Camp Rock 2 The Final Jam: Official Trailer!

Camp Rock 2 The Final Jam: Official Trailer!

Demi Lovato and her gang face off against Meaghan Martin and MDot Finley in the official trailer for their upcoming DCOM, Camp Rock 2 The Final Jam.

Premiering Sunday, September 3rd, the film’s cast is also setting out on a tour this summer! Check out all the dates on JJJ!

WHAT DO YOU THINK of the trailer — YAY or NAY?

“Camp Rock 2 The Final Jam” – Official Trailer!
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  • Sarah

    Yay!!! cant wait

  • AMP101

    I hope it’s the final jam! IDK this just seems like it’s been done before… The kids have to save something they love so they have to do a big battle and they win no I dont like this.

  • Alexa_r

    I cant wait……. =D

  • sash


  • http://j chelsea

    uhm ew…

  • ann hudgens ♥

    can’t wait :E

  • http://ksa layla

    I’m very excited

    l love U JEMI

  • Logan

    I think it will unexpectedly surprise ne. Because the plot seems way to Deja vu Disney ! ! I hope it’s a YAY, Im loving Demi

  • Katie

    can’t wait for this!!!! why do we have to wait till September?!!

  • Elly

    Welllll……hmm….I think that….you know it’s….er…um….
    So, hey..when is JONAS season 2 coming out?

  • emmy

    Did anyone else get a flashback to Vanessa in HSM2 when Demi said “this is our summer…?”

  • Mika

    Ummmm. Interesting. The dancing was decent?

    The only good part of that trailer was @1:39 with Nick’s butt. Haha!



  • lalala

    @emmy: i know i remember when vanessa said that in hsm2!

  • anonymous

    Cannot wait for it to be over could not even watch to the end. Cannot wait for the Jonas Bros to get away from this lame crap!!!

  • Just Interested

    looks lame

  • lalala

    the songs are catchy though. the first and the second one are

  • Angelica

    Camp Rock > HSM because of voices alone. Actually, it’s better because of Demi Lovato alone. Girl can sing.

    And it’s nice to see that everyone’s acting has improved. I love the Shane and Mitchie scene. :)

  • Steph


  • jemi4eva

    yeah !!!!!!!! can’t wait to see this movie !!!

  • demiisnasty

    Demi sucks.
    but im excited for jonas brothers! <3333

  • zena

    Makeup artist blew it, BIG TIME. Demi is a gorgeous girl and they completely destroyed her look, with the worst hair/makeup team anyone could have ever imagined.

    Ah well, Demi’s talent will have to outshine that glitch.

  • ‘rina

    same as HSM but i love demi and JoBros so of course i’ll watch

  • hsm

    YAY but kinda nay.. i don’t get immediately the story of the 1st installment of camp rock because the pronunciation of their words are not too understandable.. :D

  • hsm


    yeah, i remember that when Vanessa said that..
    and then she said, what team? the others replied WILDCATS.. :D

    i remember those moments and I WISH FOR HSM4 but it’s just until my dreamsss.. :((

  • amy

    HSM >>>> Camp Rock.
    No doubt about it, hsm was the original so its hard to recreate what it had.
    Camp Rock 2 looks okay, nothing special if I’m honest. Still kinda looking forward to it i guess.

  • amanda

    No she doesn’t.
    Anyway can’t wait to see it!

  • Ella

    amazing movie this coming summer!! I wonder when will it be showing on DC Asia.. hmm..

  • Hahaha ;)

    Mehhh :|
    No offence but whoever chose what they wore should be fired o.O
    Also I don’t really like what they did with Demi’s hair and how they pulled it all to the side :/
    Hopefully the movie will be better then the trailer.
    Movie idea could of maybe been a bit more original though.

  • nienzy

    I think its looks better then the first one to be honest so i cant wait for it to come out

  • DANIELLE here=) yeah that’s me

    i knew there was a crying scene for demi she tweeted!

  • Myla

    Oh cool! HSM 2

  • halle

    Joe was hotter in the first one, and demi was prettier in the first one. The only improvement is nick. ;)

  • sol

    WOW AMAZING yay cant wait. I LOVE DEMI. she looks beautiful as usual. sooo exciting TEAM JEMI <3

  • Tidgovezus

    its goin 2 b sooooooooooooooooo greeaaaaaaaaatttttttt, u go Demi

  • Aly

    mmmmm…Camp Rock 2 or HSM 3??……too much dance obviously a marketing strategy….mmmm…another story who catch the people inside with….not a new story just a Jonas and Demi version…..

  • Vicki

    Love nick’s bruce spingsteen moment. lol

  • jasmin

    I agree with halle. Demi looks llifless and pale, like she has no color in her skin. the 1st camp rock she had punk rock straight hair and bangs and that made her stand out. She didn’t look pale back then. I’m not really liking joe’s hair. And yes Nick looks bound amazing!
    the trailer looks ok (HSM-ish) but i’m hoping their hard isn’t for nothing and that the movie is worth watching. what really buggs me is that y show the trailer and we got to wait 4 months to see it!?

  • Just curious…

    Just a question to the Camp Rock lovers out there: What is it with this movie that you actually like apart from the people in it?
    I used to like the Jonas Brothers and then I saw this movie.
    The first one has got to be one of the worst movies I’ve ever seen. The only good thing about it is when Demi sings. Cuz she has a great voice. Apart from that, the whole movie made me cringe. Esp. when that supposed to be mean girl came on. yikes.
    Don’t bash me people, I’m just stating my own opinion. Oh and please answer my question, I’d really like to know. :)

  • HsmZanessaFansite21

    its so hsm-ish like..I mean I agree..when Demi said This is Our Summer, it sounded just luck Vanessa..

    you know what this is reminding me of: the HSM 4 synopsis that originally wanted to do…East High vs. West High..hmmm Camp Rock vs. Camp Star?

    Also the part with Demi yelling at Joe…so like before Gotta Go My Own Way when Gabriella is yelling at Troy and he talks back sorta..seems too much like High School Musical..

    I’m still going to watch it and see what is going to happen..

  • Rebecca

    oooooohhh…. can’t wait for camp rock 2 the trailer looks pretty darn good to me! can’t wait to see the movie on sept. 3!!!!! Demi and the JoBros and Meaghan and Alyson’s acting have all improved in this one…… can’t wait to see what happens in Camp Rock 3!!!!!!!!

  • http://twitter bob

    oooh yeah

  • jessica

    ugh demis acting is so cringe worthy. she way she speaks is so irritating just like in sonny with a chance. she acts the same way in her own how. ugh her acting has gotten worse since the first camp rock.

  • Felicia

    hahahah the quality is awful!

  • pandora

    CAMP ROCK 3 – for both Demi and the Jonas Bros sake I hope not. Dont particularly like Demi but think she is talented and needs to move on from Disney too. Sure Disney gives you lots of opportunities with their TV shows, movies and marketing but makes it extremely difficult to be taken seriously for your musicial or acting abilities. Think both Demi and the Jonas Bros are better than that.

  • http://ilovetaylorswift2121 Emily


  • twinkleinthesky

    OH man can’t wait! it comes out on my birthday too.
    i do agree that demi’s hair isnt as good as part 1 but because of the colour change they had to go for something cutesy not to make her too edgy.
    so excited!!!

  • hsm

    demi looks so nasty.. i dont know why but there’s nothing special with her beauty.. :D it’s right that this camp rock will be their final jam..

  • jo morente

    Yay! I can’t wait!!!!!

  • Rzkvtwi

    It’s like a duplicate of HSM. camprock haterrrrr… HSM lover <3. jemi is horrible.

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