything. And our passion inspires each other to want to work.”

On her tea pot obsession: “I’m obsessed with tea, but it has to be made in a tea pot. I just got a new one for my birthday to add to the collection.”

On always keeping busy: “I’m not really a free-time person. I start freaking out. So I’m currently at the London College of Communication, doing a film course. It’s so nice to be surround by people who have such a passion for film. Emma Watson‘s at university, too, so it’s been great sharing experiences with her.”

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  • ann

    nice . fist

  • ann

    nice, fist

  • linda

    she looks pretty!!!!!

  • mary

    She looks so prettyyyy on that cover.

  • Ashley

    love her, she looks gorgeous!

  • Rachel

    The picture is weird. The bottom half of her face looks off. The nose, chin, mouth doesn’t look right? They tried to make her glam but this is a fail.

  • Cami

    I can’t believe anybody from Harry Potter would endorse Dirrty Glam. That magazine is shady at best. It’s not ethically right to inflate numbers to attract advertising.

  • Cris

    I think bonnie is GORGEOUS,
    I love her hair, her eyes, and Her and Jamie make a really beautiful couple.
    She seems very down to earth, everyone knows her, but shes not like a huge star,
    I like her

  • Emma

    I honestly love her.Shes amazing and so down to earth!

  • Celia

    I love her!! She’s gorgeous and I’m so proud that both she and Emma are continuing on with their education!

  • maru

    @Cris: I agree, I like that she’s not a super huge star, but enough people know her. I really like her.

    & her little tea pot collection, adorable.

  • didi

    Wow, the weasley girl. it think she’s really gorgeous on that one and pretty too…haven’t noticed her until half-blood prince (i love her eyes, btw, but i don’t like her teeth lol!)…she has a lot of different faces when it comes to photoshoots…i think she’s prettier than emma…

    sure emma is gorgeous on photoshoots but when no make up, emma looks old.same old face on magazines….i’m sorry…i’m not emma watson hater nor a bonnie wright fan, but i think emma overacts on Harry Potter and what’s with her eyebrows anyway?…she does that a lot. i’ve seen her on youtube the “Ballet:” is it? and i swear i think she was overexagerating on scenes…lol

    well, for bonnie, i can’t judge yet cos i haven’t seen her on other movies, so little role on HP, but i’ve seen her performance just recently on Stranded the one with Jesse Spencer of House, and compared emma on HP1 to bonnie on Stranded, i think bonnie is better…

    but i can’t judge her right now until Sweat comes out…

  • brit

    She looks like they put fangs in her mouth! No wonder Dirrty Glam lies about the subscriptions.

  • kirreii

    I always thought she was average looking, but this cover definately proved me wrong :)
    She looks really pretty :)

  • alexia

    she looks amazing! i’m so glad she’s starting to get noticed by magazines.
    how old is she?

    @Cami, dirtyglam doesn’t inflate numbers.. in the fashionista interview they mistooke hits by visitors, it’s not the same thing. the signature 9 talks about them giving fake visitors statistics but on their media kit they state hits, not visitors.
    sorry, i’ve been following that online magazine for a long time and always loved the covers :) the shenae grimes one is stunning!

  • katie

    Love her, she looks very grown up here.

  • brit

    alexia- read the article again. Dirrty Glam got served.

    Rachel- ITA. Her nose is crooked.

  • alexia

    @brit: well actually they only quote the fashionista interview as their source, and in the fashionista article the word “users” is mentioned, not unique visitors. i just visited their (the magazine) website and they actually wrote hits, not unique visitors, in their media kit.
    does anybody know if the engagement rumours about bonnie are right? i’m from france, and a tabloid magazine confirmed it, but i heard it’s not true.

  • katie

    @alexia: the engagement rumors are most likely false, as it started from a tabloid and then spread.

  • Celia


    Get a life. Please.

  • Celia


    There’s nothing wrong with her face. She looks gorgeous. If you see the high res version, her face is flawless:

  • Melissa

    What is up with Harry Potter fans?

    Didi- Nobody knows what you’re talking about. But thanks for the little filmography.

    If you comapre this photo to the Nylon photo, yes this photo is overly touched up. They fluffed her hair and had her suck in her cheeks to try to make her face more narrow. But yes there is something off. It does appear to be the nose.

    And yes, it seems the magazine has exaggerated it’s subscribers. It’s hard to have a million of them when you have so little web traffic it’s off the radar.

    Now everybody can go to bed!

  • Taya

    she looks gorgeous <3

  • karly

    @Melissa: lol what the? her nose is fine. and looking into what alexia said, she appears to be right, the magazine only said hits, not users.

  • Louis

    She is really hot!

  • Gabby


    Some Potter fans tend to be overly picky, but I have a feeling all the negative comments came from non-fans.

  • jeff


  • ellen

    i’m so noticing emma that I didn’t know that there’s another prettier girl than her from HP…

    i think i like this bonnie wright girl…

    for sure they do that also with emma watson…lol! ik’ve seen emma on TV…really different from photoshoots…she’s not that pretty…
    i think she’ s just the same level with bonnie wright with no make up when it comes to prettiness…

    i don’t know why they’re so into emma that I never find that really pretty, she’s not as pretty as blake lively or lindsay lohan (yes, that b***, but admit it lindsay is pretty) and even Kristin Stewart I think she’s way prettier than emma watson (just don’t be boyish or wear too much make up) or Kristin Bell or Megan Fox….i would actually say that Milligan girl from BAFTA winner (nominee?) prettier than emma…

    i can’t say much about bonnie’s nose there but I think they did touch the nose, the jawline yeah, it looks like but nothing else cos I’ve seen bonnie’s pic recently from goole image and fan sites

  • Mylene

    She’s absolutely stunningly beautiful, wow, gotta love that girl. She’s so intelligent and so inspiring. Such a great personality <3

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