Debby Ryan: Chase Tells Me I'm Beautiful

Debby Ryan: Chase Tells Me I'm Beautiful

Debby Ryan takes our breath away in this new shot from the May 2010 issue of H Mag.

The 16-year-old actress chatted with the mag about her older brother Chase and how fortunate she is to have him in her life as well as what she loves about her career. Check it:

On having her brother Chase in her life: “My older brother Chase is a huge factor in who I am. Moving as many times as we have, he’s the only kid I’ve known my whole life. There are things that I see in him that I wish I was like, & there are things that I’ve learned from. He’s been through more than he lets on & his strength, grace, hard work, & talent inspire me. Sometimes, he’s my polar opposite, sometimes we’re twins. He can be a teacher to me, a student, a father, and is always my best friend. Chase tells me everyday that I’m beautiful. He told me that every girl deserves to hear it. Probably the most important thing he’s taught me is that I could live my life, not let people in, and never be hurt while never truly feeling. Or, I can, while still being wise, let people in, be hurt, take a chance, but really live, really feel, and really grow.”

On what she loves and dislikes about her job: “I love that I get to learn about different cultures, get inside someone else’s head. From a kid’s point of view, I love being able to. through cake at someone (on Suite Life) or fall in the hot tub/I don’t like to complain. Maybe, I wish that this industry wasn’t based on surface. What people look like, dress like, how they hold themselves dictates a large part of their career.”

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Credit: Joey Shaw; Photos: H Magazine
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  • Els

    She’s so beautiful in this pic

  • jasmin

    Debby looks beautiful. Wow her brother must be a amazing guy! She is very blessed to have that kind of brother.^^

  • Lena

    Ummmm okay her brother sounds amazing. Like not even real. I’m really jealous.

  • Mika


    Her brother sounds like an angel. Send him over here, Debbie. ;)
    Anyways, I like this girl. She sounds incredibly smart and grounded. Kudos to her.

  • Jordan

    Creepy. They should just get a room.

  • ems

    she has a good head on her shoulders and lucky girl to have a brother like that!

  • Shannon :)

    um lmao? creepy.. srsly. i hate her. like, you’re not cute, or a good actress, and she seems like she’s awkwardly in love with her brother. o_O

    ugh i hate her. okay bye<3

  • stephhh!!

    dead. she just posted this on her twitter. she def saw that coment ^ good. i hateeeee herrr omgggg too. shannon :) lol, i love u

  • Felipe 9

    Very Beautiful.
    Greetings From Chile!. :D

  • AnonymousGuy08

    It may seem creepy, but her brother’s right.

  • koolkat

    @stephhh!!: Right, I’m sure you just LOVE causing pain at innocent people when they have done NOTHING wrong with you. Why don’t you just crawl under a rock and take your pathetic jealousy with you?! Debby doesn’t care what you say. She’s the one who’s living a blessed life, NOT YOU and that’s why you feel the need to bash her because of your insecurities.

  • debby

    i love debby

>>>>>>> staging1