Miley Cyrus is a Katsuya Cutie

Miley Cyrus is a Katsuya Cutie

Miley Cyrus sports a tiny top hat as she and a gal pal lunch at Katsuya in Los Angeles on Saturday afternoon (May 1).

The 17-year-old actress/singer is premiering the video for her brand-new single, “Can’t Be Tamed,” on TUESDAY on E News. Miley will be chatting with Ryan Seacrest to give fans a unique insight into the creation of the video and the inspiration behind it.

In case you missed the tune, check it out on JJJ!

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Credit: Sharky; Photos: SplashNewsOnline
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    I kinda miss her and Mandy being friends….

  • http://j chelsea

    ms.cankles is back

  • Phi

    the shoes doesn’t go w the outfit. love Miley tho!

  • lyss

    Too cute!

  • stephanie

    i love her:)shesso pretty

  • ashbuzzz

    love her new songgg!
    I was wondering where Mandy went too!
    I like seeing her with Demi and where’s LIAM?

  • victoria

    omg i think she looks adorable..i love her :)

  • anh

    i love love her new song!! cute outfit Miley!! Can’t wait for the CD to come out…definitely will buy one

  • emily

    Thats not Mandy. Mandy and Miley aren’t friends anymore. That’s Antonia Armato, she co wrote Can’t Be Tamed with Miley & co wrote her Breakout with her too. She has a kids other than Miley.

  • Sunni

    LOL shes too tall to be Mandy. Mandy is way shorter than Miley. That lady is old enough to be her Mom. Look at her face!

  • ashlee

    She is Gorgeous!!

  • Tessa

    Miley is so beautiful and cute

  • mary

    I love “Can’t Be Tamed“, love her

  • jasmin

    i dont like those shoes. they look weird.

  • Taya

    I love her!!!!!
    so cute <33

  • rania

    Miley looks so cute

  • kass

    she look amzing

  • suri

    She is pretty

  • rachel

    I love her shoes, Victoria Justice has also these shoes

  • hazel

    who’s miley’s best friend now??

  • Tessa

    @hazel Demi is her best friend

  • Robyn
  • Brenda

    I love Miley and her style

    @Robyn.- the drawing is beautiful

  • Whatever

    Love Miley’s priorities right now. While many young stars are in DC networking at the White House dinner, she wears a stupid hat and ugly shoes to Katsuya. Did the same thing in skipping the Oceans premiere and Friends for Change event (both great environmental causes). Guess she was too busy not being “tamed” by her monkey Liam. Singing to him while he works out. How much longer are her fans going to support this Lohan in the making? Miley is playing you. Just like last summer.

  • q

    I love her outfit, she looks great here :)

  • peter

    Miley I love you!!

    it’s for the haters ” Tell you to go to HELL”

  • Alice

    I love all the outfit, I want her hat and shoes

  • Raquel

    Wow, I think her parents were serious about the short shorts, about how they said the shorts need to be maximum 8 inches from the knee.
    Love her outfit, love the shoes, but they just don’t go together.
    Love her new song!

  • emma

    I can’t wait her video, I want the video NOW!!!

    She look amazing, if her hair is not so long much better though

  • Ronnie

    Two amazing women. The producer and singer of ‘See you again’, ‘Fly on the Wall’, ’7 Things’, ‘Can’t be tamed’ and many other great songs. I guess they went out to celebrate the single release. <3

  • Emmapuma

    I think she looks cute minus the shoes :)

  • Gossip Girl

    MC has been dressing down and casual lately. And I love that about her. I think she’s goging to grow up to be a classy, beautiful, woman.

  • Mika


    Right on.
    And what’s going on with her hair? The extensions are bad enough but the new colour is hideous. It’s halfway to blonde or orange … it’s a mess.

  • Gossip Girl

    @Whatever: um, did it ever occur to you that it was not on her schedule in the first place ? seriously kid, take a chill pill. U act like it’s such a big deal that Miley was unable to attend a few events

  • luisia


  • luisia


  • Ronnie

    @Whatever Miley was scheduled for her movie premiere in Europe and not for that Friends for Change thing. And how fake that was anyway. Disney boys that drive around with vintage gas-guzzling muscle cars telling us to take care of our planet? I can’t take them serious. At least Miley drives a hybrid.

  • mary

    The Climb by Miley Cyrus wins the MusicNotes Song of the Year :)

  • sandra

    so freakin sexy and amazing boots!
    look i found pics showing her tummy while leaving the restaurant :)

  • jessica

    i love her outfit and the shoes. she is so pretty. and btw the new single is one of her best. imo.

  • rachel

    @mary The Climb by Miley Cyrus wins the MusicNotes Song of the Year

    Congrats Miley!!

  • Monkey

    I like your outfit! Miley your awesome!

  • jasmin

    I really don’t like those extensions on her. They look dry, dirty, and fake. Like horse hair.
    She would look so much better without they. I thought her hair was naturally long. guess not.

  • brenda

    I love the climb congratulations Miley

    I love I can’t be tamed too

  • Allie


    I actually really like that Miley isn’t just attenting all these random premieres. You don’t need to walk a red carpet and pose for thousands of pictures to show that you care for the environment. The reason why Demi and the Jonas Brothers were there was because they recorded a song for the film. Usually people who attend movie premieres have some sort of involvement with the film. Miley didn’t so why should she attend? Besides Demi and the Jonas Brothers, who else went to DC? I guess all those others are “Lohans in the making” too then. You choose pretty weak points to prove Miley is supposedly going down the wrong path…

    I think you should be asking: How long will I (directed to Whatever) continue to care about someone I don’t like?

  • Bruce

    Leave it to a Miley Hater to try and bash her for not being at EVERY charity event.
    FACT:Miley gives MORE to Charity than ANYONE who is her age.

    SECOND FACT:Miley performed a private concert for the Make-a Wish foundation at the time you are criticizing her.

  • Vic2763

    Has anyone else notice the shark tooth necklace Miley has been wearing lately? Let me guess? Did she get it off a beach in Australia?

  • amber

    @Whatever: Hahah I absolutely agree with you.

  • askljfald


    i agree with @ronnie. she was scheduled to be in europe and whatnot to premiere her movie, but because of the volcano ashes, she couldn’t. so it wasn’t in her plans to go to DC nor be in the Friends for Change. saying she doesn’t care about the environment because she’s not in the Friends for Change is stupid. she had a prius than she bought a mercedes SUV hybrid. also, a couple of days ago, she preformed at the Make-a-Wish event. hmmm, what else are you gonna say about her? seriously, don’t speak anymore and waste your time looking at miley cyrus stuff if you dislike her.

  • priscilla

    She’s with her music producer, Antonina.