Gregg Sulkin & Britt Robertson: Welcome to Avalon High!

Gregg Sulkin & Britt Robertson: Welcome to Avalon High!

Gregg Sulkin and Britt Robertson are heading back to Camelot!

The duo are joining Molly Quinn and Joey Pollari in a new DCOM based on Meg Cabot‘s book of the same name called Avalon High.

In the upcoming movie, Allie (Robertson) is ecstatic when her parents, traveling professors who specialize in King Arthur’s legend, tell her she will be staying at Avalon High until she graduates. She can finally join the track team, make new friends and be a normal high school student. But shortly after arriving, Allie discovers that something strange may be afoot.

While researching a term paper on King Arthur’s legacy, she begins to notice some interesting parallels between the past and the present — from handsome quarterback Will (Sulkin), his cheerleader girlfriend, Jen (Quinn), and their best friend, Lance (Christopher Tavarez), to Will’s brooding step-brother, Marco (Devon Graye), a quirky kid named Miles (Pollari) and football players who act like knights of the roundtable.

The deeper Allie searches, the more convinced she is that her school is a contemporary Camelot, and it’s up to her to solve of the mystery of Avalon High before notorious traitor Mordred wins again.

Filming in New Zealand, Avalon High is set to premiere later this year.

WHAT DO YOU THINK of the newest DCOM — YAY or NAY

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Credit: Adriana M. Barraza, Matt Klitscher, Frederick M. Brown; Photos: WENN, ABC, Disney XD, Getty
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  • eLLa

    I love Greg and Molly! I’ve read the book. MegC is amazing.

  • keri

    gregg is hott!!!!! i am so glad he is getting his own movie!! wooieeee ;)

  • keri

    he is hott gregg i love you!


    they are going to ruin one of my favourite books, everything is wrong ugh. but other than thta i wish them the best of look and hope it turns out well for them. but anyone who has read the book will realise that this movie is all wrong!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    but i’m still gonna watch it and i’m not really that angrt about it after all!!!

  • danidelgado

    I’m glad Disney is working with some great actors like Britt R, she is so amazingly talented. Plus, i loved Gregg on Wizards

  • jenny

    WOW Gregg is gonna drag me to this DCOM definitley and plus its different from the recent DCOM’s

  • linda

    this sounds like a stupid boring movie!

  • lolo’s island

    I love Britt as Lux on Life Unexpected!

  • N’keeyah

    Finally something that isn’t going to be a musical!!! I hope this is good!!

  • Lu

    I’m still waiting for Dylan and Cole to get their own DCOM.

  • Judes

    Im with katie

  • eLLa

    I don’t remember a Miles in the book…

  • Evita

    nooooooooooo! They are ruining my favorite book. That’s the final straw Disney.
    I’m sooo mad

  • Christina

    @KATIE: AMEN sister. I’m like a devoted fan to Avalon and this….this is horrible. UGH. They couldn’t leave this ONE good book alone.

  • Hollachica

    i just loved the book, and i’m disappointed with the cast. I was hoping a more natural A (ellie)llie and a much more handsome Will. Greg is totally below my expectations. even jen is wrong! As always Diseny messed up with a great book that could’ve been a great movie. sorry meg and sorry to all of the fans above who like the concept, but that’s only my tue opinion.

  • jessica

    Some books are better left off of just books.

  • Emily

    This is one of the most amazing teen lit books. I love it so much. As much as I like the actors, they’re way too young looking, at least for me, to be the characters of the novel. If this were to be made into a movie, I really wish it wouldn’t be a DCOM, or anything related to Disney. Disney’s going to ruin one of the best books out there.

  • tamara

    this better be a good movie, if they murder the book I’d be pretty pissed. lol, one of my fav books ever

  • me

    I was excited to hear the book is going to be a movie, but its Disney so I’m a little concerned as to how this will turn ou.

    Britt is awesome though, and I don’t see Gregg as Will at all (how I pictured him) but its ok. I like Gregg so we’ll see.

  • sam

    Look at disney scooping up Britt Rob, If life unexpected doesn’t work out it looks like we could see her on disney!

  • http://deleted Troy

    This is sounds like kind of a departure for Disney Channel moviewhich can only be a good thing. I’m a fan of “Life Unexpected” and I look forward to seeing Britt Robertson in something else. Hopefully the next time she’s mentioned on this site it will be to announce “Life” has been picked up for a second season.

  • Elena

    OMG it’s the only book i managed to read about a 1000000 times i love it so much and i would’ve liked it to be something else than a DCOM!! :( but never know maybe it’ll be a good movie since it’s based on an excellent book ;)

  • Elsie

    It’s YAY
    Read the book a while back and I loved it
    I just hope they do the book justice
    and umm its Ellie not Allie xD you posted allie

  • Elsie

    It’s a YAY
    Read the book a while back and I loved it
    I just hope they do the book justice
    It was not the cast I was expecting I just hope their acting doesn’t disappoint me
    and umm its Ellie not Allie xD you posted allie

  • Christina

    @Elsie: They changed her name to ALLIE. It’s not a typo whatsoever, tragically. It’s kind of sad they changed the name because it loses the whole effect from her first meet with Will and how he called her Elle instead of Ellie.
    Also, I agree with some of the posts stated above. I imagined the cast WAY older. Not these teeny boppers.
    Even though I love Britt from Life Unexpected.

  • mOLLY

    wow. not happy at all!!!!!! Allie i dont think so. I’ve read this book a thousand times and i was so happy when i heard it was gonna be a movie. Now i’ve read this article and im really uspet. i have absolutley nothing against these actors i think they’re great but they’re just not right for the parts. i agree they dont look old enought. this is not at all like a imagined the characters. especially not will!!!!!!! sorry but he’s just all wrong. Hopefully disney wont completely ruin this movie


    DUDE! THEY GOT IT ALL WRONG! its all wrong! they are going to ruin a good book! everything is wrong! the actors doesn’t even match the people in the book! and who is MILES! there is not a miles in the book! THIS MOVIE IS GOING TO SUCK! :[ i think Logan Lerman should play Will since, he has blue eyes and dark brown hair. and Lance is suppose to have blonde hair. and Jennifer is suppose to have blonde hair and blue eyes. and Ellie is suppose to have brown hair and i think brown eyes. :[ I’m going to cry. (not literally)

  • Brittany

    Why would they change her name to Allie? Ellie was short for Elaine, and it gave that whole effect when he called her “Elle”. I can point out a lot wrong, but that is what gets on my nerves the most.

    Don’t remember a “Miles” in the book. Is he supposed to replace Mr. Morton, or the two friends she made, or what?

    The only thing I can really agree with is Gregg.

  • http://- JENNY

    I read the book from Meg and I am very happy going into a movie. The story of Ellie is like mine and so I was much more entertaining! I am extremely happy with this news! Love you MEG CABOT

    Many kisses and kisses

  • atiqah

    omg!!! first of all its ellie cause its elaine = lady of the lake. they totally switched the character with the cast. jen was supposed to be the blonde, ellie was supposed to be brunette. ugghh!!! i just wish the movie will be good. they deff ruined my fave novel!

  • gina

    Omg I know! they’re gonna ruin it! Will looks like a weenie & they’ve got the characters all wrong! I’m still gonna watch it (hehe) I know i’m going to be disappointed though.

  • Ellie

    Why o Why is her name Allie?!?!?! it takes sooo much out of the story!!!its like already ruined and im super upset since its like my fav book EVER!!!! grrrrr

  • Katherine

    I dunno, it was an ok movie, I can’t believe they went so far as to change the characters and the names, but as far as the age of the actors, I think it was pretty good.
    I like it when the actors who play high schoolers actually look like high schoolers instead of 20-something-year-olds *cough jason dolley’s love intrest in hatching pete, cough*

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